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  1. We got our second jab of Moderna yesterday. May have to consider one of these 2 lines for the near future. https://www.yahoo.com/news/2-american-cruise-lines-announced-125300716.html
  2. More Australia/New Zealand options would be welcome.
  3. We are looking forward to Allura details. Here's a few of our questions: -Does Allura #1 have a name? Thought a "contest" was offered some time ago. Don't recall we ever heard the results. -Where will she sail? DH will never consider a ATW on an R ship. With the advent of Allura class it would be nice if one of the O ships would be considered for ATW. Well, there are a couple of starters. Hope y'all have some more. It would be great if we actually got some feedback, maybe even answers. -Katie
  4. Well consider this: If we continue to encourage the use of the "Ignore" feature, maybe this board could achieve "herd immunity".
  5. We celebrated our 40th anniversary in Privee with our children and their spouses. Our TA made the reservation for the exact evening we requested. Be aware that this reservation is independent of your cabin status and may be reserved before making any specialty reservations. It's a beautiful venue with private staff at your disposal. We chose some nice Italian wines (we were sailing in the Mediterranean) and gladly paid the corkage fees. A private dining room with in any fine restaurant in any city would easily be $250 per couple, even per person, considering the vast amount of choices an
  6. Hello kootz! Oh the Tortuga rum cake! The thought makes my eyes roll back and makes me swoon a bit. I do have a recipe that I have tinkered with over the years. I will not post the whole recipe here, but if you email me at jehsooneratyahoodotcom I will send it in an attachment. Just a word of caution. My dear friend from Sligo County Ireland always requested the rum cake for her birthday. She asked for the recipe which I gladly shared, knowing she wasn't much of a baker. Holding to her dear Irish heritage she thought the amount of rum in the recipe was only a suggestion
  7. Hello "the more ports the better" I extend to you my gratitude. Thank you first of all for participating in the clinical trial. And second, thank you for sharing your experiences. Our internist is also participating in the Pfizer trial. We look forward to your updates. We pray daily that help will come soon. Katie
  8. Hello All_About_Food Here are a few personal opinions. If we were going to try another cruise line on an overseas cruise, we would not bother to pack our bags for anything less than 10 days. Maybe a 7 day out of a US port. (That is providing that Americans can grow up and get off the "naughty" list) For us, especially my DH, there is a big difference between the smaller "R" ships (Insignia, Nautica, Regatta, Sirena) and the 2 larger "O" ships (Marina & Riviera). All specialty restaurants on Oceania are without a surcharge, just a reservation. The R ships will
  9. The first death in our state was on March 29. He lived 1 1/2 blocks from our home. Our DIL has a grandparent in a nursing facility who along with multiple other residents are now positive, all exposed by the facility doctor. (Hello contact tracing.) Yeah, we know "someone". You may not know anyone who has the virus TODAY. However, with all the jackwagons who are running out there to prove themselves right, they are now breathing down your neck.....or in your face. We most likely will all be touched in a personal way by this plague. We will all "know someone".
  10. FWIW Waves is not a buffet. Place your order and go to your table with a number. You will be served your made-to-order burger/sandwich and drinks. If we board early, we stay out of the Terrace Cafe. And StanandJim are right. Burgers and sandwiches have nothing to do with drive-thru quality. My fav is the Ruben, but I order a half sandwich. Of course DH goes for the surf & turf on ciabatta. Katie
  11. A few other perks for concierge include a concierge lounge on Marina and Riviera (not on the smaller R ships). Also, the room service menu has hot breakfast items that are not available to veranda and below (B thru G). 3 Bags of laundry, complimentary champagne, and a few other niceties. Details in the link below. Concierge and veranda staterooms are the exact square footage no matter which ship size you sail (O or R class). So you alone can decide if the perks are worth the fare difference. Either way, enjoy the cruise! https://www.oceaniacruises.com/ships/marina/suites-staterooms/
  12. Because your cruise is in the Carribbean, I think clientle will trend a bit younger than European or 14+ day journeys. Our 30 something sons and spouses joined us on their first Oceania cruise last year in the Mediterranean. They REALLY enjoyed the casino and the late night happy hours/karaoke/dancing in Horizons. They made their own fun and by day 3 were on a first name basis with a number of staff, esp. bartenders! The point is you should try it for yourselves. Those who roll with it and look for the positive usually have a great experience. Katie
  13. Another "perk" that you won't find in the official print is the opportunity to bring your own wine, beer, and spirits onboard for consumption in your suite/stateroom. I believe the official statement is 3 bottles per person. (Someone will promptly correct me if I am wrong) However, many here know that you can easily take a case or 2 of your favorite beverages on board without question. Comparable wines on the O wine list that we might choose are usually at least double in price for what we might bring onboard. You may take your unopened bottle of wine to any dining venue and pay a one-time
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