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  1. or........Orso in downtown Anchorage. http://www.orsoalaska.com/
  2. We are using Anchorage Tours and Transfers. They pick us up at our hotel between 8:00 and 8:30 and arrive at the cruise terminal around 1:00 PM. It's supposedly a "sight seeing" trip that stops at the photo op's and the animal conservation place. I think it was around $80 pp. Hope that helps.
  3. I called the Alaska Railroad office a few weeks ago to ask whether 1.) the train would take us directly to the cruise terminal and 2.) whether they would take care of getting the luggage on the ship. I was told 1.) no, they did not drop us directly at the cruise terminal - it was a short walk, and 2.) we were responsible for getting our luggage to the cruise terminal. I then asked if the location where we would get off the train had a covered area if it was raining. The answer was "no". So, if it's raining you have to haul your luggage to the cruise terminal? We're taking a shuttle. 🙂
  4. I could be wrong but I don't think it matters a whole lot who you book with. They pretty much all talk to each other over the radios and go to the same places. We used Capt. Jack on the Scania last time and our pictures looked pretty much like all the other pictures I've seen........same rocks with sea lions, same buoy with seals and and eagle on top, same light houses. Don't get me wrong, it's a great experience and I highly recommend you do it. The smaller boats do seem to get a little better views and are less crowded. Other than that, book it and enjoy! 🙂
  5. Seriously, you can find everything you need to know by just reading the post on this forum. Do a little research, then as some questions.
  6. Or.......you could just read thru this forum and learn everything you need to know. 😉
  7. The trains are essentially the same. The fares you quoted would be in the standard cars I believe. We booked thru the cruise line a few years ago and it was in the domed cars......very scenic trip. We didn't like getting to the ship so late though. We are going again in a few weeks and wanted to take the early train. When I called and asked, they said they do NOT drop you directly at the cruise terminal......or get your luggage to the ship. I don't think it's a long walk to the terminal but hauling all of your luggage may be an issue.....particularly if it is raining. We opted to take a shuttle that will pick us up at our hotel and stop at some of the scenic sites along the way, including the wildlife conservation site. They will drip us at the cruise terminal around 1:00 PM. Still leaves time to see Seward and an excursion.
  8. This is who we are using next month. They will pick up at most hotels between 8-8:30. Depending on the day, they have an express that gets to Seward around 11:00 if I remember correctly. They also have a "sight seeing tour" version that stops at the usual spots including the Wildlife Conservation stop. I think it gets into Seward at 1:00PM. And they will drop you off right at the cruise terminal.......no walking.
  9. stevecmo

    Train to Seward

    Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions!!! As I mentioned, we did an Alaska trip ten years ago and had a wonderful time. That was for our 40th anniversary........so guess what we're celebrating this year! 😀 Last time it was one week on land prior to boarding the ship. I didn't know if we'd ever make it back so I packed our schedule every minute. Reflecting back on it later I felt like it was a little too hectic and we didn't really get to relax and enjoy the ship and the cruise. In fact I just looked and our trip review is still here on CC.......and the picture links appear to work as well. That got me more excited! Anyway, we've been to Seward before including Exit Glacier, but not Sea Life Center. My plan was to board the ship early, drop our stuff, then explore the town a little. I've heard great things about the Kenai Fjords tours and maybe we'll do that. We tried to fit that in last time but had to settle for the Prince William Sound tour last time out of Whittier because of scheduling issues. Again thanks to all that made comments and suggestions.
  10. stevecmo

    Train to Seward

    Hmmm, that's a good point!
  11. stevecmo

    Train to Seward

    Thanks for the suggestion! We're actually flying in the day before we board the ship and staying downtown. So I think we'd be better off just heading to the depot.
  12. stevecmo

    Train to Seward

    Thanks! That must be what we did the first time. IIRC there was some type of delay on the train and we didn't get to board the ship until.......seems like it was around 6 or 7 PM. We'd like to have some time to get situated and explore the ship before we sail. So I think we'll take the early train. Thanks for the help!
  13. stevecmo

    Train to Seward

    This June we will be taking our second cruise from Seward to Vancouver on HAL. The first time was ten years ago! If I remember correctly, we took the train from the Anchorage airport to Seward and it left around noonish. Looking at reservations now and all I see is leaving from the train depot in Anchorage at 6:45 AM. I probably booked the train thru HAL the first time. Do they have a separate train the departs from the airport, or have the schedules just changed. I like the idea of getting to Seward at 11:05 but dread having to get up so early. I know I could take a bus and probably leave later and arrive about the same time, but we really enjoyed the train experience. Anyone have the scoop on the trains or other suggestions?
  14. Thanks! I did a search and read a couple similar responses about all of the tickets and keeping track of them. It does seem to make sense. I guess I'll get one......or two since they refund what's not used.
  15. Thanks for the quick reply! 🙂 That makes sense about passing your key around. Last time on HAL (ten years ago!) we bought wine cards that I think were good for ten glasses, but I don't see anything like that.
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