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  1. Room 10686 is not a standard BB category. It is a unique, and very much larger room. Actually, I don’t think it is unique any more as there is another similar shaped room on the other side now. Obviously things may have changed with the refurb, but previously there was room for the bed to be moved on one side, but the bathroom door means that there is limited, if any, room on the other. However I would think that this would allow the beds to be separated. The gap between the beds would be small, but I believe that is the case with all the Spirit rooms as the cabins are
  2. Actually, the second set of platinum meal vouchers should cover passengers 3 and 4, so everyone gets 2 meals each. The NCL website is very badly written here. They reference the third person being treated as a solo traveller. The problem with solo travellers is that some people ask whether they can "split" the vouchers, so that they are 4 meal for one, rather than 2 meals for 2. They are trying (very badly) to say that the 3rd person can't do that. However, they can still use them as 2 meals for 2, as a solo traveller can. If you read the question about splitting the vo
  3. The ship uses dollars for all transactions, including the casino, regardless of location. As said above, you can get Euros onboard, but it is much more economical to use an ATM.
  4. Yep, absolutely. Charging blocks are excellent. I use them a lot. To be clear, I am not advocating using public USB ports as a first choice. I would plug into a normal electric outlet as my first choice. However, as long as you are aware of the risks, and for example know never to click “trust” (and never use that particular USB port again) then they are a lot less risky than was suggested by the earlier post. We have three people in a room, so the USB ports are useful for charging, especially as they are near the bed so you can use your phone as a clock/alarm, and
  5. The Spirit used to have US, Europe and UK outlets, but I believe that they got rid of the UK ones during the refurb, so it is now Europe and US (which is the standard on NCL ships).
  6. It is a fact that public USB ports have potential risks, but saying you should never, ever plug into one is a step too far. For example, if you have a relatively new iPhone then you are safe as long as you watch out for the dialog box asking if you trust the computer you have plugged into. If that comes up (which is extremely unlikely) then there is an issue, and you should certainly not select "trust". Otherwise, the port is safe. The risk on an NCL ship is remote. Depending on your device, it actually becomes zero as long as you don't click the box asking if it is OK
  7. Ok, this is the Barcelona round trip referred to earlier, so tax will be charged for the entire cruise on everything that they purchase, including individual drinks. It is also a very port intensive cruise, with long port times, especially in the Italian ports. If they are intending to spend all that port time off the ship then I would certainly agree that they would struggle to get value out of the beverage package. In your original post you referred to Venice as well. That may be different.
  8. Whilst it will certainly be more than a handful who arrive after 4, the significant thing is that it will be few enough that they will all fit in a specific venue. The main muster is held in the public areas, and service is shut down. This is a major problem if it happens during dining times, which is why they will make sure they do it before dinner service. The make up still can happen without causing that disruption to everyone else. Every week during the Summer, for example, the Epic holds its muster drill in Barcelona before everyone is onboard. It reall
  9. Just to clarify, this is a different situation to to the OPs. In your case, where boarding was delayed they have to fit things in when they can. With the departure we are talking about, this is the scheduled time, so they will get it done before dinner in order to avoid these problems.
  10. They usually have a make up drill the next day. Evening departures are fairly common on NCL, especially in Europe. I have done many with 7 and 8pm departures, and the muster drill has always been at the usual time, around 4-5pm before dinner service.
  11. So your statement that the ONLY reason for buying more than 2 vouchers would be if you could use them all in your next booking was incorrect.
  12. It is impossible to give definite answers, as these things do depend on itinerary, and can change over time. I believe that the beverage package can be purchased in the evening on day 1. I have a feeling that it may be possible on day 2 as well. However, I’ve never done this myself, and am not sure as to what happens with drinks you had before the purchase. As for tax, it does depend on the itinerary. As mentioned above, there are some itineraries which never leave the EU VAT area, in which case tax is charged for the whole cruise. I suspect that this isn’t one of those
  13. That only applies on a few itineraries, principally the Barcelona round trips. Most other Med cruises include ports which are outside of the EU VAT area, so tax isn’t charged for the whole cruise. Other than that Epic itinerary, I have only ever done one other Med itinerary that had VAT charged all cruise.
  14. That’s assuming you only ever book one cruise during the time between cruises. It is very common for people to book more than one cruise during that time. I always make sure that I have 4 vouchers in my account when leaving the ship. Usually that means buying two each cruise, but sometimes I need 4, and sometimes none.
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