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  1. Hi Lauren! Hopefully you'll enjoy a HAL cruise. I look forward to one of your great reviews afterward! My favorite difference between HAL & Princess is Happy hour from 4pm-5pm with a small plate of appetizers and then Sip & Savor (I think that's what it's called) at 5pm with a nice glass of wine and a different appetizer for $5. Lovely pre-dinner tradition. Also..... on the older HAL ships.... extra large inside J cabins on the Main Deck! And the aft pool area on HAL ships is WAY bigger than on Princess! 🙂
  2. We spent 10 nights on the CB in January of this year. Had dining booked in the aft dining room and insisted on being switched after one dinner there. The vibration problem was terrible and we noticed it was almost as bad the one time we ate in the Planks/Steamer section of the Lido. Fortunately we were in a Lido forward cabin as we couldn't imagine having to endure that overnight as well. I was sure that the April dry dock was going to fix the problem. Guess we'll swear off the Caribbean Princess for the foreseeable future.
  3. This thread is nine years old and trivia "prizes" are definitely not what they used to be.
  4. I thought the vibration issue was supposed to be fixed during the CB's major dry dock this year???
  5. Good to read that you got better rates with HAL! Goes to show you that it's important to check (and check often).
  6. I use a TA who's not even IN my country and who's not associated with any Big BoX type store, and who discounts above and beyond whatever price cuts Princess offers. But everyone makes their own choices, so certainly "to each his (or her) own". 😉
  7. I used to think the same. I still do all the "groundwork", but I found a wonderful T.A. who gives me a far better price than what I can get myself with Princess and another cruise line.
  8. Definitely. Flights both before and after your actual cruise dates are permitted.
  9. Check out Princess' pricing for both - before your HAL cruise and after your Princess one. The leeway with timing is quite surprising. 🙂
  10. Yes I can and I have. Just wanted to give the head's up to anyone else in the same situation to do the comparison.
  11. We have consecutive cruises booked with Princess & HAL next winter and every time I've compared their prices (which is daily 🙂), HAL's Flight Ease is more expensive for the exact same flights than Princess' EZair. Just a head's up in case anyone here is in the same situation.
  12. I've edited my response above to explain what happened. Both times I've found the Private Fare option just by going online and logging in. No email or snail mail.
  13. It comes up for me when I do a dummy booking; it's not something I got through an email. Months ago, when I first booked the same cruise, I did it because I got a Private Fare offer as well (which was much more than this one is)
  14. I check daily... to be honest, multiple times daily. Dummy booking showed the private fare offer. I was quite honestly shocked that my TA was able to get it, and get the free gratuities as well. Just had her cancel our existing booking. 🙂
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