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  1. Sunrise Maui - Haleakala Hawaii 2019_02882.jpg Hawaii 2019_02471.jpg
  2. We are doing a S2S in April out of Port Everglades and wonder if there are any good laundromats (coin operated laundry) or a place to drop off clothes and get them cleaned before we get on out next ship? We will have a car. I remember a while back reading in a review of people doing a b2b getting off and doing their laundry. Thanks for any recommendations.
  3. Just returned a week ago and just now uploading. NY 2019_20427.jpg NY 2019_20576.jpg NY 2019_22329.jpg NY 2019_23134.jpg NY 2019_22463.jpg
  4. Which Z lens did you find you use most on your trip? We are going a trip soon, not as exotic as the Amazon, New York for a few days then jump on a 10 day New England cruise up to Quebec.
  5. Any Nikon Z6 or Z7 users here? I have had the Z7 for over 3 months and it is a great compliment to my D850. When I want to travel light it will just about fit into a coat pocket. Regardless of the so called talking heads on YouTube say and the things they nit pick about this camera and lens I have not had any issues. PS The first one was hand held Nikon Z24-70 f2.8, the last one was taken with the 'not so great' lens Nikon Z14-30 f/4.
  6. We did a B2B on the Coral last year to Alaska out of Vancouver and a Panama Canal cruise. Each time we found the crew to be the best. We have also done 4 cruises on the new Regal and Royal, I would never do an Alaskan cruise on either one. Getting on and off the Coral is breeze compared to one of the larger ships. It has already been mentioned about the lack of a promanade deck. To me it is pointless to have all those slides, outdoor pools, outdoor dining areas etc. in Alaska....it is not the Caribbean and you are going to see a glacier (IE big ice cube wind blows off...cold) Buffet in the front is a plus on Glacier by and just cruising along we spent more time in the buffet area more than any other cruise. When something interesting was up ahead you can easily get out on deck. So would we book again, yes! In fact we are planning another trip to Alaska and it will be on the Coral.
  7. Nikon Z7, 24-70 f/2.8 S. Exposure .5 sec. ISO 40, f/22. No filters.
  8. You must have had a really bad experience at Mama's to say the quality of the food is bad or even that is is not as good as the others. I have eaten at 2 of the restaurants you mentioned and found it to be equally good but not to the point of saying it was far superior and better quality food. The prices were higher though. Then there is what you like vs what I like, for instance I am not a big fan of a Sushi you may love it. Also I am the opposite I want out of the "main resort area" (IE Four Seasons Hotel) with all the high rent equaling higher prices.
  9. All I can say is; I will let the photos do the talking. First is the view from our table. Macadamia Nut Crab Cakes, Spring Salad, Mama' stuffed fish ( Lobster, crab and baked in Mac nut crust, side of wild boar, Mahi Mahi, desert of Ice cream and mac nut / pineapple.) Also what Mama's has over all the resturants you mentioned above is; Location, View and Location.
  10. Well finally back home after a month in Hawaii. Spent 2 1/2 weeks in Kauai. I will say traffic starting at the turn in to the Wailua State park (Smith Family Luau / fern grotto) through Kapaa north and then returning south depending on the time of day can be a long wait unless you know the short cut around town which is beginning to have a lot of traffic. When we were there they were paving from Wailua to Lihue at night starting at 8pm. We tried the Grill at the Princeville Resort but never could figure out the schedule, was closed a couple of nights. Sad to say the Princeville resort is definitely not what it used to be. The staff was great but seemed kind of like 'deadman' walking nobody knew if they would be kept on while they remodeled or how long the renovation would take. We did eat a Gaylords twice and each time tried something different and was wonderful. We had great meal at Tidepools (photos below); Scallops, Lobster & Opa, Mac nut encrusted Mahi Mahi was wonderful.
  11. We sailed the Coral last year on a B2B our of Vancouver during the last of May and loved it! It was our second time on the Coral first time on a Panama Canal cruise. Each time we have been on the Coral have really loved the experience. For Alaska she is the best ship IMO because of the smaller number of passengers, better viewing areas and ease of getting off and on the ship (IE less people, smaller ship can get to and from the cabin easily) We have sailed both the Regal and Royal and for a caribbean cruise we loved the plaza area during the evenings, but for Alaska we spent more time on our room / balcony /out on deck looking at the all the scenery going by. Beautiful landscapes are constantly out the window. In the caribbean once you leave port that is pretty much it as to views, we do like looking 'out to sea' but only for so long. On our Alaska cruise we did not watch any TV or for that matter I think we may have gone to maybe 1 or 2 shows, just too much to see outside (it does not get dark until late). I took so many pictures and videos I am still editing them a year later.
  12. My back up plan is in threes, I take my laptop, (2) 2TB LaCie Rugged hard drives plus I try to have enough memory cards for the trip. (This only works on a cruise when I go to Hawaii I never have enough) I have 2 ThinkTank Pixel pocket rockets one marked "empty" and the other "used". Once the card is full and down loaded it is moved to the "used" pocket. Each day I down load the days files to both LaCie's which I have attached to the back of my laptop with Velcro. When we are in transit (flying or moving to another destination) one LaCie goes into my carryon and the other in my wife's purse. The "used" pocket rocket is looped around my belt then into my pocket. On the ship or hotel all three go into the safe. When I get home the files are downloaded to a NAS unit that has (6) 4tb drives in a RAID 10 configuration which then backs up to a Iosafe (fire proof and water safe NAS) . I then also copy the files to a NAS unit I have in the server rack at work (off site).
  13. I have thought about just leaving it in the car but did not know how hot it would get in the car.
  14. We have done this cruise and yes you have to get off. Those that wanted to stay on board and not get off met in the theater where they then took us off the ship. A customs official looked at our passport. We had to then sit down and wait about 30min. then back on. As to the wine we too had 4 bottles thinking hey bring it all on at once, but where told we could only bring on 2 bottles at the start, would not allow the other 2 (even tried logic, politely asking, then pleading, then begging for mercy so DW would not have the right to say "I TOLD YOU SO")so we/I (came out of my, not hers, trip allowance money) had to pay the corkage fee for the other 2. So on the turn around after we got 'back on' I was 'volunteered' to get 2 more so I got to go get the car (yes we parked in the terminal) drove to CVS (they carried our bubbly of choice "J") dive back, park the car and then get back on. After you have done the getting off thing with the passport you get to use the crew entrance off to the side, then right back on the ship. Did not even miss lunch. This is pretty much how it has been for the last (2) B2B's we have done out of Fort Lauderdale. I still do not know how I keep finding myself 'volunteering' for the wine run.........old age.....memory fading???? Next cruise she gets to go with me, not doing a B2B but a S2S so we both have to get off and can use that time in between to go get the wine together and move the car to the other terminal building.
  15. We have not tried Red Salt have heard good things about it, came real close to staying at the Koa Kea this time once I found out the St Regis had changed hands (almost canceled my reservation at the Princeville Resort), but then we would have spent all our time on the south shore and I really wanted to stay some up on the north side depending on the time of day it can take a long time to get from the north shore back to Poipu area and if there is a wreck even longer. I want to photograph the Hanalei Pier at sunset and possibly sunrise or sunset at Queens bath, laziness won out. Also never have tried a couple of the restaurants in Hanalei for dinner. For lunch Bubba Burger or the food truck across the street wins out everytime (mainly the food truck). Place there in the old school building does tapas that are supposed to be amazing. When I get back I will try to update this about the ones you asked about may have some food porn for you too.
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