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  1. Sorry :)....I have been getting grief from some folks who take offense too easily. I do indeed love the older ships. The NCL cruise was the only cruise I ever wished was over by the third day. By the way, my last Carnival cruise was on May 6th out of Seattle on The Legend. Alaska was fabulous and the Legend is a great ship.
  2. 40 Carnival cruises 20 RCCL 4 Celebrity 9 Princess 1 NCL Cruise number 75 and 76 are booked with Carnival and RCCL. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion on any given single ship and it does not mean that the whole cruise line is bad. I have been on enough cruises to know what I'm talking about. There is only one cruise line (as a whole) that was the most awful cruise I've ever been on. By my list....take a guess.
  3. I thought this site was for talking about cruise ships. Just because I dislike ONE ship does not make me an unhappy person. I have 74 cruises which means I do know what I'm talking about. Cruise 75 and 76 are now booked....which means I'm a happy camper 🙂 For the love of God people, I gave my opinion on ONE ship....Vista....and it is ugly and drab.
  4. Thank you for understanding what I was pointing out. The Conquest class ships are great and I miss them very much. Magic was my favorite in the Dream class of ships. Dream and Breeze were ok. Carnival is fast becoming the K-Mart of the seas.
  5. Aren't you just a ray of sunshine. I don't have a clue as to why you commented on my post in the first place then....and at this point I just don't care anymore. Have a nice day.
  6. I have no clue as to why my comment about Vista upsets you. Carnival ships are usually very artistic and interesting. Conquest has the most amazing glass fixtures throughout the ship and the amazing glass sunflower at the entrance of the MDR is stunning. I am a Diamond member which means I have a lot of cruise days on a lot of Carnival ships. I was totally shocked and disappointed with the quality of the Vista interior. Vista's first sailing was May 2016. I was there May 2019. The furnishings were really worn and stained for a 3 year old ship. I have never seen a ship look that worn that fast. Just MY honest opinion. Nothing more nothing less.
  7. I wish it was a full makeover dry dock. That is one ugly ship on the inside. Whatever design company they went with was awful. The most drab decor I have ever seen on a ship and I have 74 cruises completed. The MDR looks like cold war Russia surplus army dining. The comedy club furniture is broken, stained, and sticky.
  8. If you did not make your excursion plans with Carnival, you may not get off in time. Carnival services shore excursions that were bought through them first. Only after all Carnival bought excursions are tendered do they open tenders to others. I was just there on a May cruise and that was the order of the tenders. Tender tickets from Carnival bought excursions were first. I would call Carnival customer service to get a firm answer.
  9. The whole interior decor of Vista. The main dining room looks like it was designed by Russian cold war decorators. I've been on 74 cruises and Vista is the ugliest ship I have ever seen. The dining room looks and feels like hospital dining area. Gray....ugly gray. Sterile and completely uninspiring. Vista is not an old ship but the inside looks tired and worn out. The comedy club chairs on the floor wobbled side to side and front to back. The chairs have one center leg and are not meant to move and are not meant for people of size. I couldn't believe the stains on the chairs and couches. I am top tier with carnival and it saddens me that they made this ship look so cheap. I can't wait for Vista to be moved to another port.
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