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  1. My first thought was Serenade replacing Radiance in Oz. The booking would certainly suit a ship going to Alaska for the Summer Season.
  2. Hong Kong Just updated today. Mo 01 May 2023 Serenade of the Seas 0600 母港 turn Tu 02 May 2023 Serenade of the Seas 2000
  3. Geoff Royal has finished up the China deployment in January or early February for at least 5 years now. To date no ships have left China in January or February. The Shanghai deployment has always been extended. Singapore, Tokyo and Brisbane may get Wonder seasons as replacement ports if COVID issues apply in China.
  4. Royal China website apparently says. Wonder of the Seas goes on sale 20 April 2021. Wonder of the seas will begin sailing from Shanghai on March 23rd 2022
  5. Those bookings for December 2022 have been on the site well before COVID for Wonder in Hong Kong. All mention of Wonder in 2021 disappeared last week from the Hong Kong schedule. I realise Royal made the announcement Wonder will be delayed till 2022 around 9 months ago.
  6. Some interesting stuff to think about! The Week of April 19, 2021 China (Phase 2) goes on sale Fall 2022 — Winter 2023 according to the Deployment Flyer. So what about the cruises March 2022 to Winter 2022 from Shanghai? Are they on another deployment date? Interestingly the Week of June 7, 2021 Singapore Fall 2022 — Winter 2023 also. Is Wonder working from Shanghai in the Summer and going elsewhere for the Winter? Or is the deployment seasons wrong on the flyer?
  7. I will second that. cruising will resume very slowly in Oz. if a miracle did happen the ships wouldn’t be working the cruises on sale now.
  8. Why the big gap of no cruises in February on Navigator? I have just had a quick look at port bookings and can not find anything that relates to Navigator coming here to Oz. I did suggest a few weeks ago a Europe dry dock then pick the crew up on the way. If Navigator goes via South America or Suez Canal I think it will be without passengers.
  9. Kailua-Kona - Hawai‘i has these bookings which have just appeared. Both ships currently have other cruises for sale. This for 2022. 16 Sep - 07:00 dep 23:59 OVATION OF THE SEAS 348 m | 4905 guests Anchorage A last port | — 17 Sep - 07:00 dep 18:00 RADIANCE OF THE SEAS 961' | 2496 guests Anchorage A last port |
  10. The minute I seen the possible California Departures article by the Blog the first thing I thought is It will be interesting to see if they disappear like they did last time he did a story. Yes Los Angeles Ports removed the Navigator bookings from the website very quickly.
  11. I doubt Radiance will get to Miami for that season. They’ll use Serenade or similar instead.
  12. Oz now opens week of 22 March. Singapore 7 June China 19 April.
  13. My theory of Navigator going into drydock comes from the gap that appeared in cruises in February 2022 on Navigator. I am also confused why they would not just use Voyager from Los Angeles.
  14. So does Navigator go to Europe for a dry dock and then pick the crew up on the way to Los Angeles?
  15. If the pause in cruising is still on when Wonder is available for traffic surely Wonder replacing Quantum in Singapore is a possibility.
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