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  1. does anyone have pics or videos of the revolutionized summit sky suite? particularly the balcony. thanks
  2. does anyone have any pictures of the renovated sky suites on the Summit? Thanks!
  3. Hi All Can anyone tell us what the terrace deck is like? Apparently concierge guests receive free access, I'm wondering if it's small and if anyone has had experience with it on Riviera? Thanks
  4. Hi All: I read that concierge guests receive free garment pressing on embarkation. But the website indicates some "limitations". Does anyone know what they might be? Thanks,
  5. Does anyone have a recent video or pics of the concierge class A2 stateroom? Many thanks
  6. Any idea who the CD is on riviera?
  7. Is the terrace cafe the only outdoor dining option? And is it buffet only or table service? thanks
  8. Hello can anyone let me know if there is an upgraded breakfast room service menu on Riviera for concierge class and do they set it up on balcony if requested? We just got off the Silver Wind and with the new balcony tables, they were not able to set up the tray on the balcony. Thanks
  9. Booked our first Oceania cruise for March. Wondering if you all can help us understand the various restaurant options onboard Riviera. Thanks
  10. The Shorex manager Paolina has been great. Excellent follow up and interaction. She’s great!
  11. Yesterday we took this excursion offered through the shore ex office of Silversea. It was a DISASTER. Do not take this tour. The “captain” (of the excursion not Silversea) was rude to the guests. Belittling us for driving too slow or not knowing what to do according to him. There was no safety briefing. One pax was panicking in the water prior to the snorkeling portion. He did not speak English which made the “captain” more aggravated. Despite the pax being in distress! Two boats broke down. And one couple (us!) were told to abandon our boat as we were going to slow. Aka SAFE! The tour was dangerous and the tour staff were rude and an embarrassment to the Silversea brand and experience. The Silver Wind is great. Staff and service amazing. But the Shorex team needs to drop the supplier of this excursion. @SilverseaCruises
  12. Does anyone have news about what updates are happening on the Wind in november/december 2018? Many thanks LB
  13. laserboi


    Is OLife worth the additional $$? LB
  14. Any thoughts on the advantage of booking PH vs concierge class? Not sure if it's worth the additional $$ and have not cruised Oceania before. Would appreciate your insights all! Thanks, LB
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