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  1. Re booked 14 day Mediterranean next October. Small deposit, using small FCC, and plenty of time before final payment. Who knows where this whole thing will end up. Seems like we are losing the battle in the US. I live in Florida and it is a disaster.
  2. All of a sudden I stopped receiving the emails from Seabourn. When I go to my preferences, it was now set to opt out. Not sure how that happened. For the life of me I cannot reset it to receive emails. When I reset it to receive emails , It does nothing. I have tried Chrome, Edge, and on my ipad and iphone. Any ideas?
  3. What I can gather from the video, is that being on a cruise ship will be safer than living in the United States. Following CDC guidelines has become a political firestorm that is very sad.
  4. It came across my FB feed that Arnold Donald will be giving an operational update next Friday. Stay tuned. Seems like the pandemic in the US is going from bad to worse. Should be interesting. He has said on more than one occasion that they the company will begin sailing when it is safe to have social gatherings.
  5. I live in the states, and have not received any communication on this program.
  6. I doubt that Americans will be allowed on any ship due to our epicenter status which only gets worse by the day.
  7. Go to account , my profile, and there are link on the left for preferences.
  8. Check your preferences in your online account. Set it to receive emails.
  9. A refundable deposit would have been refunded as the future cruise consultant stated. No complaints as I was able to use the $200 to book a new cruise without the new $600. I thought the FCC would be applied after I made the $600 deposit.
  10. Last November, I made a reservation on board the Koningsdam. I reserved a two week cruise on the Rotterdam for October 2020. The future cruise consultant explained the $200 deposit was fully refundable. When I came home, I transferred it to my TA. In April , I cancelled the cruise and was told by my TA that I would be issued a FCC. Since it was only $200, I didn't question it. Not a big deal. When I booked another cruise this July on the Rotterdam which is 17 days, my TA said the $200 was accepted for the deposit and not the $600 as part of my private fare sale. In addition to that, I got the original OBC that you get that was applied to the original booking I made on board. A pleasant surprise in this turbulent world.
  11. Carnival Corporation just announced that Josh Leibowitz will be the new Seabourn president.
  12. I already used my FCC for a July cruise. This was just a normal booking. Doing a five day hold allowed me to hold the cabin until my cc closes on Friday. Hoping April is not too premature.
  13. I was doing a mock booking for a cruise next April. My private fare rate included grats, sig beverage pack, sig dining package, and internet for suites. I was surprised when I saw the courtesy hold was five days. Good to know, as my cc closes on Friday.
  14. JPH814, your spreadsheet is a work of art.
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