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  1. But remember that the list does vary between some ships, so don’t be surprised if the list you have is different.
  2. Absolutely no way that I would bid, or book a guarantee for a mini suite on the Jewel class ships. Far too much risk of getting one in a bad location. The main benefit to the mini suites for us is if we are travelling with our son, because the sofa bed doesn't block the balcony door in the mini suites. If it was just the two of us then I don't see much benefit of the mini suite over a balcony. When booking minis on these ships we make sure we choose the cabin.
  3. Did you actually try it, and if so were you charged? My suspicion is that this is another one of those random things which waiters are saying, which don't actually exist in reality.
  4. It is very common for new ships to get bad reviews initially. I remember a few years ago I did a little study of Escape reviews, which were very bad initially. They picked up a lot in the following months. Some of it is due to the type of passengers. A lot of people on newer ships aren’t NCL regulars, and either don’t like some of the concepts (like freestyle) or didn’t know about them so weren’t prepared. Personally, I have the Encore quite a way down my list because some of the things it has, such as the race track, don’t appeal to me. I’m therefore less likely to book it. Others don’t do their research beforehand and are then surprised when they find it isn’t for them. Assuming you have seen what the ship offers and like that then you should be fine.
  5. Or you can just pay by the meal if you just want one extra. If you want two or more then buying the package will very likely be cheaper. Most places are a la carte, so how much they cost depends on what you order. There are a couple of fixed price options (Moderno, Teppanyaki). I don’t recall the exact cost but they are around $40 plus gratuity.
  6. That’s a mistake. Next time come here first, rather than bringing the NCL random answer machine in to complicate things.
  7. To expand on this a little. When the rules changed a few years back, it was two meals for two regardless of the number of platinums in a room. So, in the OPs situation they would get exactly the same as a couple would. Effectively the third person would not get the platinum meals. There was quite a lot of grumbling about this, and NCL obviously decided to correct things. Therefore, if there are 3 or 4 platinums in a room then you basically get two lots of benefits. The wording in the T&Cs is a bit odd for two reasons. Firstly, NCL are not good at describing things. Secondly they are trying (and failing) to clarify the situation whereby one person gets meals for two (which happens for solos and rooms of 3). People keep on asking whether they can split those vouchers to get 4 meals for 1, which you can’t. They are trying to say that. As mentioned above, you can use that voucher to take other people with you. Alternatively, I’m sure you could use the vouchers at different meals to make sure that two of you are always using the vouchers.
  8. Just a word of warning, as you mentioned calling NCL about this. Don’t. You’ve been given the correct answer above. Calling NCL will get you a random answer, which will very likely be incorrect.
  9. No, there isn't a Moderno on the Spirit. I quite like the MDR food, but to be honest we rarely eat there. With the free at sea and platinum meals, we tend to only have a few nights not covered, and generally use the buffet or 24 hour places for those other nights. We have only been to the MDR a couple of times this year, but I enjoyed those meals.
  10. No problem. Out of interest, are they offering online reservations for Teppanyaki now. They never used to on the Spirit as there was just one table, but after the refurb there will be more (3 I believe), so I'm wondering whether they have changed that now.
  11. We didn't go to the theatre, but looking at the dailies the shows were at 7.30 and 9.30 most nights, except just one show at 9pm on the first night.
  12. I have never had any problem getting all the reservations we wanted when doing it soon after they open.
  13. I don’t know for sure, but when I received refundable OBC from NCL it specifically said “refundable OBC” on my booking confirmation and Edocs. Unless you have something in writing to prove it is refundable then I’d say there is a good chance that it will be non refundable and you would struggle to argue the point onboard. Do you have any reason to believe that it should be refundable other than that it doesn’t specifically state it?
  14. I don’t have recent experience of the Epic, but I would rely on the previous experience you have from 10 NCL cruises over what some stranger posts on the internet. I don’t read the reviews, but I’ve seen posts similar to yours about other ships just before I’m due to sail on them. Not surprisingly, those bad reviews have always proved to have a lot less relevance to my enjoyment than my previous experience does.
  15. I have sailed out of Barcelona many times, but have always avoided Rome as an embarkation port as it seemed to be quite a hassle to get to the port. Last month, we finally sailed out of there, and it was certainly a pain, especially if you want to stop in the city on the way (which you don’t seem as fussed about). If you are just flying in then taking a transfer then it probably isn’t too bad, but it will still be quite expensive compared to Barcelona. The only advantage I can think of about Rome is that there is a hotel right at the airport, if you do need to stay there the night before, whereas Barcelona involves transfers to get to the airport hotels.
  16. I have cruised often in April and May in the Med, and it is certainly warm enough for the pools. They are quite busy. It can be a bit windy, and I have got chilly when waiting around (or queueing for the water slides), but other than that it’s fine. I generally don’t wear shorts unless it is very warm. However, the weather is generally warm whilst out and about and shorts would be fine most of the time. May is a great time to go to the Med. The summer can be too hot and crowded.
  17. My experience was that it just allows access to certain areas of Cruise Critic. I couldn't access the forums, for example.
  18. We had the same thing on the Spirit at Christmas. I don't recall ever seeing it before, including on the same ship a few months ago. It seems to be new.
  19. Large numbers of Chinese passengers is certainly not unusual on European sailings. We had one where about 25% of the passengers were Chinese, but most these days have a significant proportion from there (around 10% is quite common).
  20. It can depend from cruise to cruise, but having done many med cruises on various lengths, I haven’t yet been on one where English speakers were not a clear majority. On some (particularly the Epic, in my experience but that may be due to the time of year we have done it) I would say that English speakers have been more than 90%, whilst there have been some where it is probably nearer 75%, but you will certainly find lots of people to speak to. if you travel at a time which happens to be a holiday in a particular country then you will obviously find more people from that country onboard, which will affect the proportions, but English will still almost certainly be a clear majority. The percentages that I refer to are those who speak English as their first language. A large proportion of the remainder also speak it very well.
  21. Just to expand on this, you need to join the ships wifi (called something like NCL “ship name” internet) before opening a browser page on your device. If it doesn’t automatically come up with the correct page then I alway type “login.com” which brings something up.
  22. It’s nothing to do with whether they have changed it. The policy is that you will be charged, however they very often don’t actually charge you. It is down to whether the server puts it through. It’s been about 50:50 for me.
  23. I don’t know, but they certainly have our middle names somehow.
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