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  1. Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you find the review helpful as you anticipate or consider your next sailing. http://click.email.cruisecritic.com/?qs=5401814548bd390046853c90f8a571e1c14ad3a93250696beba015ac980dcb45f4369e7a6f34d949c028db16eee1c3bbdcdfa65d1e56c310f647dc3f9dbe818e May your sailing be smooth ahead!
  2. In RS or PH, your land concierge will, about 2 weeks out from sailing, send along the above attachments in addition to spa menu and the menus for each of the specialty restaurants.
  3. Wine List.pdf Spirits Attachment.pdf Beer List Attachment.pdf
  4. 1) You will be contacted by a land concierge within 2 weeks of your sail date 2) concierge will want to know your liquor bottle/beer/wine/ non-alcohol beverage preferences for room, specialty dining dates and time preferences, bed/pillow preferences, spa appointment or shore excursion requests, and if there are any allergies to note 3) it has never been an issue to have all of these above requests honored (in other words, never did we not get preferred restaurants and times) 4) when contacted by the land concierge and sailing on Edge/Apex/Revolutionized PH or RS that's when we r
  5. We are heading on our sailing on the Summit in a PH before too long.... building anticipation among the family... saw photo of monogramed robes but now cannot locate on the board after several attempts to search. Anyone have a snap of such they can share as I build up the family towards the daily countdown towards the sailing? Many thanks in advance!
  6. Well, after doing the sail to Honeymoon in St. Thomas (and almost every other sailing/beach excursion ever offered) we finally plucked up the courage to do something on our own there... we took a water taxi over to Water Island and rented a golf cart to explore the island and hang at the beach. All very easy to pull off and worth it... it was super fun. Highly recommend it - you can find all the info out with a couple of quick google searches.
  7. When in a PH or RS we usually have dinner once or twice on the deck... it is wonderful. We have always been given the menus for all specialty restaurants (except Qsine, though we were told we could make a request from there if we wished - we did not). But the most memorable dining experience was when our butler, upon hearing we liked Indian food, offered to present us with an authentic Goan banquet. Dish after dish, course after course, graciously came to our room, piping hot, absolutely delectable. Food prepared just for us - not off any menu. We were exceedingly
  8. Our next PH is on an upcoming Summit sailing and I'm sorry that the piano is, indeed, gone. Brought us much joy over the years, but we understand how challenging they are to keep up in private accommodations at sea. Ultimately our view is that the PH is worth the step beyond Royal in the Millennium-Class ships, but not so for the Solstice-class ones. We'll stick to RS on those.
  9. Following! We have been on the Summit many, many times and it is our favorite! We next hop on board her for a sailing to the ABC islands and cannot wait. Thanks for taking us all along with you - enjoy!
  10. Qsine still showing up on my app for our December Summit cruise... menus included.
  11. I was under the impression the restaurant on the Summit had been changed to PC, but the app is showing the old version of Qsine menus each day. Is PC not on Summit, or is this a glich in the app for our December sailing??
  12. We are excited for our PH on Summit in under two months... and your pictures only added to that feeling. We were in her PH when the bathrooms had just been redone... but now this new overhaul will make it a new experience yet again. But, guess what, we'll miss the piano. I know it was a bear to upkeep... but there was something just so frivolous, lighthearted, and awesome about playing the piano in one's own stateroom on a sea day. Ah, well... at least we have the smiles and memories of it. Thanks for those great photos.
  13. In almost 20 sailings we have never cruised during Christmas... a first for everything! We are fortunate to be in a premium suite. Am I batty thinking about packing along a few small Christmas trees to make the cabin more festive?!? We already typically pack the indoor and outdoor lights to make it more magical on the veranda. Someone talk me out of fa-la-la-ing our lovely digs... but, on the other hand, it might be just the thing. Thoughts???
  14. We use strings of small white lights (battery powered) all year round when we cruise. We bring a colored glass or plastic container (sometimes large, sometimes smaller in size), put a bunch of the lights in it, and it makes for a festive take on our veranda. Our butler has also brought us battery powered flameless candles when we have dined on our veranda in the evenings... and we bring several of our own as well. For the first time we will be sailing for Christmas, so we'll have to festoon the interior of our suite with them this go-round. Might wind up bringing more decor than clot
  15. I have been following this board... good gravy... has it been a decade?? Maybe! I've read a lot of critical notes about Celebrity. Some deservedly so, some where I'm left going, ooof... I'm glad I don't work in the customer service department of a cruise line like Celebrity! Well, I've contributed over the years to the negative - always deservedly so, of course (ha, ha, ha... at least to my mind!!) And I've been generous with the praise when deserved. This cruise line... allllllll these years later... is still stellar. It still is a fantastic vacation.
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