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  1. It appears that the wording on the UK website has not been updated, which will not help @Gilly’s confusion
  2. Although the FCC faq page on Regent’s website has not been updated to reflect this apparent change in policy: WILL I LOSE LOYALTY BENEFITS ON CANCELLED VOYAGES? No. On the suspended voyages, guests who have paid in full at the time Regent suspended the voyage and chose to take advantage of the Future Cruise Credit will receive full Seven Seas Society loyalty program night credit for the suspended voyage. This does not apply to guests who requested a refund.
  3. The Horizon suites (and PH suites) on Mariner are an excellent size and layout. We have stayed in a Horizon suite twice and loved every minute of both cruises. However we chose deck 8 & 9 specifically to avoid the possibility of noise from above or below, so not sure about those Horizon suites on deck 10.
  4. Check the Regent Reassurance FAQs carefully to see whether you would be able to apply the FCC to your existing booking.
  5. If Regent does not offer a refund they might be willing to convert your deposit to a FCC. Worth asking.
  6. ................. or maybe just sit tight with the written assurance of a refund that you have! What did your TA say about your deposit before you cancelled?
  7. The cruise is still listed as available on the UK website also. Presumably the email from your TA is the confirmation of the cancellation made by you.. What does the email say about your deposit?
  8. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5608/ Interesting optimism; ready to sail in 30 days from a CDC "green light" ................ but sailing from where to where, I wonder?
  9. A second wave of the pandemic - possibly. A second wave of pessimism on this Board - definitely.
  10. Do you not think that the situation will have eased, allowing borders to reopen, for the 2021 season? Regent needs to take a positive view to secure bookings for 2021 & beyond.
  11. In the UK card surcharges became illegal from January 2018 https://www.gov.uk/government/news/card-surcharge-ban-means-no-more-nasty-surprises-for-shoppers .................. but some companies took their time in complying https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-46876577
  12. ............ so much better than counting sheep if you are an insomniac. A link for those who do not know the piece: The comments under the clip on YouTube are priceless
  13. Nice sentiments, Wes. For us, it just has to be "Sailing" by Rod Stewart ........ and maybe (tongue in cheek) for that first sailaway party "Don't stand so close to me" by The Police ........ I hope JM and all the Regent team are keeping their spirits up with "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor
  14. Dave, I am failing to understand the process. CDC have asked for public comments on 28 questions, with multiple sub-questions. Many of the questions appear "loaded" with negative assumptions. Most of the public comments fall into two extreme camps. Either "Cruise lines know what they are doing; just let them operate so we can go cruising again" or "Cruise ships should remain stopped as they are dangerous and have a negative health & environmental impact". Very few of the responses attempt to comment in any detail on the CDC questions. I have not seen a "Requirements" document from the CDC but the cruise lines are about to submit their "Plans" How & when will CDC, and other regulators, formulate/finalise their requirements, review cruise line plans and prepare for allowing cruising in US waters to recommence? ........................... or is that akin to asking "how long is a piece of string?"
  15. I still do not understand why suitable protocols for the whole cruise industry could not have been developed collaboratively (cruise lines, CLIA, CDC, port authorities etc). A confrontational or disjointed approach is likely to result in further delays and a sub-optimal result.
  16. The Astra Zeneca/Oxon trials are resuming following the short pause for a safety review 🙂 : BBC
  17. Unfortunately it now appears that Regent have also taken the decision not to cancel cruises until between 30-60 days before sailing 😕 (apart from Mariner, already cancelled through to April)
  18. It is good to see a Regent representative joining the discussion on this Board 🙂 ................... but I am not sure that that the communication in post #17 is credible to customers 🤨
  19. The Regent poster has confirmed that the earliest date that the November cruise will be cancelled is the end of September. So Regent have effectively bounced the difficult choices back to their customers ☹️ Suggest that you discuss your options with your TA. Presumably those options include: pay the balance to protect your deposit; then opt for a full refund when the cruise is cancelled (which most believe is inevitable). seek to have the deposit reimbursed (push for cash but probably only a FCC will be offered) forfeit your deposit & attempt a claim through your travel insurance, based on FCO travel advice. Not sure this route would be easy or successful.
  20. For those interested in how another cruise-line is handling cruises in these difficult times, there is a "live from" blog on the MSC Board. I believe the ship is now on its fourth 7-day cruise: Plus this article gives information on those cruise-lines operating now or about to re-commence: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23461-here-are-the-cruise-ships-back-in-service.html
  21. It seems more likely that the TS is referring to the Sydney to Singapore segment of the Mariner WC cancelled recently.
  22. So it is not in the TA’s financial (cash-flow) interest to push back the final payment date, even though the cruise line has. From other reports, this type of arrangement also appears to slow down cruise line refunds getting back to the customer; with the TA simply blaming the cruise line for tardiness. We are glad that we use a UK TA who provides good service and an acceptable discount, but with all our credit card payments being processed by RSSC(UK).
  23. Hi @swansong, same question as I asked of @anniesh; Are your credit card payments made to your TA or to RSSC? UK TAs who are found to be acting in a manner detrimental to their customers should be reported to both ABTA and to the CMA
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