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  1. Thank you very much. You are right, it does look very similar.
  2. I haven't been following this thread for a while, but I'll just clarify my point in reply to this, as I think that you are missing what I was saying. I am, of course, saying this having not seen the specific terms of this insurance policy, so may not be correct regarding this one. To just pay out £100 for missing a port, would be basically giving you that money as compensation for missed enjoyment. That's great, and may be what this particular policy offers, but not necessarily. There are certainly potential losses that could be incurred with a missed port, that may not be reimbursed automatically. For example, non refundable payments for third party excursions. Therefore, my logic certainly would allow claims to be paid. Regardless to that, my real point is that it wasn't clear to me that the terms were saying that the payment was a fixed £100 per port or "up to" £100 per port. As I say, it may not be relevant to this case (I gave up trying to work out exactly what the OP and their insurance company were saying to each other), but I can certainly see many instances where valid claims could be paid under my scenario. It all boils down to whether the policy is protecting against financial loss, or missed enjoyment.
  3. NCL have never officially stated what these grandfathering rules are (to my knowledge), so there would be no point in arguing the point with them. They could just point to the current stated rules that don’t include any grandfathering for future tier changes. What the rules do state is what I believe BawBarmy was saying, in that they didn’t downgrade anyone who had already reached a level when the rules changed. Despite that, they do seem to be grandfathering many people into future tier changes. I haven’t been able to come up with anything definite as to what the deciding factor is whether you get grandfathered, but enough people have been that was a suspicion that it was everyone who had a account at the time, which would include the OP. However, it did seem that some people who should have qualified under those rules were being excluded. Im not quite sure from the OPs post whether they are saying that the grandfathering they previous had was not dropping a level, or getting put up a level based on the old tiers after the changes. It does raise the possibility that the grandfathering was just a one time thing for the next level change (and maybe gets used up if they didn’t drop you when the rules changed). That would explain why some say they seem to be excluded. We will probably never know for sure, and I think all we can do is accept what happens.
  4. OK, thanks. In that case, I don't think that I was going down a meaningless rabbit hole. I believe that the insurance companies terms are that they will pay up to £100, but they see the $15, even if it was return of port fees, as compensation, and I agree with them. I'm not trying to be difficult or start unnecessary arguments, but from what I understand here I don't think that they are likely to see it your way.
  5. Can we just clarify please. From what you were originally saying, my understanding was that the insurance company were not paying you anything because you got the $15 from NCL. Now, it sounds like they are saying you can get the £100, but they want to deduct the $15. If it is the latter, then I think they are probably correct to deduct the $15. If the former then that would suggest that my reading of the terms is correct.
  6. There is a very big argument about the £100 figure, and the fact that the insurance company aren't paying you £100 suggests that they disagree with you on this.
  7. I disagree. It basically says. Sum insured up to £100 per port, up to £1,000 So each port missed pays up to £100 with a maximum total of £1,000.
  8. This is a big problem with insurance. You are very often insured "up to" an amount, as in this case. Zero fits in with that definition.
  9. Thanks for the pictures. We’ve been waiting a long time to see them. if you could get some pictures of the Raffles Terrace area with Spice then that would be great. I’m also interested to see how the Italian looks. Thanks again.
  10. We used the promenade deck, which was fine. I’m sure that the upper areas on the pool deck would also be good. It wasn’t all that busy when we were there, so you could walk around and always get a good view for photos, so I never felt the need to look for anywhere quiet. Of course, the best place to view that coast from is a helicopter. If your budget can stretch to that then do it.
  11. We don’t know why they take so long, but they consistently do. My advice to anyone who wants to book these itineraries 12 months or more in advance is would be not to use NCL.
  12. Yes it is. Just phone and say you want to cancel. Sometimes NCL can be slow to refund, but when I did it, that refund came through within a few days.
  13. The time difference between Dublin and Rome is one hour.
  14. I would fly in the evening before. We arrived at Rome in the evening recently the day before the cruise. We stayed at the Airport Hilton, which is walkable from the terminal, and to the train station (if you would like to take the train to the port). More likely you would get a transfer direct from the hotel to the port on the morning of the cruise.
  15. For an app to work on your watch independently of your phone, it needs to have a specific Apple Watch App, which the NCL one doesn't (at least not in the UK, and I don't see why it would be different elsewhere). Without that watch app, all that happens is the phone relays notifications to your watch, so you need to have the phone with you.
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