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  1. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to trying mofungo for the first time.
  2. Exactly. My TA just did it for me. Surprisingly, what I thought was $150 OBC per cabin became $175 OBC for each of us!
  3. Interesting... hopefully someone who has cruised recently or is cruising currently can update us.
  4. You can book a date but not a time. My pricing is in CAN$, so I don't know the US pricing.
  5. Just checked our cruise on the Sky Princess next February and under Onboard Services -> Food & Beverage Experiences, the Ultimate Balcony Breakfast and Ultimate Balcony Dinner are available to pre-book. They weren't there a few days ago. 👍
  6. Totally get that. I purposely never look after making final payment, just cause it can break your heart! 😉
  7. Interesting. I am literally dealing with this right now. My TA is cancelling and rebooking our last of three consecutive cruises because the current promotion includes Free Gratuities and $50 more in OBC. IMO totally worth it, considering what we will end up saving.
  8. Wow that truly sucks. We're cruising with Princess directly after our HAL cruises, and I pre-reserved our MDR meals there weeks ago. Add that to their Signature Dining Package being available for in room delivery and on Princess Cays. Not happy with my usually favorite cruise line right now.
  9. I've been waiting for Dining Reservations to open for our cruises early next year. Just read some comments that reserving dinners in the MDR on a daily basis is no longer an option. Is that true??
  10. This is Crew News' most recent update of the Wine Packages - https://rogerjett-photography.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Sommelier-Suite-2021.pdf
  11. Just too far out for booking is my guess. We're cruising in January and paying full dollar and I can't book our dining yet either.
  12. I’m counting on it being the same and booked it. 👍
  13. If this helps to clarify..... you have $300 to spend on shore excursions, how ever you see fit. If one is $109.99 and another is $129.99, book those two and you will have $60.02 to spend on a third. There is no "cap" on how much you spend on each one.
  14. Gala nights tend to be the first Sea Day and the last Sea Day. Never on the first night or the last. You would need to provide a little more info about the Rotterdam's itinerary to narrow it down beyond that. 🙂
  15. Very good reviews from Carnival Cruise Lines. I always check other cruiselines shore excursion reviews.... especially since HAL's reviews are pretty skimpy.
  16. Ya did that, but just wondering if any CCers have stayed there.
  17. Just to clarify, I'm curious about the Pinnacle Grill lunch burger vs the MDR lunch burger. The description of each sounds very similar.
  18. Any reviews or experience with the Victoria Park hotel/motel?
  19. All good to know, thanks. Never tried the kid’s fries!
  20. Is the Lasagna served at dinner in the MDR the same as the Lasagna in the Canaletto? And is the Burger served at lunchtime in the MDR the same as the lunchtime Burger in the Pinnacle Grill?
  21. As Mary229 said, it isn't really $100 off two excursions. It's $200 off whatever excursions you buy. So, if you are interested in some of the less expensive options, you can actually end up with more than two free ones.
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