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  1. Yes -- totally a false alarm. Cabin was fine. Have a great sailing! - Joel
  2. The fact that he BOTH (1) wants to decline advice not to go AND ALSO (2) wants to decline accommodations once on the ship, is telling. The presence of BOTH issues argues that this is a decision born of a psychological desire to convince himself that what has happened has not happened, and that what he is afraid of being true is not true. As a psychological defense mechanism, his position is understandable. But, understandable or not, his position argues that he is not truly wanting an honest assessment of what to do here. Instead, his position is about an emotional reaction to having had a stroke. If he is to go, it should be with maximal use of whatever accommodations as may be able to help -- the most that can be offered, not the least -- and only if, subject to those accommodations, his physicians agree. - Joel BTW, I am a neurologist
  3. Thanks. So, you take the battery out, and you can take it through security and on the plane? - Joel
  4. Thanks. I had not seen this product. I looked at their website and watched the video. Let me understand -- when checking it at the gate of an airplane, do you have to break it down into the two parts, or do you leave it intact? - Joel
  5. Ray,' This is very helpful. Thanks. When it's folded up, you can place it in a car trunk OK, then? - Joel
  6. Ahh. Very good. I saw that one. Thanks for naming it. When it's folded, are you able to put it in a trunk of a car? It seems that with the battery the total package is still fairly heavy. - Joel
  7. This is a wonderful and detailed response and I do so very much appreciate. I work at MU Hospital, so maybe our paths will cross one day. All the best, - Joel
  8. Thanks. I can't seem to find a way to email you but specific scooter products have been named on this thread, and others. Give it a try! - Joel
  9. Thanks. Have a good cruise! - Joel
  10. Thanks. I looked into them but I was not sure how much space it eats up in the stateroom or how it would be handled if we went into a port. What do you know about those topics? - Joel
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