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  1. Many thanks for all the information.
  2. We will be visiting Olden in August this year, and I believe there is a local bus that goes near to the Briksdal glacier. Where do get on the bus in Olden ? Also, how close is the stop to the glacier, and how often are buses ? How long would it take to walk from the glacier back to Olden. I will be grateful of any information. thank you.
  3. Many thanks for the information. Have a great time when you visit New Zealand.
  4. We will taking our first cruise to New Zealand this November. can anyone give us any information on the areas we will be visiting. we would like to take in some nice scenery if possible. Dunedin - 08:00 till 18:00 we are considering the Taieri railway, has anyone been on this trip ? Akaroa - 08:00 till 18:00 is this area nice enough to spend the whole day there, or would you recommend hiring a car or using public transportation to visit other places. Wellington - 07:00 till 16:00 not really got any ideas yet. Napier - 07:00 till 14:00 not a lot of time, so we need something nice that’s not to far away from port. it will be Sunday too. Tauranga - 07:00 till 18:15 thinking of hiking mount Maunganui summit and then base. does mount Maunganui beach have safe swimming ? or is there better options ? Aukland - 07:00 till 14:00 Again not a lot of time, probably a busy city so don’t want to travel to far from port. thanks for anyone who can help us, we are open to all ideas, and are really looking forward to seeing New Zealand. also any great places for lunch would be great to
  5. We will be cruising New Zealand this November. Can anyone tell me the price of drinks on the Golden princess. what is the price of the house wine ? Will the prices be in USD, AUD or NZD ? thank you.
  6. Many thanks for all the information.
  7. This January we will be taking our first Middle East cruise. we visit. Dubia for half day, ( it’s actually there 1 1/2 days ,but after flight, customs, etc, we will be looking at half a day) Muscat, Oman. - 1 and half days. Khasab. - 08:00 till 18:00 Abu Dhabi. - 2 days. can anyone give me any information on places to visit, how best to get around, and any scams to watch out for. is it best to have local currency, or could you get by using a credit card? ANY information would be great. thank you.
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