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  1. Getting some mixed information from Celebrity re:Vietnam Visas - Travel agent states we need to obtain a visa before leaving the US, Celebrity email says they will sell/provide them on ship, Captains Club says that we should get one in advance due to issues with Vietnam immigration. Thoughts? Experience???
  2. Hi - Going on a family reunion cruise on the Summit over Thanksgiving - We have 20 or so people and are all on Select dining - I didn't realize we could reserve tables this far in advance for Dinner - As its Thanksgiving I wanted to make a reservation for our group. Does anyone know what time the Shows are on the Summit? Trying to schedule around them for diner/the kid's - Anyone have a copy of the cruise planner? Thanks!
  3. I agree with you on all points here - I had done lots of research - We had actually booked an alternate line - Viking was not our first choice - Due to circumstances out of our control we wound up rebooked on Viking - Regarding the coffee - I prefer mine Black as well - The machine on Viking is horrible - The Bar area had an espresso machine hidden away - Once I discovered it on the 5th day I could at least get a decent cup- But the standard coffee offered is some of the worst I have ever had - Couldn't wait to get off and find a cafe
  4. I wouldn't say I had a negative experience - On the contrary I really did enjoy it - Its just not what I had expected
  5. I just returned from a 7 day Rhine cruise on Viking- I'm 49 so obviously on the much lower end of the age scale - To put it mildly I was very underwhelmed with Viking - Not bashing here at all, but speaking to the other passengers around my age (all 6 of them) the observations were generally the same. While I had a terrific time I felt there were many things that could have been done much better, especially for the price they charge. I've been on 30+ cruises including higher end lines like Azamara and Windstar along with the typical Celebrity, RCCL, NCL etc. The positives: Phenomenal crew - They really go out of their way for you Great destinations and excursions - I have never had such great tour guides in my life Incredibly relaxing - Basically read a book , play a game - There isn't much else to do Food quality is good - Not great but good Heated floor in the bathroom - Nice touch What I see as negatives: Luxury - Viking is in no way luxurious - I'd say its more like being "comfortable at home" - You are not pampered - The cabins look straight our of IKEA See above - The beds are hard as a rock - No plush Duvets, no flowers in room - Nothing really special Food - Aside from the set schedule for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner if you want a snack you can have a cookie - Thats it - After 8:30 there is nothing at all - Want some cheese with your late night drink- Forget it - Want to eat after dinner has formally ended by 8:30 or so - Forget it - We wound up buying snacks in port and bringing them on board Coffee - They call that coffee??? Staff - Not enough of them - They work really hard but plates/cups were always around - Things were dirty The outdoor tables/chairs - On an Ocean cruise ship tables are dried off after rain - On this ship everything stayed soaked until you dried it with whatever napkins you could find Bikes - There aren't any - Viking claims they have no space for them - Thats a lie - We saw many other ships with a handful of bikes that were kept on the top deck I'm very mixed - I had a great time but see so many things lacking for this price - Maybe I'm not a river cruiser? Or did I choose the wrong line?
  6. Is there any way to make a payment on-line??? If so I can't seem to find it on the Celebrity site. Thanks!
  7. We were just able to book a FV GTY for 3 people for Nov 2019- I'm concerned about them "Upgrading" us to Concierge -The concierge class cabins are actually pricing at less that then the FV Guarantee - So if they put us in a concierge it would technically be a downgrade -I've taken screenshots of all the pricing - Any thoughts? I had originally thought a guarantee really did guarantee a cabin in that category and that we couldn't be upgraded out of it - But now I'm reading thats not the reality... Thanks!
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