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  1. You bring up a really good thought. We may just rent a car and then drive straight to AK and then check into the resort once we finish with the park.
  2. My bad. Should have read "Expect to get into a shuttle".
  3. LOL! We are pretty Disney efficient and AP holders. We once had a flight touchdown at 7am at MCO and made it to MK for a 9am opening (then with an 18mo and 4 year old)! My question was more about how early can I get off. 🙂
  4. We have a shuttle from Port to Disney. The Minnie Van is Disney's version of Uber.
  5. We were going to "Minnie Van" it over from Yacht Club to Animal Kindgom (about a 10 min trip that we have done before). Already have fast passes, but I was hoping to rope drop for Flight of Passage. I already did the online room check in, so I would just need to drop my bags and request the Minnie. Park opens at 9am that day and my thought would be that I would need to at least be off the ship through customs by 7:00. Just curious if that is at all possible.Lots of moving parts for sure!
  6. We sail Harmony of the Seas in April. When we arrive back to Port Canaveral, we plan on heading to Disney World for a couple days. We are attempting to figure out our first day's plans (what time can we arrive at the park after checking into our Disney Resort). If we do express walk-off that morning, what time can we expect to get into a cab and head to the land of the mouse? Keep in mind we will have a 4 year old (no strollers!) and a 7 year old in tow (both of who are early risers but not particularly quick walkers). For anyone who has ever done this, what time did you get to the park?
  7. I haven't. But I am more of a native beach kind of gal (St. John is more my fancy rather than St. Thomas). Coco Cay was perfect before (no pun intended) IMO. We aren't a waterpark or pool kind of family--just give us sand and some snorkel gear and we're happy(ok maybe a drink too)!
  8. This is great. We are on the HOS as well. I would really love a detour over to Labadee....I loved the old Coco Cay, not sure that I am in love with the over commercialization of it now. Just hoping that we wouldn't just get another sea day instead of a detour.
  9. There have been several port cancellations to Coco Cay lately. If you have been cancelled, have you diverted to another port or had a sea day added on? For us, our Coco Cay day is our last day, so I am not sure we would be able to divert if we were cancelled. Makes me wish we were visiting Labadee instead (which I love so much more than Coco Cay)...
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