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  1. Discussion about the Regent Excursion App may be found in this previous thread The system worked well for us on the few excursions on which it was used ............. but not all guests and tour guides have bought into the technology, for a variety of reasons.
  2. See post #19 on this previous thread
  3. Yes, but presumably Splendor will operate in the same way. On Mariner, Navigator & Voyager, Compass Rose is open for lunch and the Compass Rose lunch menu offers sample dishes from the speciality restaurants, including from Pacific Rim on Explorer
  4. On Explorer, Compass Rose does not open for lunch (apart from Sunday Brunch if Sunday coincides with a sea day). On port days (apart from embarkation day) one of either Prime 7 or Chartreuse will open for lunch; both are open on sea days. Only La Veranda and the Pool Grill will be open for lunch on embarkation day. You can certainly enjoy a leisurely lunch in either. Hope I have this all correct - if not I am sure someone else will correct 😊 Enjoy your cruise 😎
  5. Booked excursions on line this morning with no issues. Maybe W/E maintenance caused the glitches earlier this week. @1982CruzStart, hope Regent sort out your account soon - very frustrating.
  6. I see that the relevant FAQ has changed again. It now reads: “All gratuities are included in your cruise fare except for services from Serene Spa & Wellness”
  7. We have been sailing on Regent regularly since 2009 and have not noticed a general change in the variety or quality of excursion offerings. Most have been good; some exceptional; some fails. The variety of excursions available does vary by country & port, so some itineraries do appear to have “better” or more inclusive tours.
  8. There are a number of variables, including in which country you booked (your profile does not say where you are resident), length of cruise and how long before you are due to sail. A recent thread included a link to the US Ts&Cs for cancellation.
  9. @forevertravel, Thanks for the review. Useful information. There have been numerous discussions on this in the past, often with conflicting or incorrect advice being given.
  10. The photo of the Serene Spa menu in post #19 shows that the 18% is described as a “service charge” but is also noted as being “discretionary” 🤔
  11. "Rollaboard" is the registered trademark of the luggage company "Travelpro", who claim to have invented the concept
  12. ............ but unlike Voyager & Navigator there is no vibration at the rear of the ship
  13. Mariner is one of our favourite ships in the Regent fleet and the Horizon suites are excellent - spacious and well configured. Personally I would opt for deck 8 or 9; then you are less at risk of noise from above or below. Also I would avoid 990 as that suite has a tub/shower combination. IMO the shower-only bathrooms on Mariner are preferable (marked on the deck plans with an asterisk) Have great cruise 😎
  14. Escargots prepared in the traditional manner are on the "always available" menu in Compass Rose. We prefer these to the way they are prepared in Chartreuse. However there are many other starters we do like in Chartreuse . For me the smoked salmon or foie gras terrine; David favours the steak tartare or cheese soufflé. If you make it through to dessert then the crispy apple tart and floating island are not to be missed. If you like french cheeses they have an excellent variety on the cheese trolley.
  15. Happy New Year. Not sure what was inaccurate in my post? All paid for items on-board Regent are normally priced inclusive i.e. the displayed prices are what you pay. In the boutiques the displayed prices and the prices marked on the goods for sale are inclusive; premium wines & spirits are priced as inclusive; prior to the change of spa provider, the Canyon Ranch price lists were inclusive. So the new spa provider adding on 18% to the listed prices is a change to the norm. The various theories as to why Canyon Ranch is being replaced are interesting. I had assumed that it was simply that their contract with Regent had finished and the opportunity was being taken to negotiate a new contract and/or align the spa provider across the NCLH fleet.
  16. Regent's policy is that their prices are inclusive of taxes, service charges & gratuities. IMO, to have a franchise on-board which does not follow this policy is an anomaly.
  17. I sincerely hope that the engine problems that were evident on our cruise, and previous cruises, have been fixed by now. Maybe someone on board or a Regent representative can confirm. Yes, I understand that the refurbishment previously scheduled for 2020 has been postponed until 2021. There is a gap in the Voyager Mediterranean schedule from April 13 to April 26, 2021 which may be the new slot.
  18. We are with those who feel that Regent have done themselves no favours in the UK market with their 2019 series of documentaries about life aboard Explorer, culminating in the "Christmas" special. If Regent felt the need to market themselves on UK TV, why did they not join the numerous cruise-lines who entrusted themselves to the BAFTA winning UK Channel 5 TV series "Cruising with Jane McDonald". We are not fans of the ex cruise ship entertainer, Jane McDonald, but at least her programmes give a reasonably balanced view of the cruise industry and the various ships (from mainstream to luxury) on which she sails.
  19. According to the CDC website, Regent's advice regarding entry requirements into French Guiana was correct in that the country requires proof of vaccination (or an official waiver) for travellers from all countries: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/french-guiana Although your documentation was not checked during your visit, it might have been. Yellow Fever vaccination is also recommended for the Amazonas region of Brazil: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/brazil At least your YF vaccinations and the yellow cards are now valid for life should you decide to travel to any countries where there is a risk of Yellow Fever or where the country requires proof of vaccination; so your "investment" may prove to be useful again in the future.
  20. What are your concerns? Navigator will have just finished the last phase of her refurb. I understand this is mainly work on the Pool Deck, which could not be done during this year’s dry-dock due to heavy rain. Weather & sea conditions during the September crossing will be unpredictable as with all TAs. Overall it should be an enjoyable cruise on an excellent ship ............... and the prices make it very good value 😁
  21. Seasons greetings to all our Regent friends on CC; best wishes to guests and all the Regent officers, staff & crew who make our cruising vacations so special 🤶🎄 🎅
  22. Regent will book the pre=cruise hotel in Barcelona. The name of the hotel will be on your cruise paperwork or sometimes shows up earlier on your itinerary in the ‘My Account’ section of the website. Does your booking include flights? If so then transfers between Barcelona airport & the hotel will also be included. A bus transfer from hotel to ship on the morning of embarkation is included. If you want to make your own arrangements for the hotel & transfers in Barcelona you can ask for credit. Any queries should be initiated with your TA, who will contact Regent on your behalf. Hope you have a fabulous cruise 😎
  23. Our joint blog may be found here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2609622-explorer-lisbon-to-cape-town-nov-28-until-dragged-kicking-screaming-off/ Page #5 onwards covers the West African ports. We found some of the ports culturally challenging but very interesting. This itinerary offered us a unique opportunity to visit some of the locations and we are extremely glad that we chose the cruise. Summaries of the cruise may be found on page #13 (posts 305-308) and page #14 (post #326)
  24. Plus Regent UK customers have to pay BA for seat reservations in advance of the 24 hour prior check-in (unless the guest is booked in First Class or has BA Exec Club status)
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