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  1. It's really starting to look like all inclusives from now on.
  2. I said they feel unwanted not they are unwanted but some are left by parents who can not or will not do what's right by them. That unfortunately is unwanted, not by us but by someone who is supposed to care for them.I wish them all the luck in the world. The look of despair in a child's eyes in unforgettable. I hope it's never seen again.
  3. There's a difference between going somewhere different and experiencing another facet of life and being an orphan. They wake up knowing they are different from even those around them. They live believing that they are unwanted and for a moment the curtains part and abundance, glamour and opulence are on parade. Then they go back to a place that is a warehouse for the unwanted our those who have lost everything , even a parent. They need the basics that we take for granted and not paraded through our self endulgant world. Don't get me wrong I got not one minute think these kids a worthless on the contrary I think struggle makes for a better adult. But we cant help by throwing a hamburger at them and feeling better about ourselves. Please don't think I'm on a soapbox.
  4. We can all agree that the germphobic amongst us are out to lunch. But in truth bringing these kids onboard only shines a spotlight on how bad they have it. Nothing shows you how poor you really are than seeing how wealthy others live. There's all kinds of ways to help. This just feels like rubbing there noses in it. I appreciate the want to help but sometimes restraint is the prudent response.
  5. Really depends on what you drink.uf your a rum and coke kinda person that's easy. Grab a couple cans of soda before hand and use the big cup to horde rum in the way. But if you a pina coloda person, well that's a pain in the butt.
  6. don24

    car rental

    what's the general consensus on rental cars in this port. I wouldn't rent in Mexico because of the horror stories but Bahamas seems better. I looked at the available excursions and honestly they suck.
  7. I would love to see this. a uniformed officer and a four legged officer would keep the peace. I don't care at all about the drugs but the obnoxious passengers that sometimes appear later in the evening. I'm packing treats .
  8. again, thank you. if I'm understanding correctly the app acts like the web page until I access the ships intranet. at that time other options will appear for use onboard.
  9. Ok, I'm on the escape in a month. I downloaded the Norwegian app that seems like an extension of the desk top site. Is This what I use onboard. Please and thank you.
  10. I can't seem to find the iconcierge app. I can find the ncl main app. Are they the same I think not.
  11. hello , I'm trying to find the list of the upcharge schedule of the specialty restaurants with the sdp. February on the escape. I did try to search but I seem to suck at it.
  12. first off thanks for the reply, your opinion is gospel . I was fully convinced that there's no Cubans in Nassau . it was seeing the 700 wine on the LCDH site that mixed me all up.
  13. don24


    I looked on the la casa del habano web site to see if they have a location and they do not. but on there web site they show a place called 700 wine and spirits as a associate location. does any one know for sure if Cuban cigars are for sale . Im sure they sell cigars but authentic Cubans im leary.
  14. Well that seems like something I should have done. I would still love the dudes input.
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