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  1. I believe this is part of the deal with a return to cruising -- 7 day cruises only, and no B2Bs getting around that. - Joel
  2. So ... you're all saying there is a pool then? - Joel
  3. I bet that cruises will be close to full or full and activities close to or at a formerly active level. But, all bets are off as to WHICH sailings sail. Still too close to the meat of the pandemic. So many things will change when we reach a steady state on the other side of this thing. I think that the dynamics of which sailings are likely to be booked and likely to be executed will change, and that is just hard to predict now. We will have to go with the flow in a lot of things in our society for a while until a reliable new pattern emerges. So, from a cruise point of view, we are going
  4. Sticky wicket, to be sure - Joel
  5. I have a response, and it is wise, I think, but it is speculative. So, ... I guess I have to end there. - Joel
  6. Sorry. I don't think there's any realistic chance it will sail. - Joel
  7. Considering the June cruises from St. Marten. But, do you think the US will still be requiring a negative test to come back into US? I know it's guesswork, but what do you think? Will this requirement end in May? June? 2022? After x% are vaccinated, or after rates of infection are down to y%? Please speculate wildly and defend as to why. - Joel
  8. Lucy syndrome. I'm not trying to kick this football again. - Joel
  9. With your doc, you don't even need a second opinion. You can just say no thanks. - Joel
  10. Have never been on a cruise to either place but have been to Jerusalem many times, even lived there one summer, and would take any time there in a heart beat. Very visitable with many worthy things each of great impact that each can be seen in a fairly short time, if wanted. Would also be a great choice to overnight in with many good options of places to stay. - Joel
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