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  1. Celebrity has announced that there will be no self service in the Oceanview when their ships return to service. I doubt that they will change that down the road, either.
  2. Six of us sailed on Xpedition in December of 2017. We did not experience rough seas nor do I recall anyone on our cruise being sick. We did the Outer Loop. Loved every minute. Remember, weather can differ greatly and everyone reacts differently. Best of luck. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. Quote from Mr. Bayley yesterday.... Michael Bayley Whatever happened to truth in Journalism. Media reports we only will evacuate vaccinated passengers from St. Vincent. We have stated that all passengers to be evacuated will need a negative Covid test.
  4. Royal Caribbean President and CEO, Michael Bayley stated yesterday that the media reports requiring people to be vaccinated were not true. He said a negative test was required, not vaccinations. He also posted some great photos yesterday taken by Martina from Argentina in St. Vincent: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=219051323341717&set=pcb.219052803341569 Also, please keep the discussion on this thread about the La Soufrière Volcano on St. Vincent. Thanks so much!
  5. Here's the press release from Royal Caribbean https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/140/royal-caribbean-group-deploys-ships-to-assist-st-vincent-with-evacuation-of-residents/#:~:text=MIAMI – April 8%2C 2021 –,increasing activity in recent days.
  6. I wanted to share the information from Celebrity's website on the Covid-19 Assistance program they are offering if you book by May 31, 2021. I'm not sure you need additional insurance that covers Covid if your cruise is booked before May 31. Click the link and then scroll down the page to read about their Covid-19 Assistance: https://www.celebritycruises.com/health-and-safety
  7. If we can't cruise, I'm so happy to see you supporting Alaska with a land trip. We've thought about doing the same. They are in desperate need of our support, too. Have a wonderful time!
  8. I just booked a January cruise with Celebrity and the confirmation from my TA says final payment is 90 days out so perhaps it's your agency that's asking for payment 150 out. I don't think it's Celebrity. You can always check these things out on the cruise line website, too. By the way, Cruise Critic guidelines prohibits naming travel agencies on our forums.
  9. Lois ~ so good to see your name pop up again....so many great memories.....Hard to believe that the Solstice inaugural was 13 years ago....where do the years go???
  10. OH MY.....I haven't seen Newt's name in a long, long time. Thanks for the memories!
  11. Nope...I had to read through things multiple times. There isn't a $100 fee if you cancel and get an FCC under Cruise with Confidence. I noticed that Celebrity's confirmations do not have the correct information on them. But I clipped and save the CWC policy from their website so I won't have any issues down the road. You should double check with Celebrity and/or your travel agent but I specifically triple checked the wording since I have family sailing with us. ENJOY
  12. Remember, even non-refundable deposits are returned as an FCC under the Cruise with Confidence policy if you book by May 31. So for us, there was no risk to book that I could see. I even saves the Cruise with Confidence policy that clearly states non-refundable deposits will be returned as an FCC if your cruise isn't paid in full (it uses the phrasing "outside of penalty" and if you are paid in full, the total fare, including the deposit is returned as an FCC.
  13. It's 120 hours, wesport. 120 hours hours before arriving in St. Maarten AND before boarding the ship. So as long as you aren't planning on staying in St. Maarten for more than two or three days prior to the cruise, you should be OK. It's really not all that complicated. My husband got tested every week for four months since he was a caregiver for his dad at an assisted living facility. Compare to that, this is a piece of cake.
  14. I learned the same thing from my TA today. Air through Celebrity will not include a transfer to the port.
  15. Good morning, everyone ~ just a quick reminder that we cannot copy and post materials from other publications as that is a copyright violation. Inserting a link is fine but pasting the text of an article is not.
  16. These Celebrity cruises are open to individuals from all countries. I haven't seen anything on the Celebrity's website nor has my TA said anything about any countries being banned. The majority of members on Cruise Critic are from the States so you are going to naturally see more posts from those in the US. HOWEVER, there are country bans in place by other countries. For example, if you review the St. Maarten travel requirements, you'll see they currently have a list of banned countries whose citizens cannot get into St. Maarten at this point in time. These are the types of thi
  17. Celebrity's Covid insurance that is included in the cruise fare if you book by May 31 outlines most of the protocols. While it doesn't list complete specifics, it is clear that they have a plan in place. You can read about it here: https://www.celebritycruises.com/health-and-safety You'll need to scroll down a bit to see the Covid insurance coverage. The antigen test will be performed on the ship prior to disembarkation. Maybe your travel agent can provide more specific details that you are looking for.
  18. I think several of us were posting at the same time. I think part of the confusion comes when trying to understand what St. Maarten is requiring and what Celebrity is requiring. And remember, we don't yet know what the other ports of call will require at this point. I know there is a ton of information already out there (which is why I've tried to combine as much as possible) but there will be more info coming out all the time. I think it's tough for everyone, including Celebrity, to keep it all together in a nice, neat format that we'd all like. Keep
  19. I'm not sure it's 'misinformation' as much as 'changing' information. From what I remember (and there has been so much information going around the past week), I do believe the plan was to allow B2Bs. I'm not sure why it changed but the latest info is different. I hate to say it but I expect that there will be other things that change as we go along. It is very challenging to keep up on all of it and understand what the latest requirements are. As for the St. Maarten insurance, here is what is says on their insurance website: “The insurance is required for all forei
  20. I have a GREAT photo of Host Randy but it may have been before my digital camera so I'm not sure I can easily find it....but I'll look. He was awesome!
  21. Oh my....I'm like Host Star.....can I remember that far back? I'm pretty sure we were on a Royal Caribbean cruise early in our cruising history and a group of the Cruise Critic hosts were onboard. In speaking with them over the course of the cruise, I learned a lot about Cruise Critic and quickly became addicted thereafter. I'm pretty sure when I joined there were less than 10,000 members of Cruise Critic. Today, there's a whole lot more members. It wasn't long after that Royal Caribbean cruise that I was offered the chance to moderate the Celebrity board here on CC. Twenty ye
  22. If you click this link and scroll down to the St. Maarten section which was updated as of March 25 (Thursday), it now clearly states that you must have a negative rt-PCR test 120 hours prior to boarding. https://www.celebritycruises.com/health-and-safety I think one of the challenges is there is information in different places, constantly being updated so we just need to keep going back and looking for those updates.
  23. The current cost on the St. Maarten health website says the insurance is $30 (I had to hunt to find that info, though).
  24. I'd be very surprised if any thought has been given to the Cruise Critic Connections parties at this point or to adjusting the software that allows us to register. I think the policies of what will be allowed to happen onboard remain to be seen. It's nice that you could register but that doesn't mean that these types of gatherings will be permitted. And these are the types of things that could evolve as the summer goes along.
  25. I am hopeful that Celebrity will post a FAQ similar to what Royal Caribbean has done. I'm watching their website daily and will definitely post something on the Celebrity board here if I see anything. I'm sure others will do the same, too, as we have lots of dedicated members here 🙂
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