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  1. We were on Oceania when we had our overnight, but the description of the shuttle sounds the same. The shuttle ran until 9:30p on the day that we overnighted. Bus 12 and 16 also goes by the port area and could be an option if the shuttle does not work out, but you would need local money for that. The website to check the schedule is straeto.is/en/.
  2. This blogger did the Princess World Cruise in 2018 and is signed up for another one. https://roundtheworldwriter.blogspot.com/ .
  3. If you are more interested in the historic aspect, consider an expedition that goes to the Ross Sea. We did a month-long trip with Oceanwide that was Ushuaia to New Zealand a few years ago. Just being able to visit the historic huts of Scott and Shackleton was a highlight ... as was being able to helicopter into the Dry Valleys ... but of course we experienced so much more that it was worth every penny. Not a luxury vessel, but open bridge policy and very comfortable cabins. Absolutely no complaints. I wrote an extensive blog, but have since made it private. If you want to check it out, drop me a note (eerkun ... it’s a yahoo email address so format accordingly) and I will send you an invite to be able to view it.
  4. Looking towards the bow, starboard is right and port is left. The way I remind myself is that both port and left are four letters.
  5. I thought I read somewhere that it would be Feb 26.
  6. When the ships travel from the US to Europe, they are moving their ships to stay in Europe for the spring/summer/fall season before returning to the US again for the Caribbean season in the winter. Not sure how long you plan to stay in Europe, but it’s probably for a shorter time frame than three seasons. Assuming you’re crossing to Europe in the spring, you can pretty much have your pick of cruiselines (I would use an online cruise agency website to see all the options by limiting your search to TransAtlantics (or repositioning) in the filters). The only return I can think of is to check Cunard for their Southampton to NYC crossings and see if they have something that fits your return. (We’re like you and hate flying long hauls, but have yet to come upon the perfect T/A solution both ways, so end up flying in one direction ... We find westbound is definitely easier since the flights are during the day.)
  7. Hopefully you are still active on the board. I was curious to hear about your cruise. I'm in the early stages of trying one more time to do an Irriwaddy cruise (had to cancel the first one due to husband's surgery). We ll be going in March 2021.
  8. Went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs to test my new Sony α6400 mirrorless camera with a Sony E 70-350mm lens (105-525mm with the crop factor). The kit is a keeper.
  9. We put wrapping tape on the tags to make them sturdier and waterproof. We borrow a stapler from the front desk of whatever hotel we’re staying at to then attach the tags on embarkation day ... put the tag around the luggage handle and then staple the ends together a couple of times. Have yet to lose a tag during embarkation.
  10. You have a good plan. I’d add that once you narrow down the cruiseline, and thus the ship you would be sailing on, book the same category cabin you’d be booking for the world cruise to see if you would be willing to spend 3, 4, or even 6 months in that category cabin. Have fun with the planning.
  11. We've been using T-Mobile since 2017 both here and overseas ... unlimited text and data all over the world and 20 cents/minute for voice calls ... included in the monthly rate. Have yet to encounter a country where we've had issues. Supposedly the speed is limited to 2G ... but we regularly get 3G or LTE depending on where we are. No contract. I know some people who get a phone just for T-Mobile overseas use and then cancel when they get back.
  12. If you haven’t found it already, it’s on the website now.
  13. I’ve been continuing my research and it seems there’s no reciprocity ... thanks to those who commented here.
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