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  1. Our cruise personalizer now lists two choices for advance purchase for the Thalassotherapy Pool & Thermal Suite: Couples Thermal Suite 12-Day Pass $369.00 and Thermal Suite Single 2-Day Pass $40.00 The interesting thing is we're booked on a 24 day cruise. Both the above choices only list sail away day as the purchase option, There's no other choice of days available. Does anyone know if this means we can choose which days we visit the spa once we're onboard? Like almost everything else on HAL's website..... it's completely confusing.
  2. No name or cabin number on the 2019 ones we received. As Coral mentioned previously, she gifted her 2nd one to a friend.
  3. Thanks so much for sharing these!
  4. We'd love to see the Terrace Houses, but DH's balance isn't the best and I've read that they're pretty strenuous to visit. Did you find that to be true?
  5. A few years ago I met with an agent for the "big box" company whose sale starts soon. Not only was she pretty clueless about cruising, when I mentioned Cruise Critic she told me how much she hates it and all the "wrong" information on it. Needless to say, the meeting was very short. 🙂
  6. CurlyQgrL did you contact the Marriott by phone or email ahead of time to confirm availability or did you just go there after you disembarked from your ship that day?
  7. I realize that, but I'm wondering whether the 2 corkage free bottles of wine per person would apply since our cruise is booked as a 20 day not two B2B ones ?
  8. I had the same appetizer on the Zuiderdam in February. Saw the words "lovage" and "quark" and figured what the heck, why not try it? 🙂
  9. Our cruise documents show it as one cruise, was yours the same?
  10. We'll be heading to Total Wine to refill our wine suitcase! 🙂 Unless I can figure out a way to start the 20 day cruise with enough wine on the first day. LOL
  11. We will have a Turnaround day in Fort Lauderdale on our 20 day cruise next year. Will we have to wait until we clear immigration with the "turnaround" group before exiting the ship to go off on our own for the day?
  12. Thanks for the great review. Can you tell me a little more about your Kon Tiki excursion? It's one I've considered trying.
  13. Thanks so much! 7:15pm is ideal for us..... 7:45pm not so much. Hopefully the Crown will stick to that time next year. 🙂
  14. We'll be disembarking in San Diego, staying there for four additional days, and we intend to rent a car. Since we'll have to return the rental to the airport, is it best to transfer from the cruise port to the airport to rent the car on the first day? I know some agencies charge less if you pick up and return their rentals to the same location. Or is there an agency closer to the cruise port that will either bring us a rental or where we could take a quick taxi to pick a rental car up?
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