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  1. Sailed out of New York on a Canada New England cruise last year. Sometime the evening before the first Canada stop in Halifax a letter was delivered to suite advising a passenger that they must meet at a certain place that next morning at a specific time to meet with the Canadian authorities. The letter wasn't specific and this wasn't about citizenship. I don't have the letter so I don't know exactly what it said. This was earlier than all the other passengers had to meet to have passports checked. That passenger was not allowed off the ship in either Canadian port but the rest of the family was. Not sure if this was a felony or a lesser charge in the US. The passenger didn't try to get off the ship so I don't know if the room card was flagged in some way. Curiously we had no issue driving into Canada from Skagway less than a year before. No issue getting on in NYC.
  2. If the new ticket is more than $400 you would pay the difference plus the $200 penalty. If the new ticket is equal to or less than $400, you would still pay the $200 penalty out-of-pocket. If you've already cancelled the tickets chances are they are being held as a credit if you do decide to purchase new tickets on American but I don't know if the validity is from one year from date of purchase or 1 year from original date of travel. That you need to check with American. Hold on to your confirmation number and ticket numbers.
  3. I got locked out of the 2nd bedroom on the Gem about 1/2 way through cruise. No key cards would work. Security had to come fix it. Maybe that door had just slammed one too many times with the movement of the ship and something got jostled inside.
  4. I was really stressed about this for my cruise in June. Was new to using Uber/Lyft. Used Lyft in the end and it worked out just fine to EWR. Passengers were herded across 12th Ave. I requested a Lyft and was picked up a little ways up 48th St, just as I had read about here on CC. There were lots of people being picked up there so if I was to do it again I'd probably head a little further up 48th. All that worry was for nothing.
  5. I recently stayed in the second bedroom on the Gem. My big issue was storage. There were a few drawers and hangers but that closet didn't hold the suitcase well. I probably could've found somewhere else to put it. I found it fine for one adult person.
  6. My fan was confiscated at the Port of Seattle last year. I had guest services print out the prohibited items list (from my edocs, they said), which didn't list fans, but they would not return it to me until an electrician approved it.
  7. The casino cashier had to enable my cabin card to be able to download to the slots. A PIN is required.
  8. I cannot speak to the Breakaway, but I'm just of the Gem in a 2-bedroom suite and the butler came in one day and refilled the water in the coffee machine and restocked the pods. She took the reservoir out of the room to refill so I'm not sure where the water came from.
  9. I sailed on the Pearl out of Seattle last September. Yes, the luggage valet service was a real thing (I didn't use it) and the paperwork was delivered to the cabin at some point during the cruise. I didn't save the paper but I do remember the form had to be returned what I thought was early (like maybe by Wednesday night for a Saturday disembarkation). Again, this was last year, and it's early this season so things could be different.
  10. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2513006&page=2 See post #7. MDR hours slightly earlier than other days.
  11. mking8288, if you use Carmel upon your return (I'm sure you don't want to think about that now!), can you post your steps as far as calling and meeting the car (when you called, where you were picked up). Happy sailing! I'll be on the Gem in early June. Thank you!
  12. I called NCL Shore Excursion desk a few weeks ago to inquire about this. The $50 per port excursion credit cannot be used for airport transfers but can be used for a post-cruise excursion ending at the airport. If anyone can confirm otherwise regarding airport transfers, please let us know!
  13. Thank you for all the info you're providing. What car service did you use and where specifically were you picked up? I've read car services can't pick up at the taxi stand across the street at 12th Ave/48th St. Did your driver give you specific instructions on where you'd be picked up?
  14. How was disembarkation? What time did it start? Thank you.
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