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  1. You don't actually change the room keys around. What you can do is go to guest services and ask for access to rooms. Lots of people with families travelling together do it to give them access to each others rooms. I haven't done it myself, but I believe that you get a second room key which will give access to the other room (but doesn't allow you to charge things). It is something I would only really recommend if you trust the other couple and don't mind potential loss of privacy. It can also be a bit messy from the point of view of setting up accounts, as each person will need their own account (unless you are willing to sort out what people owe each other afterwards). There is also the fact that the other couple would have access to your room, and be able to see what you have been buying. Personally, I can only think of maybe one or two couples who I would be happy to be in that situation with, and even then I don't think I'd bother just for a couple of meals. I think that generally it is something that is more often done to get the free at sea perks that people want, for example if one person from each couple drinks and the other doesn't. In that case you can save a hundreds of dollars by doing this. I'm not sure whether it is in fact possible to officially move the room allocations around, but I've not seen that mentioned before as a way to do it. I'm sure someone else will correct me if this is a way to do it and keep the perks.
  2. I honestly wouldn't expect to see Southampton cruises listed before next Spring. It has been that way every year since they re-introduced them. For example, for Summer 2020 cruises from Southampton, they listed a couple in January this year and then the rest in May. I would expect 2021 itineraries to appear in April/May next year.
  3. The dinners used to be one meal for two per person. Now they are two meals for 2 per cabin (more if there are more than 2 platinums), so they haven't really been limited, although in some specific cases it doesn't work quite as well.
  4. I think that you are mistaken. It was always 700 points as I recall.
  5. Yes, very likely it will be the same. I've had a wide variety of sail away times up to 8pm, and the boarding has started exactly the same regardless. It is basically almost exactly the same procedure regardless of sail away time.
  6. Restaurants are 120 days for most, and 130 for a suite. Excursions are different and appear when they appear. There is no set number of days before sailing for them.
  7. You can’t do it online. If you have an email address for a PCC then you may be able to do it that way (or at least get them to call you), but otherwise you need to call.
  8. Sorry, I didn’t really word my post very well. My wife doesn’t drink the flavoured teas, just the plain tea, but the one that NCL uses is apparently really bad, so she takes her own, and has very little taste. Ive heard similar comments from others. In Europe they often also have PG, but it is not always available, so she has been taking her own for a few years now.
  9. That’s interesting. I’ve done the tour a couple of times on the Spirit, and it was there that we went to the recycling area. I assumed they had stopped doing it because we hadn’t been there in the past couple of years on other ships, but it seems it must differ by ship. We didn’t do it back in August as it was so early in the morning, but may go next time if it doesn’t clash with anything.
  10. My wife drinks tea (she doesn’t like coffee), but her consumption wouldn’t be counted as she prefers her tea to actually taste of something so brings her own bags rather than use the ones they have onboard which colour the water without adding any flavour at all.
  11. I would say that there is a minute chance that it was actually excluded and an extremely high chance that it was staff giving incorrect info. That is a very annoying one for them to do that with though. If they ever told me that apps were restricted but I still fancied More than one then I would still go ahead, knowing that it is extremely unlikely that I would be charged. If I was then I would decide whether to argue the point or swallow the few dollar charge (and I suspect I would do the latter). However, that is a bigger risk to take when talking about the entree, especially if you have been told that it isn’t included. It would probably put me off ordering it, even though I’m quite sure it is actually included.
  12. You are absolutely correct in that what you are told can be server specific. That is because they seem to be just making it up as they go along. The fact that different servers say different things (and then the charge doesn’t happen anyway) shows that they are not reliable. Those of us who state that there is no restrictions (other than entree) are going by the T&Cs and the actual experience of what gets charged. Our point is that what the servers say is irrelevant to the question of what the restrictions are. It’s really unfortunate that this is happening, but that is the case. There is in fact no restriction on apps, sides and desserts.
  13. Unfortunately, in my experience, they seem to have dropped the recycling area from the platinum tour. We went there a couple of times a few years ago, but not at all in the past few years.
  14. Actually, shorts are allowed in every speciality restaurant on the Gem except for Le Bistro.
  15. They have been saying it for years. It’s just getting reported more on here because there have been more discussions about it. I will change my view on it when there are more reports of people actually being charged. I’ve still never been informed of any limits myself, as far as I can recall. In Le Bistro recently, where two of us were using the platinum voucher and one using the SDP, they correctly told us of the platinum limits and then to the person using the SDP said “of course you can order whatever you want, but just one entree” - or words to that effect.
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