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  1. Thank you @reedprincess. I was mistaken with my description of our cabin on the Emerald as Deluxe. It was a Premiere Balcony. So am I understanding you correctly that all the Sun Princess balcony cabins have glass door showers and a sofa, albeit with a slightly smaller balcony?
  2. So all the newer ships have the same tiny bathrooms and retro-curtained microscopic showers, unless you book a mini-suite or above?
  3. Gosh I hope you're wrong.... we went directly from a Princess Deluxe Caribe Balcony to just a VB Balcony on Holland America and had the same size balcony with literally twice the bathroom and shower space. Please please let Princess have something comparable without having to pay the full suite price! 🙏
  4. We spent a month onboard the Emerald Princess this winter in a Caribe Deck deluxe balcony. Loved the balcony and the cabin, but my goodness the bathroom and shower were ridiculously small!! On the newer ships please tell me if the Caribe Deck balconies are still bigger, and where oh where do I need to book to get a decent sized bathroom and shower? Don't need a bathtub or a couch like the Mini Suites have...we were upgraded to one of those with an incredibly TINY balcony in 2023. So a BIG BALCONY and A BIG SHOWER.....is that attainable?
  5. That's today's and every other sea day's lunch menu, right?
  6. Any recommendations for what to do in Huatulco, Mexico? The shore excursions don't have the best reviews.... If we just head to the beach at the cruise port, any thoughts on the best beach club/restaurant to grab lunch and lounge chairs?
  7. We’re 10 days away from boarding, medallions received. DH doesn't have an i-phone. I see my Boarding Pass on my phone but not his. Does he need one as well? If yes, where do I find it?
  8. I think this is wonderful news. We have yet to like any of the duos since they changed the format. I wonder if the Eurodam will make the switch before March? 🤞
  9. Our medallions arrived today for our February 6 cruise. 😁
  10. On our upcoming Eurodam cruise, the showtimes are at 7:30 & 9:30pm.
  11. We sail on February 6 and I got an email yesterday saying the medallions are on their way. And we are in Canada.
  12. Reminds me of a therapy activity… 😆
  13. Dam Dots Challenge.... it's in the Art Studio..... ???
  14. Looking forward to your posts. Have a wonderful cruise. We’re boarding on Feb 6. 😊
  15. We are doing the same St Kitts culinary tour on our Princess cruise before we board the Eurodam, so I'm happy that you liked the food. And based on your recommendation, I reserved us the last Over Water Bungalow in Roatan. Really looking forward to that splurge. Thanks so much for your daily updates of the activities, etc. You're awesome! 🤗
  16. The more we cruise the more I realize that so so much of our "satisfaction" on a cruise is based on the cruise staff. Whether it be in the dining rooms, in the bars, or in the entertainment staff hosting the various games. And as @ottahand7 says, the Chef!
  17. Interesting. We had the opposite experience from @jlawrence01 earlier this year. After spending 31 days onboard a HAL ship, we were very surprised by how fancy most everyone dressed on Formal nights on our 14 day Sky Princess cruise. To each his own. 🙂
  18. On the Emerald during the month of February they’re going to be at 7:30 & 9:30.
  19. Glad you’re starting to feel better. Have you had a chance to listen to the Third Avenue West group playing at the Ocean Bar? Are they any good? How about Rolling Stone Rock & the Billboard pianists? I realize it’s totally subjective, but I’d love to know what you think.
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