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  1. Many companies are doing this. At least we got the March dividend reinvested.
  2. Unless there is a disappearance of the virus, I think more vigorous screenings will be required. Temperature check prior to boarding. Possible covid 19 screening with the ABT 5 minute test to board. Then, what do you do at every port? Only ship excursions with masks provided for all. No on your own. I think if everyone over 70 with a pre existing condition is denied bookings, They might have to close up shop. Definitely shorter cruises. Who really knows.
  3. Interesting that the Princess CEO did 60 days originally. Although their image was tainted From the Diamond Princess.
  4. Cunard just announced suspension of voyages till 5/15. All cruises affected get a 125% FCC to be used by the end of 2022.
  5. When I cancelled a cruise last year before all of this covid 19 pandemic, it took 6 weeks under normal circumstances.
  6. Sounds right. I just don’t think you can use FCC for port fees and taxes on the new cruise.
  7. I might add having a current booking, Seabourn has responded to me the same day as I sent in the question.
  8. Seabourn just replied to one of my questions. We have a 7/18/30 booked with air. Taking a chance and not cancelling. If we decide to use the book with confidence FCC, the air would be lumped into the cruise fare as an FCC that can be used for cruise fare only . Not being eligible for shield, taxes, airfare, or hotels. Cruise fare only.
  9. I have a flight in July that we booked with Seabourn flightease. Just noticed the flights have been ticketed even though we have not made final payment. I thought they stayed pending until final payment was made. We are close to final by about two weeks.
  10. Mine are booked but not ticketed, and on my invoice as of Saturday.
  11. Has anyone had their airfare increase when making final payment? Lurking on HAL, the word is no one has. Just curious about Seabourn as they use the same platform. I have a July cruise with great pricing on business, and am not sure I should book the flight section.
  12. It came out today, there is now a test that one could get results back in 45 minutes. If this thing doesn't subside, cruise lines could test everyone before they get on board. This bodes well for smaller ships like Seabourn HAL's midsize ships. Testing 6000 people would be a logistics nightmare.
  13. We have a 14 day on the Encore on July 18 which included air travel.We thought we would be fine.Who knows. Final is on April 19th. If after final payment(if we change cruises, does the air fare get added into the fcc, or is that refunded, or do you lose that? I understand the fcc needs be used by the end of 2021 and booked by the end of this year.We also have the option of moving the cruise to a later date before then.
  14. I just hope the cruiseline industry survives.
  15. If Carnival declares bankruptcy, what good is a FCC? Would it still be valid. Stock is now down to $8.90
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