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  1. That’s what we were invited to.
  2. Very interesting and informative - really makes me want to go and try it!
  3. We usually board as early as possible, getting to the terminal just before the earliest boarding time. Once onboard we go straight up to Deck 9 to make our dinner bookings. We’ve rarely had more than 1 person in front of us at that time. You buy the package at the bookings table and don’t have to commit to a package until you have looked at the available dates/times. They will also know when other events such as White Night are too.
  4. Yes, but it tends to be for an early dinner time - we don’t usually eat until 7:45/8:00. If I remember correctly the last time we got invited to an officer hosted table it was for dinner at 6/6:30.
  5. I’m not sure that you can pre purchase a dining package - there’s nowhere on my Voyage Planner for this. Even if you can, I doubt if it would give you preference for bookings. We haven’t had any problems getting the bookings we wanted by going to the dining reservations desk in the entrance to Windows buffet on Deck 9 as soon as we get onboard.
  6. Actually I think the curtain is useful. If the shower area was the same size and had a solid door, there’d be less room for manoeuvre.
  7. Maybe because they are not allowed in Glacier Bay. As I understand it only a Princess and HAL are allowed there.
  8. Thanks for the information, I’ll add it to the spreadsheet. I assume you made your bid fairly soon after the new system started (mid March) & have put that date in the spreadsheet. I’ve put the minimum down as $400 (I’ve converted all currency to dollars for ease of comparison) as that seems to be the minimum per stateroom for bids from Verandah to CC. Can you remember exactly what you actually bid? Don’t worry now - you’re probably in the middle of packing, but I’d be grateful if you could let me know sometime (maybe when you’re back). Hope you have a great cruise.
  9. So definitely not accurate regarding the music!
  10. Neither my TA nor I got an email or any proof of purchase (apart from my credit card statement) - that’s why I asked for confirmation. Great to know that an email is normally sent. I’ll know what to expect next time.
  11. I’ll be very interested to see if this proves to be accurate. In the past you haven’t been able to find out which night is white night until you get onboard. I hope you’ll come back here and tell us!
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