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  1. Serenade of the Seas 13-Night Asia Reposition February 27, 2022 Sydney, Australia • Cruising (2 Nights) • Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia • Cairns (Yourkey’S Knob), Australia • Cruising (2 Nights) Darwin, Australia • Cruising (2 Nights) • Benoa, Bali, Indonesia •Cruising (2Nights) •Singapore Hong Kong did have a port booking in April or May 2022 for Serenade. This booking has been deleted. I assume a dry dock in between at Singapore was or still is the plan.
  2. I think the main reason Quantum is in Brisbane is if things are not 100%with Covid by November 2021 the Brisbane Cruise Terminal is away from everything. Dealing with a cruise with Corona issues at the new Brisbane Terminal would be a lot easier then dumping everyone at Circular Quay. So if Royal only has one ship operating at this time from Oz I would be surprised if it was not from Brisbane. Quantum also has more balcony cabins. Singapore only wants cruisers at or near the terminal for the new December sailings. THE UK put out a draft document saying that only cruisers were allowe
  3. Sydney Ports were showing cruises to match the June booking pre Covid. This June booking has been in the system for a long time. It does match a ship going to Hong Kong for the season.
  4. General Maintenance. More for mechanical reason then updating passenger areas.
  5. If Royal was putting Navigator on West Coast USA cruises it would probably have to do a dry dock first. I realise Navigator has been in dry dock not too long ago but there is nowhere near Los Angeles that can do Voyager ships. Europe or Singapore would probably be the place.
  6. Interestingly the Darwin 1 June and Brisbane 8 June 2021 port bookings still remain for Voyager Of The Seas and have not been deleted . Voyager should be Beijing then.
  7. No But guessing she could replace a Vision ship or leave the fleet.
  8. An Aussie Travel agent claims. Get ready Queensland! This is OMG-worthy, quantum-leaping, jaw-dropping news. For the first time ever, state-of-the-art Quantum of the Seas will be sailing from Brisbane in Summer 2021-2022. Quantum of the Seas will be the newest and biggest ship to ever call Brisbane home. Your clients will be able to discover first-at-sea innovations like skydiving in the middle of the ocean. Marvel at mind-blowing Broadway style shows and spellbinding aerial displays. And embrace their inner foodie with immersive world class dining. With 25 iti
  9. Geoff Ovation has always sailed past Cairns and Airlie. If Ovation could have tendered I am certain Royal would have called here on at least one of the Singapore repositions. Cairns should be able to dock Voyager Class now. The plan was to take Radiance Class ships this season and up date to Voyager Class at a later date if the trail was successful.
  10. Geoff the thing that surprises me about Quantum coming to Brisbane it will not be able to go to Cairns ( Yorkeys Knob ) or Airlie Beach. In today's climate with Corona they are relying on the South Pacific and NZ for cruises. Personally I think if Quantum comes to Brisbane it will be a whole new set of cruises.
  11. Navigator could easily do a season after Europe 2022 in Sydney or Brisbane then head to Los Angeles May 2023.
  12. Surely Alaska 2021 cruise season must be very doubtful. Canada appears to be stricter then Australia managing this virus. Or if it did run Royal in Alaska would probably only need one or two ships. If they used Serenade it would be easier to find any port after Alaska. I cannot see any Royal ship running from Australia until the ship has another deployment to go to like Alaska/China/Europe for the other 6 months. To restart Carnival operations in Australia seems so much easier with the ships being in Sydney or Brisbane year round. No guarantees of how soon Carnival will get the go ahea
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