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  1. Probably not. At best, you might receive an on-board credit if your boarding is delayed due to the storm and you miss a day aboard ship. But cruise ships are able to handle rough seas -- passengers, not so much. :-)
  2. #2: Not usually - and don't rely on the insurance offered by the cruise line, which tends to favor the cruise line. Buy your own independently. #1: Decide what "benefits" are most important to you (e.g., cabin-class upgrades, free cabins,, on-board credits, etc.), and the minimum amount you'll need to charge in order to achieve the lowest-level benefit (you probably don't need to worry about annual fees because most of them don't charge one). We've had three different affinity cards - Norwegian, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean, and never cashed in our accrued points on any of them, because we've travelled on so many different lines.
  3. I'd suggest joining the competition for the first few sessions. There are serious teams vying for O points, and then there are teams who are just there to have fun. Not every team has to have eight contributing players, Teams of two or four can play. And on some port days, if the regular teammates aren't back by 4:30, some of the teams will merge or invite stragglers or lurkers, especially because the winning scores tend to be very close, with only a point or two separating them, and you never know if that additional player will contribute a correct answer. We won one match because two teammates knew what the "HP" in HP Sauce stood for -- we Yanks had no idea!!!
  4. Each team is handed a pencil and a slip of paper on which the answers will be written. After the last question, the answer sheets are exchanged and then graded by an opposing team as the Cruise Director reads the question and the teams read off the answer on the sheet. (Our team usually prompted the CD to say, "Miss the point, go for the laugh!") Everyone on the team coming in first wins a bunch of point cards, second place gets fewer, and third place gets a participation point or two. Around the last day of your cruise, you can exchange your point cards for valuable promotional merchandise. Even though you're not required to stick with your team for the entire voyage, most players tended to, so pick a creative team name! Depending on who your CD is, there might be an extra way to gain bonus points during the cruise. On some ships, the CD would post Morning Trivia sheets near the front desk for trivia addicts, with answers due by some fixed noontime hour. The highest-scoring player(s) would win additional point cards, slipped under or posted on your stateroom door. Our team had only a couple of disagreements with the answers given by the trivia master (who apparently took them from a book of trivia and had little personal knowledge) - for example, does the Mona Lisa's right hand rest on her wrist or forearm? And is the collective noun for a group of ponies a passel, a herd, or a string? (Looking back, I can't believe we wasted our precious internet minutes to prove him wrong. But like one of the earlier commenters noted, trivia is sometimes taken VERY seriously!) 🙂
  5. LauraS - FYI, the HAL contact links on this M&M page appear to be dead.
  6. Does anyone know whether the $50 AAA beverage credit can be used towards a drink package once on board?
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