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  1. We always get one full WiFi package. If we don’t use the LCV minutes to buy it (for example we buy an ‘Experience More’ package), then I use the full package and he uses both sets of free minutes, using both codes.
  2. Firstly if you suffer from sea sickness (or worry that you might) then the lower down the better, so 4 would be better. We really like being on 4 towards the aft, because it’s near Guest Relations, near to Mosaic coffee bar and near Discoveries bar & Restaurant.
  3. I would imagine Azamara will continue with their usual health questions. Not a lot else they can do, given that at present medics seem to think you can be infectious for 14 days before you feel or show any symptoms. I guess they could ask you questions about where you’ve travelled in the last few weeks, but given there are soon likely to be cases in most countries, I’m not sure that would help. I don’t think they did anything in relation to SARS.
  4. On Azamara you can have drinks anytime, including spirits, cocktails etc, nit just at meal times. You can even have a Bucks Fizz (Mimosa) or Bloody Mary or sparkling wine at breakfast.
  5. Numbers might be higher than they used to be, but the buses aren’t generally full and are very comfy, unlike some of the mini-buses we’ve been in on some independent tours.
  6. Thanks to macdogmolly who just posted in a topic about tipping in the speciality restaurants. The topic includes the fact that if you want to tip on Azamara to benefit all crew members, you can donate money to the Crew Fund. Macdogmolly told us that you can use refundable OBC (usually provided by TAs) to contribute to the Crew Fund.
  7. Thanks for that, good to know! I’ll add it to the ‘Tips for Azamara Newbies’ topic.
  8. Totally agree - she’s great.
  9. Great to know you can still ask for previous days wine and get it.
  10. On our Norway cruise on Journey in July we were docked in Svolvaer.
  11. I think it will be pretty cold around the Horn at that time of year. We went in late February/ early March. We wore thick jackets, hats & gloves on a couple of days - certainly take lots of layers.
  12. In November on Pursuit we were able to have wines from previous days.
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