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  1. Thanks. It's related to a request for refund.
  2. Would anyone have an email address for leadership in customer service (not the generic email address)? Many thanks
  3. I am writing this in an effort to sensitize the CC community of the appalling response of Oceania in light of the pandemic. We are Canadian citizens and based on the travel advisory issued by our FEDERAL government, as a result of a PANDEMIC, we were advised to cancel our cruise scheduled to take place in April 2020. As responsible citizens of our country, and in consideration of the worldwide health concerns and events taking place, we complied with the government-issued travel advisory and cancelled the trip. Of course at that time Oceania had collected the full payment of the cruise. Af
  4. Thanks to everyone for their great feedback. I am SO excited to take this trip. Please continue to update us on your journey (s), as I am learning so much from you all about what to do on the trip! We will be travelling form Canada possibly on Qatar airlines. Has anyone had experience with them? Also planning a pre-and post cruise stay possibly in Dubai (never been). Any suggestions for these would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks again to all especially our "live" CCers currently on board! LB
  5. Thanks for the quick replies. Anne yes please do update me once you are on board. I am envious that I have to wait a year to see the Seychelles! Do enjoy.
  6. Hi All just booked Esprit for Seychelles next year. Is it possible to dine outside in the evening for dinner? thanks lb
  7. Hi All Does anyone have any updated photos of the renovated Sky Suite on Summit? Also, i I have read that some folks were unhappy with the patio furnishings and that the chair at the desk is in the way as it does not tuck under the desk? Has anyone requested different balcony furnishings or desk chair? Thanks LB
  8. Was just assigned our suite as we booked at the last minute and took "best available". Have now been assigned a V1 completely forward on deck 7. Does anyone have any experience with seabourn and their "best available" process? Can we call and request something better? It's only our 4th Seabourn cruise so our status doesn't hold any weight unfortunately. Cheers.
  9. Hi All: Just assigned suite 706 and see it has no tub but shower only. Does anyone have pics of this suite? The links onlne are generic and the same regardless if "V" category. Many thanks
  10. Hi All: Does anyone have recent pics or video of the new sky suites? Am interested in your feedback as to the new decor? Thanks LB ps, also sky suite VS Royal suite, worth the extra $$?
  11. Any thoughts on the advantage of booking PH vs concierge class? Not sure if it's worth the additional $$ and have not cruised Oceania before. Would appreciate your insights all! Thanks, LB
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