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  1. On our Infinity sailing we found it sometimes difficult to get premium water. Next time I will stick with the classic package.
  2. Off the Infinity earlier this week. Found selection, preparation, quality and presentation of food in the main dining room to be very good.
  3. We were on the 4/18 infinity sailing in concierge class. DH, who really isn't fond of crowds, was very happy with the nice, civilized concierge class luncheon when we got in the ship. He asked me to always book concierge going forward because the luncheon made for such a nice start to the trip.
  4. Try putting "Moveup" in the search box on the celebrity website. The move up banner disappeared from my page but I was still able to view it again by doing that.
  5. What do you wear on a sea day? Do you change for breakfast, lunch, dinner & late night at the shows? If love to have examples of how you dress for a sea day (not including bathing suit time). Traveling on Celebrity if that makes a difference Thanks!
  6. Has anyone ever gotten an NA Beer as part of Celebrity's premium non-alcoholic package? From the description I'm thinking it is not included but I couldn't find many posts about this so I thought I would ask.
  7. We understand the dress code, but are wondering if a chic night is scheduled on the short cruises?
  8. I missed a couple of weeks. Life has been crazy. I was away, we had blizzards (comfort food!) and one of my direct reports was out at work meaning I had to do her job as well as mine. So yes, I did some stress eating. Through all that I gained back one pound but am trying to get back on track.
  9. I confess to doing some blizzard comfort food eating this week but I am down 1 lb and will take it! Hopefully I can lose 8 more before my April cruise. The hardest things for me, especially in the winter, are getting in enough water and exercising. I am keeping a water bottle by my bed and making sure I finish it before my feet touch the floor each morning. I've also dug out my 1 mile walk tapes so I can do something easy when the weather is too bad to walk outside. Have a good week everyone!
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