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  1. Just back from Star Pride. There were no chairs to borrow. We usually rent at the beach, from $5 (St. Maarten) to 40 euros (St. Bart) depending on where you go. See Ports of Call section or Trip Advisor to find beaches and prices. There are packable chairs (Back Jack or inflatables from Amazon) or depending on where you start the cruise and if you are arriving early, you might be able to purchase (CVS, Walgreens, Dollar Store in San Juan) and then leave at the last beach you visit for someone else to adopt. One other thought, if you tender at a lot of ports, it might be challenging to boa
  2. We did it last Feb and have re-booked for two weeks from now. We did it post-cruise. They stored our luggage, provided towels, chairs, wi-fi, and $20 each for lunch. It's a beautiful property. No problem getting a cab to the airport.
  3. Are cabs available at Lindqvist for return to the ship or do you have to arrange for your driver to come back for you?
  4. Thank you Misty Morning. It is difficult to find current info about chair rentals on St. Barths. I recently learned that Caribwaterplay on St-Jean beach also rents chairs and umbrellas for 20 euros. They don't have a restaurant, but they will reserve chairs in advance if you email them. Not sure about the current rental fee for a chair at Shellona is (in 2018 it was 50 euros each), but you do need an advance reservation and you have to telephone rather than email.
  5. We are sailing on Star Pride in Feb. Received the same email yesterday. According to WS website, we will dock. I assume it will be Crown Bay based on past experience, but have been unable to confirm. The Ferry to Water Island runs hourly on Sunday, so that's our current plan for being away from the crowds. There are several other smaller ships in port that day, with Celebrity Summit being the largest, so it shouldn't be too crowded, and shops should be open. Any additional info would be appreciated.
  6. Last Feb, we left Pride in San Juan around 8AM and we were not in the first group. We had a day pass the Marriott and arrived there before 8:30.
  7. We have a full day in Vieques in Feb. Any suggestions for snorkeling from the beach?
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