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  1. It must have been something extra added offered as a perk on top of the UBP. As stated that has happened elsewhere, so maybe it was something that was included in the US for a short while. It would have been in addition to the UBP though, not part of the package.
  2. No, it certainly doesn’t vary by ship. Are you from outside the US? Many countries have had extras offered as well as the basic beverage package in the past, so maybe that explains the difference you report. The standard beverage package itself has never included bottled water. The one which does was introduced very recently.
  3. It depends a lot on what deals were on when you booked. Recently, there have been £100 deposit deals, which I assume was the case when Trimone booked, and is why they just lost £50 each (£100 total). I had the same situation when I last cancelled. Unfortunately, if you didn't book during one of those deals, your deposit will be higher (maybe €200-250). I may be wrong, but I don't believe that the staff you speak to have much (if any) leeway with these things. The deposit is what it is and is extremely unlikely to change regardless of who you speak to.
  4. I would say that what you were told is almost certainly wrong. If boarding is at the usual time (which it will be unless the ship is in fact arriving late) then I would be very surprised if muster is held at 9pm. That would be a major headache for them as people would be eating or at shows etc. Unless the ship arrives late (in which case boarding would also start late) I would expect muster to be around 4-5pm with a make up drill the next day for those who miss it.
  5. No, unfortunately not. The buffet is at the front on the Epic. Underneath it is La Cucina, which can have nice views if you get a window table.
  6. Thanks. So, a simple no would have done instead of my last reply. 🙂
  7. Generally that doesn’t matter, because the OBC from the CruiseNext vouchers is used against the purchase of those vouchers. In effect, it is just a discount off of the vouchers. However, there is a specific situation where it does become relevant, which is if you have a small amount of OBC (ie $200) and you buy one $250 voucher which effectively costs $150. In that case, there is $50 of OBC left after this transaction. My understanding (which may be wrong) is that the OBC you originally had is used on the purchase so the remaining $50 is from the CruiseNext deal and is refundable, so can be used against the gratuities. However, I may be wrong. It is quite a specific situation and doesn’t seem to come up much. Maybe someone else has some actual experience of this.
  8. I knew about this OBC in August and the cruise is in December. We had the choice of taking an NCL booked hotel or OBC. It happens when there are schedule changes in advance, for example due to dry docks (as in this case). It isn’t a particularly common example, and I wasn’t disagreeing with your answer and such. Just adding to it really.
  9. I suspect that there were specific reasons for that. I often see availability for 8 when booking. The OP should be able to get 8 spaces. 13 would require calling though. Edit: I just checked for our upcoming cruise. On some nights you can’t get f more than 2 people, but on 5 of the 11 nights, reservations for 8 are available. Nothing for more than 8 (I don’t recall ever seeing more than 8 available).
  10. That is usually the case, but not always. For example, I have some OBC from NCL (compensation for shortening the cruise, to cover a hotel) which is refundable. I believe it is correct to say that promo OBC from NCL is non refundable, but in some circumstances you may get refundable for other reasons.
  11. It is very common for deposits to be non refundable over here. It is basically what I would expect whenever a deposit is required, unless it was stated otherwise. However, the amount being talked about in this example is a lot higher than most people pay (due to being a suite). As I stated earlier, for normal cabins it is a lot less. Very often just £100.
  12. Below platinum, all that latitudes level gives you is priority check in, which is basically a separate line. At the lower levels, (in my experience anything below gold, and often below platinum) those queues are often as long as the general ones. At those levels, it makes no difference to boarding times, as you are allocated a boarding group just the same as non latitudes members, Only platinum or above gives priority boarding based on latitudes level.
  13. Yes. The point of my post was to say that I don't think that there is any need for people to do it sneakily. Just be open about who you are buying for and you will probably get the same result. I personally don't agree with trying to get drinks for others. The point about them selling the soda package is relevant though. Our son doesn't drink enough soft drinks to make the soda package worth it if we were charged per drink. If he drank more (and we still didn't buy him the soda package) then it could be argued that them not charging us has cost them the value of that package.
  14. Regarding getting these drinks for kids when the adults have the beverage package. Our son likes a a non alcoholic mudslide (basically a milkshake). He usually has 3 or 4 in a 7 night cruise. We have paid for it once. That isn't because we sneak around trying to get him one. We order the drinks and present all three cards. We have pointed out that he has no package. Only once have the bar staff charged up. Once, for example, my wife and I were at a bar having already got our drinks, and our son arrived. I went to the bar and ordered his drink and handed over his card. The server looked at the card and asked why I had given him that one. I explained it was because it was for our son, so needed paying for. His reply was "but you have the beverage package, give me your card". I have no objection to paying for the drink, and certainly don't sneak around to avoid paying, but if they don't want to charge me then so be it. Similarly, it is a long time since we have paid for a coke for him, even when we order three drinks together and hand over all three cards.
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