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  1. Thanks. I had not thought about the fact that each reservation is independent.
  2. Does anyone know (preferably by experience) if you book 2 guarantee cabins does RCCL pay any attention to trying to keep them close to one another?
  3. Locker lounge is just a few blocks from the ocean in the Art Deco area. There are lots of restaurants. Honestly, we just walked around a lot until lunch. Lots of architecture to see, ocean is beautiful, not a lot of stores. Worth seeing, but I wouldn't plan an exceptionally long time there, unless you want to drink or hang out on beach.
  4. In case anyone is curious, I used them yesterday. I made a reservation for 9am, when they opened. Our taxi got us there about 8:40 and they were already open. Exceptionally easy and cost effective. I would recommend them.
  5. I did, thank you. They had a lot of positive reviews, as well. I always like to hear about CC member experiences, as well.
  6. Sooooo, nobody has used them or heard of them?
  7. In my quest to find a place to store luggage post cruise I found the Luggage Lounge on South Beach. They have lots of positive Yelp reviews. Has anyone here used them? What was your experience?
  8. Does anyone know if the Bacardi Factory Tours offer luggage storage?
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