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  1. So ... this is a thumbs down, right? 😉 - Joel
  2. Thanks. So, if I speak no German, would I be able to function on this cruise ship? - Joel
  3. True. You'd have to decide how much that's worth spending, I guess. If the average difference for a 7 day cruise between veranda and concierge was, say, $200 pp ($400 for a couple) and for aqua was $300 pp ($600 for a couple), then nine 7-day cruises (63 days) on concierge vs. fifteen 7-day cruises (105) days on veranda would cost an extra $1200 pp ($2400 for a couple) and on aqua would cost an extra $1800 pp ($3600 for a couple). - Joel
  4. How come? I'm curious. What's the distinction that attracted you, do you think, vs. the others? - Joel
  5. Our first cruise was a suite (magic upgrade), and we did not know yet what to compare it to, so wasted on us to some degree. Was very nice, but have not done a suite again - Joel
  6. I know it's not what you asked, but I' say it can't be done and encourage more disconnecting from these social media while on the cruise. I'd avoid email and anything else not trip / cruise focused. Plenty of time to reconnect with that world later. - Joel
  7. It could work. It probably will. But a lot of variables left to chance. I'd plan for a later flight so as not to make that day stressful. The disembarkation day is a very depressing day, I have always felt, but it goes best if there is not a lot to worry about in terms of making an early flight. On the times I've had a flight in afternoon or later (or even next ay), it is so much less negative. - Joel
  8. We like Blu as dining room because with the small venue the service feels more attentive and they get to know you more. Also gets you a breakfast, same issue. No great advantage to concierge over veranda at all. So, other than Blu for Aqua, the small benefits of these classes over veranda are not worth much of a higher price. - Joel
  9. Lift and shift, to get to a time when cruising is most likely, most likely to go well by any set of rules, and most likely to be within a set of rules that will be most enjoyable. - Joel
  10. Here's hoping 5781 is happier and healthier! - Joel
  11. Mostly, you've taken the baton and run with it. I get this is cruise "critic." But I've felt that, here, that mean more something like being "evaluative" than finding the negative. It's too easy to just say "this is bad." And it drags us all down. In the last 5 months, there's been a lot to do that anyway, and dwelling on it almost voyeuristically, even if some of it is true, feels like negative for the sake of being negative. I think that's dangerous. Being negative, after a while, becomes easy, and feels comfortable. Like old leather. It is sometimes harder to be constructive, contemplative, find the positive spin. But, it's better. - Joel
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