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  1. That would be my ignorance showing. I looked back at the email I was sent from Doctor Dive and it said $16 round trip, not each way as I had remembered. I also haven't been in a taxi in over 10 years or so I have no idea what they generally cost. Ooops.
  2. My daughter and I just got back from Roatan last week. We used a local dive shop who provided the transportation to the other side of the island. We felt perfectly safe the entire time and wouldn't hesitate to return again
  3. We were there on the 14th and everything was fine for us. My daughter and I walked out of the main gate and hung out for about half and hour waiting for our group to depart. At that time we didn't see anything unusual and felt perfectly safe. We did speak to a bartender later in the day about the port and she intimated the locals were generally cranky about the port construction but wasn't too specific on the causes. They are certainly still working on the port and probably will be for quite a while if the pace of the work remains consistent.
  4. So we dove with Doctor Dive last week and had a great time. We had to provide our own transportation which amounted to about $20 each way for a cab for my daughter and I. If you haven't been to Costa Maya before you will have to find your way out of the shopping area, through the tour vendors, and keep walking until you get out of the main gate to find a taxi. Not a bad walk but if you're carrying a lot of gear it could be a pain. We arrived at Yaya Beach club and hung out on the porch overlooking the beach while we waited for our boat and equipment to be ready. There are shops, bars, booths, and vendors aplenty to keep us entertained before and after the dives. We dove as a group of six with a divemaster at a location pretty close to the shop. They took care of all the equipment and chose great dive locations with lots of sealife to observe. They return to the shop between dives and provide fresh fruit to snack on while they swap out the tanks. Overall it was a great experience and would happily dive with them again.
  5. We ended up setting up a reservation for a two tank dive with Doctor Dive on 13th of Nov. They are charging us $95 each for the two tank dive and $25 each for the equipment rental. I will try to remember to post a follow up with our experience when we get back. We're also diving with Sun Divers when we stop at Roatan if that is another stop for you.
  6. Thanks for the information, I'll be checking into those shops to see what they have to offer.
  7. I'll be cruising into Costa Maya in November and am trying to setup a 2 tank dive for my daughter and I. Anyone have any experiences with the local dive shops they could share. Thanks in advance.
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