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  1. Our next PH is on an upcoming Summit sailing and I'm sorry that the piano is, indeed, gone. Brought us much joy over the years, but we understand how challenging they are to keep up in private accommodations at sea. Ultimately our view is that the PH is worth the step beyond Royal in the Millennium-Class ships, but not so for the Solstice-class ones. We'll stick to RS on those.
  2. Following! We have been on the Summit many, many times and it is our favorite! We next hop on board her for a sailing to the ABC islands and cannot wait. Thanks for taking us all along with you - enjoy!
  3. Qsine still showing up on my app for our December Summit cruise... menus included.
  4. I was under the impression the restaurant on the Summit had been changed to PC, but the app is showing the old version of Qsine menus each day. Is PC not on Summit, or is this a glich in the app for our December sailing??
  5. We are excited for our PH on Summit in under two months... and your pictures only added to that feeling. We were in her PH when the bathrooms had just been redone... but now this new overhaul will make it a new experience yet again. But, guess what, we'll miss the piano. I know it was a bear to upkeep... but there was something just so frivolous, lighthearted, and awesome about playing the piano in one's own stateroom on a sea day. Ah, well... at least we have the smiles and memories of it. Thanks for those great photos.
  6. In almost 20 sailings we have never cruised during Christmas... a first for everything! We are fortunate to be in a premium suite. Am I batty thinking about packing along a few small Christmas trees to make the cabin more festive?!? We already typically pack the indoor and outdoor lights to make it more magical on the veranda. Someone talk me out of fa-la-la-ing our lovely digs... but, on the other hand, it might be just the thing. Thoughts???
  7. We use strings of small white lights (battery powered) all year round when we cruise. We bring a colored glass or plastic container (sometimes large, sometimes smaller in size), put a bunch of the lights in it, and it makes for a festive take on our veranda. Our butler has also brought us battery powered flameless candles when we have dined on our veranda in the evenings... and we bring several of our own as well. For the first time we will be sailing for Christmas, so we'll have to festoon the interior of our suite with them this go-round. Might wind up bringing more decor than clothes this year, LOL!
  8. I have been following this board... good gravy... has it been a decade?? Maybe! I've read a lot of critical notes about Celebrity. Some deservedly so, some where I'm left going, ooof... I'm glad I don't work in the customer service department of a cruise line like Celebrity! Well, I've contributed over the years to the negative - always deservedly so, of course (ha, ha, ha... at least to my mind!!) And I've been generous with the praise when deserved. This cruise line... allllllll these years later... is still stellar. It still is a fantastic vacation. I've been on it with a 7 year old. I've been on it with a 77 year old. And soon I'll be on it with a 17 year old. It has always been a fantastic vacation for all those who were part of our party.. sometimes with some improvements needed... sometimes not... but, this is our wonderful home base while we explore the world. Why do I share all of this with you? Well, I want you to know that this cruiser received a most lovely sympathy note from Celebrity. We were SO excited about our cruise with Celebrity. But the unexpected most definitely happened: my dear mother-in-law was diagnosed with brain cancer and quickly, peacefully, but sadly, died rapidly, just 2 moths after diagnosis. We were devastated... and near the lower end of the sad devastated list of why was that we would not be able to take our cruise. We did not get insurance before hand. Why would we... everyone was in excellent health... but this is a good lesson as to why that extra few hundred bucks is a worthy investment. But let me tell you... Celebrity was notified of our situation by our TA... just a day or two before our sailing... and we received the most wonderful note of sympathy. Are we frequent cruisers by them... sure... is it good business sense... sure... but this was not form letter type of sympathy... it was a personally composed note, a recognition that our room was sailing empty without us, and even a bit of credit toward a future sailing. Listen, I'll pile on with the next person all over big business when deserved, but I think it is wrong to not clear one's throat and say wow when big business does something exceedingly human. Way to go RCI... your Celebrity Branch handled this with great grace and compassion. We can't wait to sail on you in December and next year. Frankly, we need the break!!
  9. Hello: We did this when we arrived in Venice. We were not pressed for time, as we were staying for a couple of nights before flying back to the US. The "Stay Awhile" option was just starting and there was some snafus in terms of paying for drinks onboard... we had been told we would need to start paying for things (in other words, not with our seapass) starting at 10am, but none of the bars that were open (by the pool, by the Oceanview Cafe), were set up to do any other type of transaction, so they wound up just giving us our drinks for free. I'm sure they have since sorted that out. We could elect to stay for 2 or 4 hours. We did the 4 hours. We enjoyed the pool, we took another shower in the spa area, had some lunch, enjoyed drinks... it was great. The best part - we absolutely missed the madness that was disembarkation in a crowded European city. We left the ship calmly, picked up our luggage very easily, and met our driver to the boat that ultimately took us to the hotel. It was a wonderfully sane way to end the cruise and we would not hesitate to do it again. The down part: you are on board while excited new passengers arrive ready to start their sailing. There was something a bit tough to know that part of our vacation was done while theirs was just starting... but going to a fantastic hotel in Venice made it much easier! Lol!
  10. Just a great example of the help these boards can provide. I was able to see the two versions of LPC menus here, contact our shore concierge, and switch to the more appealing menu for us. (btw, she also confirmed the earlier stated order of the menu/shows). Way to go, Cruise Critic Community!! Thank you to all. Happy Sailing.
  11. Just finished the typical back and forth with the shore concierge - never a problem getting the restaurants and times we want. We also have also never had a hiccup making a change once on board if something compels such. Happy Sailing.
  12. Chemmo nailed it in first comment to this thread...on S Class there is VERY negligible difference between RS and PH... certainly when compared with M Class...we sail almost exclusively in those tiers and would grab a PH on an M Class every time, and often select RS on S Class even when PH is available. Now, we viewed the photos, videos, and reviews of the Edge's Iconic Suite with trepidation, and wound up pulling that booking and grabbing a PH on Equinox AND a PH on Summit for a COMBINED lower price than the Edge sailing... we are feeling VERY good about that move!
  13. Nothing coming in on the reviews or the spreadsheet for these two types of cabins - Penthouse Suite or Iconic Suite on Edge. Any reviews, plus or minus, out there?? We're thinking the PH on S or M classes may still be better value for $ and space/set-up experience, but open to hear what others who have sailed these cabins on Edge have thought. Unfortunately not easy to find a comprehensive review, so thank you to any who wish to share their thoughts. We board the PH on Equinox in a few weeks and want to be prepared with an informed opinion for Future Cruise Concierge when aboard. Many thanks for help and happy sailing!
  14. We use wipes, spray, and pack our own good hand-soap. Makes me sound like a germaphobe as I type that last sentence, but, hey, between flights and cruise, we are on top of things and, touch wood, no one has ever gotten ill on our many trips...
  15. No fear necessary! My 16 year old boy has been cruising with Celebrity and the experience has continued to be extremely favorable to his review and his parents! He finds interesting things to do age-appropriate things, and an appropriate level of supervision. There are great options, there are great places to hang, to chat and to be a teenager. There is the sport deck for those moments where he’s feeling more physically active, there’s great time as a family when that’s feeling like a good thing to do, and then there’s movies, games, and hanging out at the Oceanview Café at 10 o’clock at night with a bunch of teenagers enjoying that time as well. It’s extremely satisfying experience for a young teenager, or a middle teenager, or an older teenager.
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