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  1. Spring1onu, I have taken and enjoyed having a mesh papasan floater chair (Target) with me....I like nothing more than floating in the sea in the sunshine. I could do it for hours on end! I've also taken a pool noodle with me - also exclusively for port use. I bend it into a U-shape and float. Pool noodles are for driving to port (or buying in the port city). The spring-mesh-papasans are the solution for cruises when flying to the port (and fit in my carry-on, my only luggage).
  2. Using a gift card from your local grocery store when they offer a financial incentive might get you an extra 10% off or discount on a tank of gas? The AARP gift cards used to give you an automatic 10% discount because they were purchased for 90% of face value after earning points taking online informative quizzes. That program is now defunct in that format. There is the DriveWise program by an insurance company that people here mention in tandem with gift cards. I do not know the details of that program. The Spa discounts I recall seeing in the advertising flurry that arrives in the cabin each night are usually 3 services from a provided list for $139 dollars. No couples-massages on that list.
  3. You could return to your cabin in your robe (ask your cabin steward for one if there is not one in your closet). I often see people arrive for spa appointments wearing their robe already. I've seen people on deck at night wearing the Carnival-provided robe. I've seen people sitting way in the back, up high, in the main theatre wearing their robe (sometimes it can get very cold in there). Just a thought.
  4. We did that cruise in June of 2013 from Barcelona. Flew into and out of London (the cruise was extremely inexpensive; the airfare was outrageous at that time). Took the bus via Chunnel from London to Paris (the scenery makes me want to return for in-depth travel in the north of France), then the high-speed train from Paris to Barcelona (changed trains once, near to Barcelona - now I believe it is a direct trip). Did tourist sights in both London and Paris. Barcelona is a fabulous city, especially for walking - but watch your billfold, purse, bags extremely carefully! Organized thieves and regular petty thieves can be very, very tricky and skillful. Our fellow cruisers were mostly American. I did a review, including food comments, shortly after returning. Perhaps it can still be found here, somewhere? I enjoyed Monaco for the cars and people-watching; Pisa and, of course, Rome (hired a private guide and crammed as much as we could into that day). Don't be surprised if the Med Sea is cold, icy cold in early Summer. We waved at Africa off in the distance and sailed past the Rock of Gibraltar!! [I think the Captain arranged it specially so we could do those things in daylight?] Lisbon is a great day, too. We took the bus from Dover back to London, via Canterbury (to see the cathedral). It's cheap transit and not many cruisers choose that route. We will be on the Legend again in January 2020 (from Tampa) and I am planning to write a review upon our return. I find reviews very helpful; sadly, not a lot of people seem to write them.
  5. What was the estimated duration of your dinners in the MDR? We like to be in and out in 60-75 mins but have recent experiences where 120 mins was usually. That is too tedious when more FUN awaits.
  6. Definitely put them on as you leave your hotel for the port! Just in case you do not have time to order/receive the plastic tags (or believe the size/shape of tags may change in the future): I print the bagtags, fold as instructed then cover them in clear packing tape. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the ends. Then be sure to take a zip- (or cable-) tie to affix them to the suitcase the morning we cruise.
  7. Thank you SO MUCH for your review. We'll be doing the same itinerary in just a few short weeks. Since Legend arrived in Tampa, there have not been many reviews. Love yours: it's entertaining and interesting, touching on what I am interested in. Looking forward to reading the entire weeks' worth.
  8. Unless someone in your group cannot physically make the not-excessively-long and very pretty walk, I suggest you hoof it. We just don't see the value for the cost.
  9. Lottacruises, I did win the raffle once! I received a day's admission to the spa including the thallassotherapy pool and the tepidarium, where I discovered that I really, really, really like those heated-tile loungers. Finished up in the relaxation room with lemon-infused water and chairs with footstools looking out to the sea....it was great enjoyment for me!
  10. All these cruises and we've never been to the Sail Away party! January might be my first time. On the car radio this morning, I was listening to "Come Sail Away" by Styx. Throw in some calypso and I'll be all set to go... if the Sail Away deck party does not conflict with the Spa Tour/Raffle, I'll unpack later and attend with our accompany pair of Young Adults (who I anticipate will attend in any event). What should I expect?
  11. Appetizers: Chilled Peach soup, strawberry soup, shrimp cocktail (or shrimp in any form); Mains: surprising to me but the lasagna is terrific, shrimp (in any form), fish, the Formal night beef choices; Desserts: Grand Marnier souffle, (room service) chocolate cake or various MDR versions, fruit plate
  12. We'll be onboard January 5th for a celebratory (college graduation) cruise with a first-timer. Are any of you you active on the Roll Call page?
  13. I'll be interested to hear how people respond. It seems that the bridge is above you.
  14. Boarding Group assignment appeared on our boarding papers (which look slightly different different than before). Note: If you are curious, you can select "print" to view them but opt not to send them to your printer.
  15. Having fun while being pampered in a relaxing atmosphere (so, the overall Carnival experience!); and Comedy shows; and (couldn't limit myself to just two) the singing waitstaff show (even though I get teary-eyed when they do their "you're leaving our FunShip" song).
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