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  1. KYBOB

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 44

    More birds with the D850 and 500 F5.6 / PF ED VR
  2. KYBOB

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 43

    Fall in Kentucky
  3. KYBOB

    Camera Bags

    I use a ThinkTank Airport Advantage it fits in the overhead bin or under the seat with a laptop on regional jets I use this to get my gear where I am going. Then I have several bags depending on where and what we are doing. The other bags are packed in the check bags. I use either a typical backpack (Jansport) so not to draw attention that I am carrying camera gear. I will have a couple of lens in a lens pouch / bag and towel for more padding. If it is raining or going where it might get wet (beach, etc) a waterproof dry bag, once again lens in lens pouch and towel. I also have a ThinkTank Digital holster for hiking where I might need to not have my camera out (like raining, climbing a trail, etc.) But urban settings tend to just put the camera in the back pack, I really tend to like not advertising "camera gear" in this bag. I do not know if this is really going to save me from getting ripped off but the less I stick out .....
  4. KYBOB

    Coral Princess vs Royal Princess

    Having been on the Coral in Alaska for both the north and south bound routes, and Royal for 21 days. For Alaska or Panama without a doubt the Coral, we did Club Class so cannot say about the wait at Dinner but noticed people standing in line. Do not know how long. But the Royal has very little space you can go out on deck which is very important for Glacier Bay and Hubbard Glacier. The Coral has a promenade deck that when raining (notice i did not say "if") is great because it is covered and has deck chairs. The Royal does not have this, it has a 'few' chairs but it is not covered and the parts that are covered the view is obscured. You also really cannot get a good view of the front of the ship unless you are in the Sanctuary. The Royal has 3000 passengers that get on and off takes a lot of time. The Coral about 1000 less.
  5. I use a Gnarbox which will allow you to connect an external drive too. Works great with iPad or iPhone. You plug a SD card into it and it downloads it. You can then use your iPad or IPhone to review the photos edit or email. I also download GoPro videos to it then edit those file on my iPad.
  6. KYBOB

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 42

    Like your birds too! I did not have much action at the feeder today. I am trying see if I get ‘new’ visitors of birds moving south. The pizzadilla looks good, do you have your own pizza oven?
  7. KYBOB

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 42

    Trying out new lens. D850 / 500mm AF-S PF
  8. KYBOB

    Long Lens Rain Cover for Alaska

    I went this past year and ........it rained ............and rained, we found out the difference between "water resistant" and "water proof". "Water resistant" in Alaska means it will keep you dry for about 15 minutes then it becomes soaked and will dry out by the end of your trip. We took "waterproof" jackets, pants, shoes, dry bag and binoculars; this combination, remember; it rained ALL DAY, we were dry all day with waterproof gear. I had both the Op-Tech disposable and ThinkTank Hydrophobia both worked great, which was better? Could not say, But if you are not a person that regularly wants to shoot out in the rain the Op-Tech sleeves are an economical choice, if you are regularly and intentionally are going out in the rain often the ThinkTank hydrophobia has a little better access to the controls but is kind of pricey by the time you add the eyepiece. As to water resistant- my wife had a water resistant; jacket, shoes, pack, gloves and binoculars. She wore these items once and the jacket and shoes did not dry out until we returned home and she put them in the dryer. The binoculars still have water in them. I will say something nobody says anything about you need a waterproof pair of gloves, a must have.
  9. KYBOB

    Back to back on different shipsnone

    Thanks all you all have been a big help! Yes this is for a 2020 cruise I want to schedule the CB after the dry dock to fix the speed issue.
  10. You can find this on You Tube, just search Removal of Skywalkers from the Grand Princess. Pretty cool.
  11. Ok I have searched the forums for this and get a ton of discussions about B2B on the same ship, same ship different room. We have done several of these our selves, but doing something different this time. I am not finding anything about a B2B on different ships. Or is this really a B2B? I am working a trip starting in Port Everglades where we would take the Sky PrIncess for 7 days then get off and then get on the Caribbean PrIncess for 14 days. My questions are; has anybody done this before? I think I have read others doing this. Could be a dream. What I am interested is when did they get off the first ship ? (Early or late). Then how did you get your bags to the second ship? Assuming they keep with the pattern this year the Regal / Royal will be at terminal 2 and the Caribbean will be next to it at terminal 4? It does not look like much of a hike but with bags ? Also if it is not at 4 but other terminal any transportation other than a cab? We will be driving but wanted to drop the car off in one of the many other cheaper places to park than the port. But if have to get a cab etc. would it be easier just park at the port then move our car to where the next ship is. Thanks for any replies.
  12. KYBOB

    New Nikon user here

    Some examples It was raining when I took this and the white dots in the photo below are rain drops.
  13. KYBOB

    New Nikon user here

    I have the Nikon 200-500 and it is a great lens and very sharp. I did take it to Alaska and used it a lot; mainly at 500mm and with the 1.4 teleconverter on. Was very happy with the results. But...I had to take a separate carryon bag just for it because it would not fit in my regular camera bag and the thing is heavy. Also would recommend getting lens coat for it, when on deck in Glacier Bay it was money well spent.
  14. Great review and enjoying seeing your photos. But I have one correction (Yea I know one in every...) Wow! Hubbard Glacier is MASSIVE! It’s the largest tidewater glacier measuring 7 ft wide, about 76 feet long and 600 feet tall with 350 above the water line. I had to add the facts because it is indescribable. Ok being picky, sorry, but it is 7 MILES (not feet) wide and 76 MILES long........... In the photo below that is the Holland America ship you have a picture of above next to it.