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  1. It was, but much better than the first room we were in!
  2. Yes, in the private Malaysian Arlines Club.
  3. I must agree with you 100%, Tony & Martha. Bob & I were able to leave Westerdam with the second group, on the 14th, and were on the afternoon flight to KL. Our overnight stay was not pleasant, but we got along fine, Most of us were on our way to our final destinations by the 16th. We all have stories to tell and so appreciate everything the Captain & crew did for us, onboard. My favorite expression was, "We know where we are, but we don't know where we're going!"
  4. We haven't docked yet. Clearance is taking longer than expected. Our passports were collected again and we filled out a health form. Some folks are disembarking today, but many of us are still onboard until our flights are made, I assume.
  5. We visited this Cambodian port on the first part of our cruise, on Jan. 21st. We did see the hotel school, on our tour. We thank our hard working Captain, Cruise Director, all staff and crew for making this "Cruise to Nowhere" as comfortable as possible.
  6. We're so pleased to know, at last, where we will be going and disembarking. We all had our temperatures taken this afternoon and we haven't heard of anyone who didn't pass the test. Got to think about packing, now.
  7. We don't seem to be heading to Singapore, now, but the Captain is to give us updates this afternoon.
  8. The Captain reported this morning that they have a possible 2 options to choose from, but no decisions made at this time. He'll get back to us later today.
  9. The Captain will give us updates tomorrow at 9:00 am, ship time. Hope it's good news.
  10. We are at sea until we find a port that will allow is in and have flights available to get us home. The Captain announced that we are not in quarantine. HAL had cancelled the February 15th cruise.
  11. Ishigaki has been cancelled. On to Naha, we hope! Yes, we've been onboard since Singapore.
  12. We are on the Rotterdam now, sailing back to FLL. Glenn-Michael is our Cruise Director/EXC Director. The day before we were to arrive in Naples, Italy, he gave us the temperature for Naples, FL. As we sailed the Transatlantic portion of our cruise, they installed the new Dueling Piano area where the Piano Bar was, which now puts Jamm and other Piano Bar folks out of a job. Lincoln Center was installed earlier this year where Explorations was, but it is a real bonus, as the group playing there is fantastic and draws huge crowds. All is not bad, just different.
  13. We've gone there on the Hop 0n Hop off bus that picks up right at the port.
  14. There are cruise lInes that still have those activities that we remember from HAL, back in the day. We cruised on one last winter, but we're still booking HAL cruises. It was fun to once again compete in "sports" activities and enjoy their singers & dancers. They also ran those activities!
  15. We will be sailing on Rotterdam, this fall, and would like to know if there are more outlets in the Staterooms than just the two at the desk, as in the past.
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