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  1. Just got the same email.
  2. Or they assume that those of us not on Twitter are too old to notice that June 17 has come and gone. 😁
  3. So it’s now 6:06pm PST time… Any minute now, right? 🤣
  4. Kinda hoping my post would generate more “tongue in cheek” sarcasm… Please please let us all not be so “Covid Complacent” that we’ve lost our humor at incompetence. I know this isn’t worthy of anger… maybe ..but maybe not But it’s definitely worthy of sarcasm, right? 😆
  5. Ya I’m sure they’ll figure it all out by then and that will certainly make everyone happy. And I have no doubt that all’s well that ends well.. 😜
  6. June 17th…. OMG the magical date when all will be right with Princess Dining!! The best of all worlds… you want old school traditional, we got that! You want flexibility to eat when you want, but you know exactly when that will be on a daily basis. We got that! You want the true loosy goosy freedom of I’ll eat when I want… we got that too! Except that maybe, just maybe… achieving that isn’t so easy??? OMG Princess!! What were you thinking? 😜
  7. No offence meant. Just not that Italian to me. Lol… now I’m sure an Italian CCer will correct me on that too! 😁
  8. Oh that sucks. Worthy of a send back for sure, but if you’re anything like me that’s not an easy thing to do. 😩
  9. Thanks so much for these! I am a huge lover of pavlova and that one looks delicious! Sorry the restaurant wasn’t a hit overall though. And I laughed when I read about your DS loving sushi, but never wanting to go to Ocean Terrace! Teenagers… right? 😆
  10. I stand corrected. Did not know that Barq’s had caffeine, thanks.
  11. There’s no caffeine in root beer.
  12. Thanks so much for this. Looking forward to more! 😁
  13. And now there's a 20% sale on shore excursions...... which brings them right back to where they were when I booked them before the increase. C'mon Princess, you're not fooling anyone. Or at least not anyone here. 😉
  14. Never saw a Shore Excursion sale, but that might explain it. I know they are all far more than they used to be! 😁
  15. We don't cruise until next year, but I like to book our shore excursions and specialty dining early. Really glad I did especially where shore excursions are concerned. Paid $69.95 for one two weeks ago, it's now $84.95! Another has increased by $10 (which I guess is "reasonable" 😉). Was considering one for $149.95 and decided against it as I thought it was too expensive. That one's now $179.95!!
  16. 360 Experience is available to be booked pre-cruise on the app. No cabin restrictions.
  17. Is there any difference at all between GiGi's and Alfredo's? Their menus look completely identical. Why the rename?
  18. Not eclue, but our balcony cabin on the Emerald not only had the bathroom light, but under each end table in the bedroom there were also motion triggered lights. 😠
  19. JUST got a second email (Thursday was the first) encouraging me to book my shore excursions... Jeez Princess, get your act in gear. 🙄
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