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  1. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/20315-oceania-cruises-to-eliminate-plastic-water-bottles.html?fbclid=IwAR2gJabAyxQ-nveir5eCPM7UmHCmMLswtEfACMT9QpnZwC820bZT3GlQb1s Oceania/Vero Water was to roll out in 2 phases per the press release above. The first phase was done last year. The second phase was to begin the end of 2019 with personal bottles to carry off ship and take home. No one to our knowledge has reported from any ship that the second phase has even begun. Until that happens you may want to bring your own water bottle/coffee mug or take off plastic water bottles provided by Oceania in every port. Katie
  2. Hello barbels. Yes, those balconies are indeed larger. We have sailed in them when we have one or two other couples with us. Ample room for sailaway happy hours! Katie
  3. Hello mightz and welcome to Oceania. We came to Oceania from HAL by happy accident a number of years ago and never went back. What might be helpful here is for you to provide which ship you will be sailing and what level stateroom. Those 2 things directly impact dining reservations. Did you choose an OLife package? If you are happy with your choice, I would advise you not to mention what you chose. There are many strongly opinionated people here with firmly cemented opinions about OLife. Flatbush Flyer is right. Find a well-connected TA. A private email to a carefully chosen CC member can connect you with someone. That's how we found our wonderful TA over a decade ago. Don't hesitate to ask specific questions. There are many who will help. I find the search on CC rather cumbersome and some responses over 6 months old may not be pertinent. OTOH if you have hours and days to give and lots of wine, follow Flatbush's advice. Katie
  4. Thank you Andee for the correction. But one question: Did Oceania provide the prayer books, wine, and challah? Or were they possibly provided by a Rabbi/passenger? I am not saying the Oceania is opposed to religious services of any faith. We just have not seen a lot of proactive pre-planning. However, it may be that Oceania does so for some Jewish holidays. Either way, we enjoy traveling and will continue to do so even if the itinerary of choice spans religious holidays. We will observe them in our own way as best we can. Anything that Oceania provides is a bonus for us, but it would be appreciated. Katie
  5. We were also onboard and at sea on Easter Sunday several years ago. Like your experience we also attended a non-denominational prayer service. There was nothing offered for a Good Friday service. Oceania does not make an extra effort for religious observances. That said, the cruise director will often make some effort to lead or assist others in an informal observance. If you are sailing on Easter Sunday, I would be almost certain that there will be a beautiful brunch in the GDR. Katie
  6. Omelettes are made to order. Scrambled eggs may be pre-made in small batches. (I don't ever order scrambled so others may correct me.) However, neither omelettes nor scrambled eggs are made from powdered mix. Always fresh eggs per our experience. Katie
  7. Yes we are! We are so looking forward to meeting you and Stu.
  8. Thanks Bob Brown. He is aware. Still will be so exciting for him. And me too! BTW we very much enjoyed following you all around the world last year. God bless you and Betsy. Katie
  9. Just as you can't make a horse drink from the trough, you can't make some folks read! It is so simple. I guess some people can't even do simple.
  10. Unless things have changed in the last 10 months, you may most certainly order hot items at Waves. Eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes or french toast along with oatmeal or cream of wheat. I will check with our next door neighbors when they return from Riviera later this week. Availability may have changed recently and I stand corrected in advance. Once again, Waves had great bar service in the morning. I was served a mimosa or bloody mary promptly. I actually should not be sharing all our secrets. Unlike most on this board/thread, we avoid the Terrace almost any time of day. We order at Waves, choose a table, order drinks, and everything is served to us. We spent decades raising/feeding boys. I now love to have someone wait on me. I can schlep food on a tray at our local cafeteria. (And I choose not to do that either) And don't get me started on those who rant about slow drink service in the Terrace. It is not fine dining. However, on the few occasions we do eat there, we have without exception received bar service in a timely manner.
  11. This is a question that should be asked of your cruise line/TA. We booked PC cruise for December this year. Our first invoice indicated "possible" requirements for yellow fever/malaria for one or more of the countries on our itinerary. Our second invoice made no mention of the possibilities. Our TA inquired of the cruise line and currently there is no requirement in any of our ports. She will keep us advised. What others have done in the past is of no value to you or me. It's all about what our government and the other countries we visit will require. We have to do our own due diligence. Katie
  12. Flatbush Flyer is right. -You do not have to wait for your reservation date to open up. Anyone can book as soon as the La Reserve schedule appears. -You may book online. If you have shipboard credit, you may use it. If you encounter any glitches, your TA should be able to make a reservation as well. -If dates sell out quickly, additional bookings may be added. But not always! Good luck and enjoy! La Reserve is one of our favorite experiences onboard Marina/Riviera. -Katie
  13. FYI we got our last passport photos taken at Walgreens. CVS will do the same. Katie
  14. Our next door neighbors just boarded as well. Their first Oceania cruise. They just texted us pics of their surf & turf, turf & turf sandwiches. Y'all enjoy your cruise while those of us stranded on land long to be aboard soon! Katie
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