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  1. I always look at the menu and pick the most expensive one I can get with the drink package. Usually it's Patron Silver (at least on Princess which is the line my last several cruises have been on), some times one bar will stock Patron Reposado. Ordered over ice with a couple limes and I'm a happy camper!
  2. When I go to the app and go to dining, it just says "We're putting the finishing touches on your cruise. Check back for updated information." I'll keep looking! That sounds like it might be fun.
  3. Where did you find this in the app?
  4. Fe Fe and the Sentiments were on our March 2019 Grand Princess 10 day Mexican Riviera out of San Francisco cruise and they were great fun!
  5. On the Silhouette in 2015, my husband fell in love with some white chocolate chip cookies on like day 2. Everyday we searched the buffet and any where that had cookies looking for these cookies. On the last sea day we went to the Top Chef contest/cooking demonstration with the head chef. After the demonstration was over, hubby walked up to the head chef and asked about the cookies and where he could get them. The chef was like we make them every day, they should be anywhere you can find a cookie. Hubby told him he'd searched high and low. The chef took down our room number and later that day we returned to our room to find a room service domed plate of at least two dozen white chocolate cookies waiting for us. Another example of great service on Celebrity! We travel a lot with my parents and Princess is their favored line. We all agree that the food on Celebrity was consistently the best we've ever had at sea. My parents aren't buffet people and will chose breakfast and lunch in the MDR normally. On Celebrity they chose to eat in the buffet for breakfast and lunch daily. Husband liked the full salad bar and deli sandwich station. I think he had an egg salad or tuna sandwich every day with a big salad. He also enjoyed the eggs Benedict station during breakfast as he likes his eggs more done. We all agreed that Celebrity had the best pizza. We are very much looking forward to our March 7, 2020 Equinox cruise.
  6. Hubby and I also returned to Carnival after 11 years this past November. We cruised the Mexican Riviera on the Miracle. We had no reason for going away from Carnival other than we travel a lot with my parents and their preferred lines are Princess and Celebrity. We had a great time. It was easy to compare our experiences with other lines and past with Carnival and each line has their own pros and cons. We enjoyed the evening shows and comedy shows. We almost never go to the shows on Princess as they are cringe-worthy bad and awkward (like very, very Caucasian people singing a Motown extravaganza, etc., and the disco dancing one--oof!). The evening production shows were a pleasant surprise for us. Husband really enjoyed the MDR food, while my experience was more miss than hit, but there's always something to eat somewhere so I didn't go hungry. We both agree that the steakhouse was the best steakhouse meal we've had across 11 cruises and that we set the bar too high by eating there the first night to take advantage of the free bottle of wine. We had the most fun in the casino than we'd had on any other cruise too. We didn't take extra money home with us but we won enough to keep playing for quite a while and I received a Premier Cruise offer before we even disembarked! We would not hesitate to book Carnival again in the future.
  7. Our niece bought it for her family on our Alaska 2017 cruise. It was well worth it for all the photos she got. We usually never stop when getting off the ship for the cheesy photo ops, but since she had the package we stopped for all of them.
  8. Bring a bottle of hand soap (maybe two if your cruise is longer than seven days). So much better than a wet bar of soap sticking to the bathroom counter!
  9. I noticed that for our Miracle sailing in November the spa was booking appointments on the first day too and I thought it was odd.
  10. We are booked on the Miracle in November and can't wait. Our prior Carnival cruises have been on the Sprint (LOVE IT) and the Splendor (Meh.).
  11. We were on the Island for a partial Panama Canal transit in April 2017 (over Easter). We LOVED the ship and the cruise. I was nervous going in because I'd read so many terrible reviews. Hubby and I were traveling with my parents, and his mom and his Aunt. The Aunt can be cantankerous and makes it known when she is displeased. My MIL and her sister were in an aft cabin (not on the promenade deck) and LOVED their cabin. It was one of the newly added ones. I saw it and I also thought it was nice. Hubby and I and my parents had neighboring mini-suites, I think on Dolphin, and enjoyed them as well. While there is no International Cafe, there is a coffee bar in the Piazza and I think I remember there being pastries. After our breakfast mornings we adorned to the coffee bar for after breakfast lattes, so we weren't looking for food (yet). We liked the buffet layout, it was bright, clean and open and there was a good selection of desserts and sweets. Didn't notice congestion issues during peak times like on the Ruby and Emerald. The covered pool pictured in this thread with the tiki/Buddha theme is adults only, if I remember correctly and so are the loungers in the area surrounding it. It seemed to be the best place on the ship for a nap because mostly everyone in a lounger was snoozing. That pool was deep and very nice.
  12. Our waitress on the Grand in March told us shorts are okay in the MDR on first and last nights, as well as port nights. My husband was ecstatic.
  13. I also say Celebrity first , BUT since you said you're looking for some additional sea days, how about one of Princesses 10 day itineraries? We've done one 10 day to Mexico out of LA on the Ruby Princess, one 10 day Mexico out of San Francisco on the Grand Princess, and one 10 day partial Panama Canal Transit out of Ft. Lauderdale on the Island Princess. Love the 10 day itineraries!
  14. We did ATD for the first time on the Grand in March 2019. We were traveling with my parents and usually would do early seating in the MDR, but the change to early seating being 5 p.m. was too early for all of us, so we decided to try ATD. We went to the Crown Grill on the first night since it was hubby and my wedding anniversary. On night two, we went to ATD around 5:30/5:45. Walked right up and got seated right away. Had a WONDERFUL team of Janelle and Maurice from the Philippines. Janelle's husband worked one section over and it was fun to tease her and watch her wave to him as she was talking about 'her handsome". After dinner the first night in ATD, my husband stopped and talked to one of the head waiters and asked what we could to, if anything, to always be seated in Janelle and Maurice's section. He told us that as long as we showed up before 6 every night and promised to let them know if we weren't going to eat in the dining room on a particular night, he'd make sure we always got our table. We communicated the three nights we did not eat in the dining room and he indeed made sure that we sat at the same table in the same section every night. We had a great experience!
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