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  1. I *so* relate to this. You are right to be grateful for the things that bless you, and that perspective wins in the end. But post-cruise depression is a thing. On a few occasions I found that staying a day or more after disembarkation either at the city the cruise ended in, or another stop before going home, or a day or two back at home, before returning to work, helped. I would love to find a more effective cure, though. I guess you'll just have to cruise again (and report here). -Joel - Joel
  2. Paul, Thanks for another excellent review. I did not see, in the schedule above, a Friday night Shabbat service for Jewish guests (and, of course, last week there was no Friday night for you!). On most cruises I've been on there is a Shabbat service on Fridays at about 5 PM. I've always found these special and one of our favorite memories of many cruises. I know you may not be Jewish, but is there a way you can find out about what happened? I've always been tempted to do this very cruise but it never occurred to me that this option for Friday night might not happen. Thanks, - Joel
  3. The business is L.C.S. Di Giuseppe Leotta, and is under TripAdvisor. Highly recommend. - Joel
  4. Changed planes in Chicago. Nightmarish but worked. Home That’s it. Thanks for following. - Joel
  5. Economy is, alas, different than business class! But, the method to my madness is that I do not want to sleep heading back to USA from Europe, so I’ll get back to the home time zone faster. - Joel
  6. Our friends from the US just happened to be vacationing in Barcelona. They had rented a car in Paris and were in Barcelona. So, we arranged that they met us at ship. So nice and a totally serendipitous discovery a few days ago. We had a nice visit and a terrific breakfast in a neighborhood eatery I found on TripAdvisor. Nearby, apartments proudly flew the Catalan flag. Our friends dropped us off at the airport where we followed an uneventful process to get to the gate to await flight home. - Joel
  7. Catalan central! Ship moored in Barcelona by 6 AM. We went off with self disembarkation that started at 6:30. Walked off a line-less walkway and were outside in minutes! A dutiful row of cabs were at the ready, lined up outside, and we caught a pleasant bench outside to watch the sunrise and await our friends who will pick us up. So, for all those posts I’ve seen where someone is worried about making AM planes, at least our observation shows that, at least for today, it would be do-able. - Joel
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