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  1. The Mariner discount does NOT apply to the Dining Packages. Book the restaurants individually to get the discount.
  2. Exactly my point jujuyu211. I am fine to accept the timing of the traditional dining.. but when we've actually booked and paid for a cruise, why on earth can they not tell us what the actual times are??????
  3. Although the two choices for Traditional Dining are listed as 5pm and 7:15pm for our upcoming Caribbean Crown Princess cruise.... what are the ACTUAL times? This past year the early traditional was indeed at 5pm, which was too early for us. On a recent Caribbean Regal Princess cruise the actual dining times were 5:30pm and 7:45pm. That half hour could make a huge difference to us, just because of the scheduling of evening activities. The variability is incredibly frustrating..... Why does Princess do this?!?
  4. $15 - FILET MIGNON 􏰒􏰑 10 OZ * (make it surf and turf by adding a 5 oz. lobster tail ($10 supplement)) served with classic whipped potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and creamed spinach $20 - 12􏰒􏰕 OZ MAINE LOBSTER TAIL * prepared steamed or broiled, served with lemon-garlic bu􏰁tter If you order the lobster tail does it also come with the potatoes, mushrooms and creamed spinach?
  5. Purchasing HAL insurance doesn't count towards Mariner Days does it?
  6. Can't do a mock booking as Pinnacle's not available that night to book. Thanks Kazu. Are Cellar Master dinners usually available to pre-book or are they a "hurry up and reserve when you get onboard" event? 🙂
  7. Just noticed that the Pinnacle Grill is not available to book on the second to last night of our Hawaii cruise. I assumed that would be our third of three Gala Nights. Are Master Chef dinners ever scheduled for Gala Nights? The Set De Mer "pop up" is on another night.
  8. Would you recommend the Spice Beach Club to people who will not be snorkelling?
  9. OP here.... two different cruises, two different ships, two different regions, but both 17 days. Hopefully someone will share the menus for each at some point, so I can find out if they're different. Crew News do you have a larger copy of the posted photos from the tour that you can share (I can't read the one above)?
  10. We're doing a 17 day Panama Canal cruise on the Oosterdam, followed shortly after by a 17 day Hawaii cruise on the Eurodam. Will the menus be the same?
  11. The specialty dining reservations have opened up for early February 2020 cruises. 🙂
  12. Wonderful Balcony Dinner photos! Can I ask if you also took pictures of the appetizer and salad offerings?
  13. Definitely the airline code issue. Happens to us every time.
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