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  1. Welcome home, Roy We have been to Indonesia, sailing on Rotterdam in 2017. We were in three ports, on Java, but none of them was Probolinggo! It was wonderful to see so many of the crew get to see their families. We also have been to Cabo three times, 2006, 2010 and 2018.
  2. We were on Zuiderdam, too, visiting Saguenay on September, 22, 2018. There were two other ships there that day, but we were at the dock and they had to use tenders. The weather was stormy and we only got off the ship to see the big production of La Fabuleuse Cultural Show, giving the historical story of the region from 1605 to the present.
  3. On November 29, 2005, we were anchored off Christmas Island, Kiribati, aboard Amsterdam. The first tenders to shore got into unexpected shallow areas that scraped their bottoms. Very few passengers were able to get there, as our visit became unsafe, and we sailed away after the tenders returned. My pictures show a long and low stretch of land, our view from the ship.
  4. We visited Walvis Bay, Namibia, in January, 2019 on our South African Explorer cruise on Oceania Nautica. We enjoyed two days there, but all our excursions were away from the port. The dunes were amazing and my trip in a small vehicle up and down them was breathtaking! Wishing you well, Roy, on your upcoming surgery and recovery period. Won’t it be nice to have this all behind you.
  5. Many thanks to all of you that posted pictures of Porto. Our river cruise there was cancelled due to COVID. Thanks to Rich & Roy for the Daily.
  6. We’ve enjoyed two visits to Muscat. The first was our Arabia/Asia cruise, Piraeus to Singapore in 2014, on Rotterdam. That ship had outstanding itineraries! The second time was our 40 Day Transworld cruise, Southampton to Singapore, in 2016, and yes, also on Rotterdam! Will HAL ever be able to offer cruises like these in the future? I hope so.
  7. Our SA & Antarctica cruise on Amsterdam, in January, 2005, sailed from Santiago to Rio. We took a catamaran, Mariana 1 for a Beagle Channel & Wildlife tour, in rainy and windy weather.
  8. We visited Isafjordour on our VOV cruise on Rotterdam, in August, 2016. What a lovely town, even on a cloudy, sprinkling day. We took a two hour walking tour through all parts of the town, ending at the small historical museum. The flowers everywhere brightened a gray day.
  9. We’ve crossed the Equator at least 7 times, all on HAL ships. If our cruises included both a north and south crossing, there was only one King Neptune ceremony. We crossed on Ryndam, in 2008, Amsterdam, in 2009, Rotterdam, in 2010, Prinsendam, in 2011, Rotterdam, in 2012 & 2013 and Maasdam, in 2017. Have videos of all the ceremonies.
  10. I was hoping someone would post pictures from Richards Bay. We were there on our 2019 Cruise on Oceania. We just stayed at the port which was not near the city at all. All shore excursions were out of the city so it seems that it is not tourist place of interest. My notes say it’s large and industrial. We shopped the local stands alongside the ship.
  11. Two ships have sailed us on the St. Laurence River. We were on the Splendour OTS, Fall Foliage cruise in October, 2000, and on Zuiderdam’s Canada/New England cruise, more recent in September, 2018. We received our Platinum award on Zuidy!
  12. We have been twice to Israel, both times on Rotterdam. We were docked in Ashdod in October, 2019 and spent a full day in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. We have missed going to the Dead Sea both times.
  13. We sailed Tracy Arm on Statendam, July 2, 2015. It was overcast and cool, but what a beautiful place. Happy Anniversary, Rich This is such a great place to visit, each day.
  14. Picton, NZ was on our Maasdam 2017 itinerary. We took an all day private tour to Marlborough wine country, so really didn’t see Picton at all, but the wines are wonderful!
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