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  1. Thank you for this photo. Our Princess Planner has allocated us C728 for a 28 day cruise (it was not my first option) but I do like the look of it, from this photo. Let’s hope for good weather as we cruise around Australia, in April 2023. Everything is crossed for this cruise. Vicki. 🙂🤞🙏🚢🚢
  2. Ok, thanks for clarifying. Yes it’s certainly crazy times & who knows when we will be able to cruise again. Stay safe & well. Vicki. 🙂
  3. Hi srpilo - you mention ‘Princess cancelling the entire 2022 Australian season’. I am not aware of this, can you please advise where you heard this, the Aus/NZ cruises are still up on their website. Thank you. Vicki. 🙂
  4. How do you go about finding one of these ‘specialist’ members? Is it a ‘US’ based thing? I’ve never heard of it here in Aus. Thanks for your help. 😀😀🚢
  5. Couldn’t agree more! 😀🚢🚢
  6. Good morning! Can’t help with your questions, as yet we are to cruise with Oceania but looking at November 2022 for our first one! 🤞🤞 The world cruise looks amazing but unfortunately it’s out of our price range. Stay safe & well. Vicki. 🙂
  7. That it does, I was just curious why she does not visit Aus & NZ. Stay safe everyone. Vicki. 🙂
  8. What an incredible cruise that would be! I’m a little confused though, how is it a World Cruise when she does not sail to Australia & NZ? It just got me thinking! 🤔🤔🚢🚢
  9. My thoughts are if the cruise lines are not back up & operating into the later part of 2021, will they be financially viable in 2022 - sure hope so, but..... 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Happy 2021 to all. 🙂 Vicki.
  10. Oh, that did make me chuckle!! 🤣🤣 The French Polynesian region is absolutely stunning, might join you!! 😁😁
  11. No need for these comments - let’s all be kind. 🙂
  12. Totally agree with you new2cruise, we don’t take the offer that includes the beverage package as we are also not big drinkers. For us it is $80.00 per person, per day, (Aust dollars) a ridiculous price! We also take a bottle each, when International flights are not needed! Hope you enjoy Alaska, it’s wonderful. Merry Christmas & stay well & safe. Vicki. 🙂
  13. Thank you GeorgesGal, I’ve read lots of very positive posts on O, now to get them all back sailing! 🤞🤞😊
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