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  1. Both of our Antarctic expedition voyages were in January ... lots of penguins (both adults and chicks), seals, birds. We also saw a more than satisfactory number of whales.
  2. Oceania has a fall TransPacific ... Los Angeles (İ believe) to Tokyo via Alaska. I know they have it on the schedule for this year, so they might offer it in 2022 as well.
  3. It’s been like that for us for ages. I can’t see my history, but the Oceania Club Ambassadors can and the record is accurate. Every cruise we booked shows the appropriate level on the invoice. I’ve asked that it be fixed ... several times. Still waiting!
  4. What Heidi13 said. Google Maps is a good resource. But if your ship is docked in commercial ports, you won’t have much luck finding grooming services near the port. You can also search out malls in your port city as malls often have salons.
  5. I’ve used the shipboard services, charging against on board credit, as well as places on land ... especially in ports we’ve been to before. In some countries it’s easier ... in some countries an advance appointment is necessary. I do my research before the cruise and call the salon to see if I can walk in or if appointments are necessary. I do change my grooming schedule when traveling for extensive periods so that I can take care of everything on the same day ... at least for mani/pedis.
  6. @Nitemare if you want to get a sense of the Greenland experience with Quark, I wrote about our expedition. It may be helpful in your decision making ... or at least give you an idea of what to expect ashore. We went back to back, starting in Ottawa for the west/south itinerary (first post: http://2totravel.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-peace-tower-and-we-join-our-quark.html). For the eastern itinerary, it was round trip out of Iceland (first post: http://2totravel.blogspot.com/2014/02/last-day-first-day.html) DIY driving vacation around Iceland (first post: http
  7. @Oroya We hired a car/driver a few years ago and went to Arundel Castle. About 1-1.5 hrs each way depending on the traffic. It's the home of the Dukes of Norfolk. Some say there are better castles to visit, and I am sure there are, but timing-wise this one worked well for us. We had plenty of time to visit the castle at leisure and tour the grounds, which made the drive there and back worthwhile.
  8. We ended up doing back-to-back Greenland with Quark. Yes, expensive but the west/south and East itineraries were different enough that we bit the bullet. Have never regretted it. When we disembarked in Iceland at the end of the second leg, we spent two weeks driving around the country. It was a fantastic trip.
  9. At the time we did RTW2017 ... I worked through my travel agent. Just called her and gave her the amount as I was ready to make the payments. As @JM0115 wrote, once the charge from O hit the credit card, I paid it off in full online (off-schedule from my usual pay in full on due date autopay) and when the CC showed paid in full online, I repeated the cycle. (If you book directly with the cruise line, then you would probably be able to do it through your cruise line dashboard. But not if you book through a travel agent.)
  10. Here's the link to the roll call @Jhbertram ... join us there. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2770541-december-28-2022-atw-2023-mia-sf-sf-sf-and-all-other-versions-segments/
  11. I simply pay the final amount in installments over a period of couple of weeks by paying off the CC balance in full before making the next installment payment. Another alternative would be to use multiple credit cards, but I prefer to collect my miles/points on a single card.
  12. Lost several pounds on 180-day world cruise. Yes, all those things are available, but you also know they will be available more than once, so the pressure to eat them, if you will, is manageable. I love pasta, and ate it regularly, but always asked for a 1/2 portion. Plus active days in port. In our case, we always take the stairs on the ship and rarely use the elevators, walk the outside decks on days at sea ... or the inside hallways, if the weather is bad.
  13. Well, there’s a ship full of people for ATW 2023 who have put down beaucoup bucks, so you would not be alone in giving money to O that far out.
  14. Every ship I’ve been on in the past 30 years or so of cruising has had a forward lounge on a high deck for viewing the scenery. Oceania does the world cruise in Insignia ... 684 pax ... forward lounge Horizons on deck 10.
  15. Not only is it hard to say whether there will be rough seas or not, but what you consider rough may not necessarily be rough by my standards or vice versa. It would be unlikely that there wouldn't be some degree of rough seas when you're traveling for 4+ months. The size of the ship and whether it is able to deploy stabilizers would make a difference as well. We've got nearly two year's worth of days accumulated on ships. The worst sea conditions we've seen were in the Drake Passage; crossing between Iceland and Greenland. Though we've earned our sea legs, we always travel with
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