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  1. Wow.... that long a wait and just 3 scallops for a Main Course! Glad you got some free wine.
  2. Thanks all. I'm not looking to win, I'm looking to avoid those games and regular trivia that are complete repeats, and be somewhere else!
  3. Totally get that. We went through the dreaded transit process twice last year.... never again if I can help it. We're getting off in Fort Lauderdale during the turnaround in March. Hope your free Pinnacle Grill dinner was good! 🙂
  4. We’ll be onboard the Emerald for a full Panama Canal transit followed by a Circle Caribbean cruise. I can see on the app that the Trivia games repeat on each cruise. For example, on Day 1 of each cruise there is a game called Couch Potato scheduled. Can I expect there to be new questions on the 2nd cruise or will it be a complete repeat of the 1st?
  5. Nice! He's on our upcoming cruise on the Emerald.
  6. Wow. So the idiocy extends. ☹️
  7. I think, based on my experience, you will probably need to call.
  8. If you used OBC or FCC's to pay for any or part of any excursions....I would assume a phone call is needed.
  9. Thanks @Coral (for this and for a long ago gift you gave me 🤗). The credit card refund BETTER be forthcoming! ...... hell hath no fury and all that..... 🙂
  10. Good to know moving forward. A "feature" of Princess that I wasn't aware of, and not a reputable one.
  11. Ya, you would think so..... Except the phone call went straight to a dial tone. No Survey. 😠
  12. Trust me..... money owed to me makes me last a helluva lot longer.
  13. I am officially stunned. After three different attempts over the last two weeks to contact someone through Princess's "Live Chat" (OMG what a total joke that is), I decided today to bite the bullet and call. I allotted myself quite a bit of time. A bit of backstory.... my husband and I had a little bit of OBC through a FCD that I promptly used to book two Princess shore excursions. Easy breezy. I then booked a few more excursions that I decided to cancel. And the fiasco begins. Princess owes me $85, pure and simple. $64.95 on my account and $20.05 on my husband's. Every single "dummy" excursion booking shows the exact same thing. Credit is there, blatantly. And yet I spent 90 MINUTES online with a very well-spoken and "couldn't be nicer" Princess agent who put me on hold three different times to figure out my issue. After the 3RD time on hold, he returned .... to tell me that "his shore excursion team says we are not owed a refund". You all don't know me, but trust me, I am known for my patience. I worked in Customer Service my whole life as do my children now. I could not have been nicer to Andre (his name) throughout the multiple holds. At this 90 minute breaking point, I demanded to speak to a supervisor. In a huff he agreed. Andre had seen on his screen EXACTLY what I was seeing. After another 10+ minutes, a "Guest Services Supervisor" greeted me. The most polished corporate voice I think I've ever heard. Proceeded to solve my issue in less than three minutes. Told me how complicated it was for "newbies" to understand what it takes years to figure out where "credits and shore excursion bookings are concerned" And yet what I had on my booking screen and what Andre had on his, totally showed my $64.95 and my husband's $20.05 credits. So so not complicated. At that point the supervisor said "Is there anything else I can help you with?"..... my response.... Perhaps some compensation for the 4 separate holds and 90+ minutes that I have been on this phone call, that you just solved in less than three minutes!?! "Ah, I see here that you are Platinum with Princess. Good to know that you will continue to enjoy those benefits. There's nothing else I can do for you today. Please respond to the survey after this call". Dial Tone...... no survey. My biggest regret... I did not get that "Supervisor's" name. It all happened so fast, and I was frankly so stunned that I didn't think to do it. Supposedly the $85 that I was due from before I called is now going to being credited back to my credit card....... And that is supposed to be sufficient....
  14. I’ve reserved us two spots in the VIP section. The cabanas look lovely though!
  15. Thanks so much for the Turquoise Bay description! This is a truly great thread. One more question for you.... did I miss your "Daily" post for your Belize day?
  16. I’m considering the VIP option at the Turquoise Bay resort in Roatan. When you were there, did you happen to notice that section and if it was easily accessible?
  17. So unusual to have the MDR with all the meals at the very aft of the ship. I expected Da Vinci to be the one for breakfasts & lunches.
  18. Thanks so much @oakridger and everyone else. You have saved me some money! 😁
  19. The above HAL description is what is confusing to me. The Basic Surf specifically says “audio/video features not supported”. Is that just not true? Or (more likely) I’m missing something?
  20. Thank you SO much for finding out about the Casual Dining at Vines for me!! You’ve convinced me to give the Salty Dog Gastropub a try instead. 👍
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