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  1. The first death in our state was on March 29. He lived 1 1/2 blocks from our home. Our DIL has a grandparent in a nursing facility who along with multiple other residents are now positive, all exposed by the facility doctor. (Hello contact tracing.) Yeah, we know "someone". You may not know anyone who has the virus TODAY. However, with all the jackwagons who are running out there to prove themselves right, they are now breathing down your neck.....or in your face. We most likely will all be touched in a personal way by this plague. We will all "know someone".
  2. FWIW Waves is not a buffet. Place your order and go to your table with a number. You will be served your made-to-order burger/sandwich and drinks. If we board early, we stay out of the Terrace Cafe. And StanandJim are right. Burgers and sandwiches have nothing to do with drive-thru quality. My fav is the Ruben, but I order a half sandwich. Of course DH goes for the surf & turf on ciabatta. Katie
  3. A few other perks for concierge include a concierge lounge on Marina and Riviera (not on the smaller R ships). Also, the room service menu has hot breakfast items that are not available to veranda and below (B thru G). 3 Bags of laundry, complimentary champagne, and a few other niceties. Details in the link below. Concierge and veranda staterooms are the exact square footage no matter which ship size you sail (O or R class). So you alone can decide if the perks are worth the fare difference. Either way, enjoy the cruise! https://www.oceaniacruises.com/ships/marina/suites-staterooms/concierge-level-veranda-stateroom/ Katie
  4. Because your cruise is in the Carribbean, I think clientle will trend a bit younger than European or 14+ day journeys. Our 30 something sons and spouses joined us on their first Oceania cruise last year in the Mediterranean. They REALLY enjoyed the casino and the late night happy hours/karaoke/dancing in Horizons. They made their own fun and by day 3 were on a first name basis with a number of staff, esp. bartenders! The point is you should try it for yourselves. Those who roll with it and look for the positive usually have a great experience. Katie
  5. Another "perk" that you won't find in the official print is the opportunity to bring your own wine, beer, and spirits onboard for consumption in your suite/stateroom. I believe the official statement is 3 bottles per person. (Someone will promptly correct me if I am wrong) However, many here know that you can easily take a case or 2 of your favorite beverages on board without question. Comparable wines on the O wine list that we might choose are usually at least double in price for what we might bring onboard. You may take your unopened bottle of wine to any dining venue and pay a one-time corkage fee. If you do not finish the bottle, it will be stored at the appropriate temp and you may call for it in any other restaurant. Being mostly wine drinkers, we appreciate this benefit especially in Europe. Restock in almost every port! And if you find a magnum of your fave, even better! When we travel with friends, we often order the international cheese plate or smoked salmon plate from room service (also included), pop a cork and enjoy happy hour on the veranda. There is always a corkscrew in your stateroom. Room service will provide the appropriate stemware/ice bucket. Then take a second bottle to dinner! 😉 It's all very civilized. Katie
  6. Petoonya, I feel your pain about kids and grands. We quash a pity almost daily. But I take exception to your "minor" job. Nothing in healthcare is "minor" right now. As an RN with DH receiving 2 cancer treatments, I retired in March. Mostly to protect him from any undue exposure that I might encounter. All my respect and admiration for whatever you do in healthcare. And may you and your sweetheart travel soon. Katie
  7. You may be right, Paul. We cancelled our December cruise (prior to final payment) on May 4. Received our refund today. But we only had our deposit in play. Katie
  8. I am with you, Mura. On embarkation day my DH has the Surf & Turf sandwich, I always go with the Rueben. If no one at our table wants to split it with me, I found that I can actually order a half sandwich. After all, dinner will be in a few hours and we won't be missing that! 😊 -Katie
  9. Mr. Flyer will always suggest that you start here. 2 points: 1) I have never found the O search for a TA to be very intuitive/helpful. I have tried to search for my own TA on their site and have never had the Agency nor the agent appear. 2) If you do find an agency on the O search site, be aware that not all agents in an agency are Connoisseur Club/O specialists. That makes all the difference. We found our agent many years ago by privately contacting CC members who were kind and helpful in their responses. Sadly, the likes of Don Horner are no longer with us. But there are still a few dear souls around who can be very helpful. Good Luck! -Katie
  10. Petoonya, if would seem to me that the "ignore" feature would be of value to you. You do not need nor deserve to submit yourself to constant badgering. I know that this feature has made reading this board so much more tolerable. Prayers for you and your husband. No one knows what challenges caregivers endure. God be with you. Katie
  11. Well there it is. What was I thinking!?! "No good deed [intention] goes unpunished." For those of you who take Cruise "Critic" literally, Carry On!
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