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  1. Sydney Ports claim Spectrum in Sydney for 6 weeks. Spectrum Of The Seas 21-Mar-2020 05:00 (Sat) 30-Apr-2020 23:59 (Thu) Athol Bay Anchorage WSS Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd Radiance is still off Port Kembla Voyager and Ovation returns tomorrow Wednesday to Sydney.
  2. I would have thought the captains will still be required on the ships. I can’t imagine the ships being 100% turned off.
  3. Michelle so the other cruises in your b2bs are running?
  4. The Corona Virus will play a major part in the Oz deployment. I think one of the ships is Adventure Of The Seas. Plus Quantum.
  5. Thanks Michelle I wonder if my October Quantum cruise is running.
  6. Serenade has appeared in Sydney Ports 16, 23 and 30 November 2021. Probably a Singapore Dry Dock after Alaska like Radiance. Work 2 weekly music charters out of Sydney then head to Melbourne?
  7. Facebook is full of Travel Agents trying to get cruisers signed up for exclusive opening day deals on Sapphire Princess.
  8. The Deployment Flyer for Opening Dates for the 21/22 season has gone from the Royal Caribbean website. Can anyone find it.
  9. I am seeing the booking here on this Southampton Parking site. It has helped me in the past with getting a few predictions right. 8 April 2020. My guess should read for Anthem or Spectrum. Not Ovation she is on Alaska. https://www.abparking.co.uk/
  10. Royal Caribbean have a 16 night cruise port booking from Southampton 8 April 2020 under the name “Anthem Of the Seas”. This is while Anthem is coming across the pond. Sounds like Spectrum or Ovation. But no port booking 16 nights later. Maybe a Trans Atlantic?
  11. During Winter. They appear to be just day visits. https://www.portbris.com.au/Operations-and-Trade/Shipping-Schedule/ Not turn arounds.
  12. Port of Brisbane now has Sapphire Princess bookings. They did not yesterday.
  13. Thanks My guessing now has Wonder Of The Seas in Bayonne for Christmas 2021. This ship with year round deployment from Shanghai would be designed for cold conditions.
  14. While checking a few port bookings around Australia I noticed that Princess appear to be sending Sapphire Princess to Australia instead of Asia. Looks like home ports of Fremantle in July and Sydney in August and September as home ports. Has a few days booked at Cairns and Eden also. Corona Virus Redeployment I assume.
  15. For the current Corona Virus situation Spectrum of the Seas is apparently due in Manila 12 February. From here I suspect she will head towards Singapore then head to Europe with no passengers. I think while Royal has a chance to get Spectrum/Quantum out of Asia they will. Australia I think is too close to Asia. Voyager will stay in Australia for the OZ Winter or go to West Coast USA for the USA Summer. Quantum/Spectrum will work the Voyager cruises in May from Singapore. My Predictions.
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