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  1. The big cruise specialist travel agents probably don’t, but small independent travel agents generally will. The franchise company our daughter works for prides itself on tailor making whatever the client wants.
  2. We bought it through our travel agent who sorted it out for us. We didn’t get any invoice for what we had paid and our travel agent (who happens to be our daughter) had to ask Azamara for an invoice so we had some proof that we had bought the package.
  3. Yes, the Essentials package comes with the premium beverage package. This has a wider range of spirits and beer, but not wine. Here’s a link to the package https://www.azamara.co.uk/booked-guests/onboard-packages/beverage-packages We’ve had the Essentials package before and found it very good value for money. We won’t buy it this time as we already have full cruise WiFi, because it was part of the promotion when we bought the cruise.
  4. The soft drinks in the mini bar are complimentary - it’s just the alcohol that’s not. If you have a particular soft drink/drinks that you like, you can ask your cabin steward to make sure they are in your mini-bar. I can’t remember how we make sure we get our beds made up as a double - I think it was at the time of booking. You could try emailing Richard Twynam, the UK MD, to ask how you make sure your beds are how you want them. His email address is RTwynam@azamaraclubcruises.com. When you get in your cabin, if the beds are not how you want them, you can ask your cabin steward to change them. There are some ‘mocktails’ in the bar menu, and you can also ask them to make any you know. I often have a ‘Virgin Mary’, which is not in the menu. I’m not sure about milkshakes as I don’t drink them
  5. I agree, I find them too thick and also very heavy. I’d be happy with a lighter weight robe.
  6. I always ask my cabin steward for more hangers. They get me lots of wire hangers, so I can use those for shirts and save all the hangers with clips for skirts, trousers etc.
  7. Really pleased they’ve sorted your Visa out and that you’re enjoying the cruise, hubofhockey. I hope you have a wonderful time in Halong Bay.
  8. I’ve never had ice chips in the gelato I’ve had from the gelato stand in Windows at lunch time, but I have when I’ve had it at dinner.
  9. Great review - glad you seem to be enjoying it so far. Just a quick tip - you don’t mention where you ate breakfast. On our last cruise we decided to try having breakfast in Discoveries (MDR) and loved it! They put on a buffet that offers much of what’s available in Windows buffet & there’s a good menu of served dishes too.
  10. I’m not on your cruise, just posting for information. Have you had a look at the sticky topic ‘Tips for Azamara Newbies’ in the main Azamara Forum.
  11. Thanks for that very comprehensive answer uktog. I’ve added your points to the spreadsheet.
  12. The captain decides when to change times.Its usually overnight and you get a card in your cabin that says what the change will be and when it will happen.
  13. Mediterranean cruises often seem to have smaller roll calls and fewer members than cruises to other areas of the world.
  14. The other thing is that the captain decides when to change the hour, so it’s not as easy as just setting the appropriate time zone.
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