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  1. Now I understand - you are referring to the Atrium stairs by the chandelier. I had not realised that there had been accidents on that staircase.
  2. Every cruise we have taken on Explorer those stairs down to deck 4 have been roped off. The other danger associated with those stairs is that they are very close to the elevator on deck 5; so step back to let someone exit the elevator and ........................ 😱 Agreed. Is this arrangement the same on Splendor?
  3. We hope to join a Regent cruise in Miami in December this year 🤞, but realise there are still a few hurdles to overcome before our dream of being back on board a Regent ship becomes a reality. This News Report exemplifies the continuing paranoia over cruise ships and shows how the attitudes of regional governments and local port authority rules can easily disrupt a cruise itinerary. This particular example is truly bizarre since all the passengers on board the UK domestic cruise are UK residents, all have been tested and most are vaccinated. They could all travel from Eng
  4. My theory is that Regent are trying to give us the nostalgic feeling of the bygone era of cruising ............. no communication ........... or at best dial-up speeds!! 🤣 No laughing matter, I know. The Regent website is so frustrating 😣
  5. Navigator is a very good ship; the smallest in Regent's fleet; has some excellent itineraries; and offers good value. Many Regent cruisers love Navigator; but some will not sail on her. We were put off trying her for years because of negative comments, but we thoroughly enjoyed two cruises on Navigator in 2019. Blogs from our cruises on Navigator include comments on the ship and may be of use: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2644816-notes-from-a-navigator-novice-hong-kong-to-singapore/ https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2682585-narrat
  6. From yesterday's cancellation notices from RSSC: "** If any portion of the booking has previously applied Future Cruise Credits, those Future Cruise Credits will be reinstated to the guest’s account and are non-refundable"
  7. A previous topic in April predicted that Regent would follow NCL in offering refunds for unused FCCs: ....... but nothing ever developed in that regard 🤨
  8. For the cruise Regent cancelled on April 28, we received our refund back onto our credit card May 18 (20 calendar days, 14 business days). So no complaints on that score but very unhappy about the latest batch of Regent cancellations that has upset both our Christmas 2021 & Easter 2022 holiday plans 😕 Now working with our TA & Regent to see if anything can be salvaged 🤞. So stressful, I am already on the first glass of wine of the day even though it is not yet midday here 😵
  9. The only way I have found to log out of the Cruise Critic Community (Forum/Boards) is as follows: Navigate to the main CruiseCritic site Log in Log out Navigate back to the Boards Log out Simple eh! 🙄
  10. RCL appears to be moving quickly with its plans to recommence cruises (both with & without a requirement for full vaccination): https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/6146/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_t5ZXnBxvfQ Let's hope Regent is able to communicate some positive news soon 🤞, and that it sticks to its policy of only vaccinated guests.
  11. If you want the additional amenities offered by a Concierge suite (including early excursion & dining booking) then taking advantage of the present upgrade offer, F2 to E or F1 to D, is very worthwhile; otherwise just take an upgrade from G2 to F2 or G1 to F1. (D, E & F suite size & layout are the same; just a deeper balcony on some Ds & Es) For information on suite details & deck plans you can refer to the Regent website and SuiteGuru will give you reviews from previous guests (as there is so little data on Splendor, use the spreadsheet for Explorer - the ship
  12. Arguably Explorer’s potential restart itineraries are more at risk than Mariner’s, as Explorer is scheduled to port in Australia in early December this year 🙁
  13. Apologies, I had no idea that the forum "UK Cruisers" was confined to posts about P&O 🤔 ............ but I know now and have no issue with the post having being moved
  14. Viking Venus leaving Portsmouth Harbour (from HMS Warrior webcam): Bon voyage
  15. The only Regent ship allowed by the Senate Bill is Seven Seas Mariner. Present ship position does not seem to be an impediment. NCL are selling cruises for Alaska starting in August on Norwegian Bliss. Bliss is today riding out a storm in the English Channel I suspect that NCLH will only market Alaska for 2021 on NCL, not on Regent or Oceania
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