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  1. I'm wondering about this same thing. :) Trying to see about renting from TPA airport and returning to one of the "cruise port car rental places" about a mile from cruise port.
  2. My husband doesn't want to do any long bus rides to get to a tour so most of the popular excursion choices are out. We're looking to hang out on a pretty beach...somewhere we can lounge lazily with a drink and if one of us wants to go in the water for some near shore snorkeling, we can do that. Don't think we're looking for a "snorkeling trip" this time. Would anybody recommend Caye Caulker? We considered taking Carnival's excursion to St. George's Caye but I kind of like the idea of being able to leave when we want. After doing some looking around, I think we just take the water taxi to/from Caye Caulker and we have to be mindful of the local vs ship time and be sure to return on time for the tender. Any recommendations for Caye Caulker? Thanks.
  3. I'll be on Legend in November! Can't wait!
  4. There was no fuss. I wasn’t asking passports vs no passports. I was asking about the 6 month “rule.” You could simply scroll on by to the next post. Comments like yours don’t help people who are asking for help.
  5. Thank you all for the responses. After reading through these and thinking about what we have and where we're going, my husband and I decided that we're ok with what we have. We have valid passports. We'll take them, our drivers licenses and our birth certificates. I feel confident that we'll be ok. We'll be on a closed loop Caribbean cruise that starts and ends in Tampa. And we'll renew once we return, in plenty of time before they expire. Worrying about whether the passports come in time isn't what I want to do for the next 2 months. I'm ready to sit back and get excited for our cruise now. :)
  6. Who's crying? I simply asked a question to see if others understood the rule better than I do.
  7. Renewing or not isn't a big decision for us. We planned on renewing after our trip. We're beyond the 6 month mark. Renewing now, instead of after the trip, within 8 weeks is a concern. I was trying to see if I could just use what we have currently have rather than worry that new passports might not come in time. It still seems like I could use what we have and take our birth certificates just in case since it's just a closed-loop cruise out of Tampa. I do see that September is supposed to be a quicker turnaround time. Just need to decide if we want to risk renewing now in time, pay the expedited fees or cross our fingers with current passports and birth certificates. I do appreciate all of the help with this.
  8. I should add that we are cruising out of Tampa to western Caribbean ports only with a return to Tampa. I guess at this point, I'm not sure we would have enough time (or could be cutting it close) to renew passports. We're 8 weeks out from our cruise. Maybe we can go get the Real ID licenses just in case. Or just bring birth certificates with us too.
  9. We cruise in November 2019 and our passports expire in February 2020. My dad sent me some travel requirement reminders that he got for work travel and now I'm questioning whether we are ok to use our current passports in November. A few highlights from his travel agent for work were: "Another reminder regarding Passports and International Travel – your passport must have 6 month remaining validity from your RETURN date in order to leave the US.  If it does not you can be denied boarding out of the US or have issues returning to the US." "Oct. 1, 2020, after some delays. Starting then, the DHS and TSA will only accept REAL ID-compliant IDs and licenses; otherwise, travelers will be required to have a passport when flying domestically." "The rest of the U.S. states are all currently compliant and are issuing REAL IDs. As long as a traveler has a license issued with the REAL ID requirements (usually designated by a star in the upper portion of the ID), he or she is able to travel domestically without a passport or another form of ID." "Travelers will begin seeing new signs at airports nationwide in the coming weeks to remind them that REAL ID-compliant licenses or other acceptable forms of ID — such as a valid passport, federal government PIV card, or U.S. military ID — will be mandatory for air travel as of Oct. 1, 2020." I understand that we aren't flying internationally and we aren't flying after the Oct 1, 2020 date when these Real ID's will be required. Does anybody know about passports right now? If it doesn't expire until February, we should be ok to cruise in November? Is there a window of time before expiration that I should be aware of where travel/entry in the US isn't guaranteed? Has anybody else heard of these REAL ID's (REAL ID Act)? I hadn't until now. We've been driving a lot lately to vacation destinations so I'm kind of out of the loop with air travel ID requirements.
  10. I will have these stops on our November cruise and I felt wary at first too. I plan to take the water taxi to Caye Caulker in Belize. I've read plenty of good reviews about doing this and it seems safe and easy. I'm not planning an excursion in Roatan because I'll have my very own private tour guide! My aunt and uncle just retired and moved to Roatan three days ago! They love it so far. I know they researched and visited many Caribbean islands before deciding on Roatan. I trust their judgment since they decided it was the perfect place to retire. :) Enjoy your cruise!
  11. We sailed out of San Juan in end of September for our anniversary in 2011. When we flew into San Juan, we thought Hurricane Ophelia was going to ruin our day in San Juan, but she moved out and our entire week was beautiful! Our itinerary was Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, St. Thomas (I think). There was definitely a chance for a hurricane but we lucked out. I didn't purchase the travel insurance. I didn't really help you out with my response, I realize, but I just wanted to mention that there was definitely supposed to be a hurricane in our path that week and fortunately for us, she moved out.
  12. It was already sold out when we booked our November cruise. But on Mother's Day morning, waiting for my family to get ready to leave the house, I casually checked and found it was available! My cruise was still 189 days out...I snagged that right away. I looked again later and saw that it was "sold out" again pretty quickly. I got lucky. But I definitely recommend checking frequently, at least daily! It can happen!
  13. I’m so excited! The last time we cruised, FTTF wasn’t “a thing.” When we booked this cruise, it was already sold out. I’ve been checking almost daily, but forgot the past few days, to see if it opened back up. This morning i checked and found it open! I grabbed it while I could! I was so excited that I forgot to see what time slots were available. I just took the 12pm slot that was offered. I’m super excited to use it for tendering priority though! Happy Mother’s Day gift to me! 😃
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