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  1. I just tried and was able to log in to my account on Azamara.com and see details of my booked cruise. Did you try through ‘My Account’ at the top of the page or through ‘OnLine Check In’ or ‘Log In to My Account’ in the menu at the bottom of the page? All of these are working for me at present.
  2. Welcome back to the ‘real’ world smisand !! Glad to hear you are back and that everything Is well organised. I hope you have a good journey home.
  3. Golly - I hope they get on with each other!
  4. This was proposed and agreed by the Cruise Lines International Association(CLIA). It’s members are shown here https://cruising.org/cruise-vacationer/cruise-lines. There are a lot of them, including P &O, Cunard, Oceania, Windstar, Virgin, Saga & many others. Here’s an article about how this came about https://nypost.com/2020/03/12/leading-cruise-ship-group-wants-to-ban-passengers-under-70-without-doctors-note/ The letter is specific to COVID-19, so hopefully once this current pandemic is over (whenever that is) it will be discontinued. (Sorry - just edited this as I realised what I’d written originally was rubbish - blooming predictive text!)
  5. Can’t imagine having no WiFi. Look after yourselves and stay safe.
  6. Yes this is serious - where we live in the UK we have few people tested positive, but that’s because we’re only testing those who end up in hospital. There are lots of people who have it and don’t have symptoms, but some get very ill. My son-in-law is recovering from it. He’s a very fit guy in his 40s but he was really poorly. He had to have a night in hospital with oxygen support because he couldn’t breathe. He’s been exhausted, hasn’t eaten for a week (this is a guy who loves his food), couldn’t think, couldn’t speak. Believe me this is very nasty -the media are NOT exaggerating and it doesn’t only affect us ‘oldies’. Listen to the scientists and do as they say.
  7. We’re fine - self isolating!
  8. Hi diana11, I would get in touch with your travel agent in the first instance and talk to them about it. Hope you’re both keeping well and safe.
  9. So sorry to hear that Betsey. She shouldn’t feel guilty, we might all of us be in that position at some time. I hope she only has a mild case and recovers soon.
  10. Foggyzx9r thanks for posting. It’s interesting to hear how things are with you - isn’t Sheffield a bit of a COVID-19 hotspot? Glad that your hospital trust had some foresight and got PPE for those on ICU. Hope you both continue to stay well and say thanks to your DW for her service to those who are ill.
  11. My husband has chronic bronchitis & wouldn’t get such a letter either. We have a cruise booked for October, and we’re hoping that Azamara will have dropped the requirement by then. We will make our decision about what to do when the final balance is due and we’re hoping they’ll extend that date.
  12. I’ve merged the two topics about the extension of the date for Azamara/RCCL cruise suspensions
  13. Betsey, I do hope your daughter is OK. Thank you for your good wishes for my son-in-law Mrs Dukes. I know what you mean about grandchildren, I really miss seeing mine too.
  14. Initially it was a cruise that started on 2 March around South America. It was supposed to finish in Lima on 23 March.
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