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  1. Yes, but you'll be able to connect to the ship's wifi (you put your phone in airplane mode and then connect through the app to the wifi) and then you'll be able to place your order. Just don't leave wherever you are when you place the order or it will take longer for the server to find you! I have an android and I did find I had some connection issues with the app; my husband and our traveling companions all had iPhones and they had no problem connecting to the wifi and using the app.
  2. We rented a golf cart on our last visit to Bonaire and have one on reserve for our next visit in May! Best way to see the island!
  3. We saw some fireworks displays going off in sequence around the island as we set sail around dusk
  4. We had a stop in Aruba over New Year's and we went out with Trikes Aruba (trikes-aruba.com) Our tour was about 4 hours long and took us all over the island. I will suggest that this tour is best suited for confidant drivers as there are a lot of roundabouts, which can be intimidating if you're not used to them, not to mention, we were on the highway a couple of times! Would also suggest requesting an automatic bike when you book as most of their bikes are manual. My husband was the driver and he drives a manual car at home but he said he would get an automatic if we did this again (they do give you instruction on operating the trike and will take you on a little test spin before you go out if you wish). Very fun day though and a great way to see the whole island, especially if you've never been!
  5. If you are on a Medallion class ship, the first drink you order THROUGH THE APP is free (do not walk up to the bar and ask for a free drink - that's not how it works!) Also if you want to use the app feature where you can chat with your sailing mates and track them on the ship, you'll have to download a separate app (Ocean Compass). Don't toss your medallion after the cruise! It's magnetic so you can remove it from the plastic case and stick it on your fridge as a reminder of your (hopefully) wonderful vacation.
  6. We did on our Crown Dec 27/19 sailing! I think that's the only free thing Princess has ever given me lol.
  7. You get 2 credits vs 1 credit for all the other cabin types
  8. Ship - Crown Class - Grand Deck - 9 Cabin # - D736 Category - St. Thomas (Vista) suite Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern - completely aft Connects With Cabin # - not a connecting cabin Accessible - no Quiet - yes Balcony Size - massive with enough room for a table, 4 chairs, and 2 loungers. Note that it does have a support beam toward the left of the balcony but it really wasn't an issue. View - aft Privacy Issues - none Wind - very little Soot - none Problems - The vibration upon docking was absolutely ridiculous. We have sailed in many aft cabins and have never experience this level of vibrating - the entire cabin rattled the whole time we were docking (at one point I got up and separated the classes on our bar setup because they were clinking together so hard I thought one would break!) Also, no shelves by the bathroom sink. Comments - this is the second time we've had an aft suite on this ship and due to the vibration both times (the first time wasn't as bad as this time), I will not be booking aft cabins on this class of ship again. For the cost of a suite it's rather frustrating to be rattled awake every morning! (granted, it really made us appreciate sea days even more since we could sleep past 6/6:30 am!)
  9. Just got off Crown last Monday - it was our 2nd or 3rd time on her. since about 2013. I thought she was in great shape and it's a nice sized ship - easy to figure your way around within a couple of days. My only complaint - and this might have had something to do with the current generator issue for all I know - was that our aft cabin (St. Thomas suite D736) was insanely rattly when we would dock (to the point that we stopped scheduling wake up calls for port mornings because we knew we'd be rattled awake with plenty of time to get ready to disembark the ship). We book aft cabins whenever possible and have never experienced that level of rattling/vibration on any other ship; at one point I had to separate all the glasses on our bar set up because they were clinking together so much, I feared one would break!
  10. We were just on Crown and while we did not have coffee in the buffet or at IC, I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the coffee that we received from room service and in Sabatini's for the suite breakfast (it tasted the same to me). I just need a cup or two to wake the brain up in the morning. It got the job done and was pretty tasty, too.
  11. We were on that sailing with you and to call our disembarkation in Grand Turk a cluster is putting it nicely! It was absolutely ridiculous! Friends of ours were supposed to have a catamaran trip all afternoon and it got shortened to a 2 hour trip. I was thankful we had just planned to relax on the beach so we didn't have a shortened or missed excursion. Personally I thought the ship was still moving plenty fast throughout our trip. We had an aft suite (D736) and I don't know if the generator issue contributed to this, but we have never experienced so much rattling and vibration in an aft cabin (and we sail in them often). We stopped scheduling wake up calls on port days because we'd just get rattled awake about a 30-60 minutes before arrival - it was brutal.
  12. We inquired about signing up as soon as we got on board and the girl at guest services called the dine line and then told us they weren't doing one at all, so never saw anything in the patter about it. Another friend who sailed on the Sky over the New Year just told me they did 2 or 3 of them on her sailing - apparently they turned away 150 people so it's obviously still a popular thing. I guess our head maitre'd just wasn't feeling it.
  13. Just off Crown. Perhaps I wasn't paying close enough attention to the patter but the only movie I caught up there was Judy. I know they showed a couple of football games during the day as well. They played a lot of movies in the Princess theatre on our sailing - I watched Rocketman and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood in there; another day they were showing The Peanut Butter Pelican (I think that's what it was called).
  14. It seems to depend on your head Maitre'd as to whether one will be held. We just got off the Crown Dec 27-Jan 6 sailing and our party of 8 was very disappointed to hear they weren't doing any Chef's Table at all on our sailing! We were all shocked - we figured they would do at least 2 given it was a 10 day sailing and it's usually a very popular event.
  15. We sailed on the Crown from Dec 27 to Jan 6 and were so disappointed to learn that they weren't doing a Chef's Table at all during our cruise. It was surprising given that we were sailing over the New Year - we had a party of 8 that were really hoping to take part. Just curious if they did Chef's Table over the Christmas sailing...wondering if maybe it's something they are trying to do away with?
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