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  1. I used this service in the Yacht Club on Fantasia Med cruise Oct 2018 - we broke it up over several requests during the week. Our Butler always hung everything back in our closet for us when ready - would do it again on any MSC cruise.
  2. DH and I enjoy playing - EXCEPT when B2B cruisers or same ship numerous times cruisers - play just because they know all the answers...We did a cruise about a year ago and played a few times and noticed the same group was at every trivia session (winning every session too) finally about day 3 someone said "man, you guys know a lot about a lot of different stuff' - to which one guy replied "no, we just did this last week and know all the answers" That didn't make it fun for the others...
  3. 1 protein vs 2 (a combination dinner) We got the Lobster and Scallops - if you order just steak or just chicken or just shrimp - it's $45
  4. We had many slices on Symphony last week - it was really good...I actually like it when the put a little more char (not in a bad way) on the crust and this was perfect. Very convenient that it is right across from Copper and Kettle - go into C&K order a drink while waiting for said drink go over and grab a few slices from Sorrento's - then camp out for an hour or so and people watch on the Promenade...
  5. Your Beverage Package will cover your drinks in the Spec Rests - they actually even covered the full $15 for the Martinis we ordered in 150 Central park and didn't change the difference from $13 covered under the package... We did pay the food upcharge in Izumi Hibachi for the $49 meal ($4 each) - the $8 upcharge in Chops for my Lobster tail and the $18 upcharge in Chops of DH Dry Aged 20oz Porterhouse.
  6. Hibachi - I keep forgetting there are 2 options with the same name - on the Hibachi side the new Unlimited plan covered the $45 meals we paid the difference for the $49 meal - if we had gone to the Sushi side it would have given us a $35 credit towards a la carte
  7. We were on this sailing also - we are not RC cheerleaders because we cruise with many other lines - but I will disagree with most of these comments...comments in Red
  8. It was - only thing we would have changed in hindsight is not going to Chops twice but instead going to 150 Central Park twice so the others could experience the new menu.
  9. Correct - you can not make reservations for the restaurants before the cruise - but you can book your shows...so in my Executive Admin OCD"ness" I made a spreadsheet with our Show times - went straight to a kiosk set up on Deck 5 when we got on the ship, handed my spreadsheet to a reservation person with the times and locations I wanted for the whole (minus changing Izumi a little later when we found out it wasn't covered under BOGO) and she booked everything exactly like I wanted it. You are probably right, didn't think of that at the time, We just booked Izumi - Hibachi for night 3 and they paid for it...we never did Izumi - Sushi, because we had also booked the Sushi making class for the 2nd sea day (not covered under the plan) so we had our sushi for the week...the wings kept us coming back to Playmakers.
  10. yes open everyday - and it was yummy! the nachos will feed 8 people as an app
  11. This might be a little long - sorry but I detailed each night Hello – we (DH, myself and 3 other couples) just got back from the 4/27-5/4 Symphony cruise. DH and I had the new UNLIMITED Dining plan – the others had the BOGO and then bought Izumi and a Chops dinner. First things first, the others bought the BOGO because they were told by Miami CS that they could use it for Izumi – once on the ship they were told they could not…so, they had to buy Izumi for the 3rd night (Our TA bought the Chops on Night 6 for everyone – except us, I told her to save the money since we had UDP, it would be covered). Night 1 - we all had Jamie’s Italian. The food was plentiful and pretty decent for mass market Italian – little better than Olive Garden. (The Charcuterie board was really good). Night 2 - we all had Chops (originally wanted to do Izumi but was not covered under BOGO for the others in our group) this night service and food were excellent – night 6 not so much but more on that later. Night 3 - we had Izumi – the others had to pay for this night, it was covered under our unlimited plan - but only for the $45 entrees – DH and I both got the $49 selection so we paid the difference. Night 4 - DH and I separated from the group and did Hooked. I had the whole Maine Lobster and DH had the Blackened Halibut. My Lobster was on par with the thousands of Whole Lobsters I have eaten in my life and I had NO complaints, except with the sides – the cheesy crabmeat was NOT good and the caramelized butter was the weirdest thing I have ever tried. Hubby LOVED the Halibut – was cooked perfect and the seasoning was delicious (I tried it too). We had the Oysters and Mussels for the apps and they were both VERY good - we told our waiter we did not need the sides of Corn and fries but he brought them anyways. Night 5 – DH and I had 150 Central Park. We have never eaten here before but we were told they have recently ended their partnership with a "Celebrity Chef" and have a new Menu. I had heard the old format was a 6 course tasting menu – this was not and it was EXCELLENT. We had the Tenderloin for 2. Service was wonderful, food was the best we had all week. Night 6 – back to Chops, it was bought before the cruise by our TA. Tonight we had a different waiter who was little slower than the one we had night 2. We all tried something different on the menu – I had the Filet and Lobster tail on Night 2 and that was good. I had the Ribeye on this night and it was not as good a Ribeye that I can get at Texas Roadhouse here at home…Hubby had several pieces of Ribeye that he could not chew L. Another in our party had to send back his Filet as it was not cooked properly. Sides are served family style and they were really good. Night 7 – we saved the best (most entertaining) for last…WONDERLAND. DH and I had been watching YouTube videos leading up to the cruise and we were really looking forward to this meal. The introduction to the meal from our waiter was a little confusing, he could have explained the process a little better but it may have also been a language/ accent barrier that we just did not understand what he was telling us. We got our menu and painted them to reveal our options but then our waiter asked for any dislikes or allergies when we said we had none and we like everything – he just told us what he was bringing us and did not give us a chance to request something. Now to be fair to him – everything he brought was wonderful but we also did not try a few things we had thought looked interesting on the menu. We ended up being very happy with the whole meal!! The Mad Hatter was just silly and sassy enough – not over the top but not understated. So, for the first cruise EVER – we NEVER ate in the main dining room – not once. We had breakfast most days from the Vitality Café in the gym. Hubby would grab a few mini focaccia sandwiches and a cappuccino (VERY good). Once we ate at Johnny Rockets and had pancakes and once we ate in the Solarium Bistro and then the last morning we ate in the Windjammer (should have just grabbed sandwiches from the Vitality Café.) Also included in the new UDP was Playmakers (we ate here 3 days for wings and nachos), plus we ate at Johnny Rockets and Hooked for lunch once each (also covered). So for $199 per person – we got our money worth and would buy it again!! I know tipping is a controversial topic but just to add more info for you – we tipped at every restaurant (yes, I know it is added at time of purchase but we left extra anyways). Happy to answer any questions.
  12. Greta info for Allure - does anyone have experience with the new terminal for Symphony - do they have porters waiting in the garage? If we (2 cars - 8 people) can drive right into the garage and not go to the drop off area first that would be so convenient.
  13. how much and when are the tours? usually? Ball park? Hubby saw a You Tube Video on Symphony and really wants to do one.
  14. That seems a little like cutting off your nose to spite your face? Any day at sea is better than staying home even if I have to look at a life boat outside my cabin...Hopefully the fun time had will out weigh the view.
  15. well I guess we will see when we board what they are going with that week? Our TA called and was told it was included with BOGO? DH and I will just pay out of pocket and keep the UDP I am a planner and when no one knows - it drives my Type A personality crazy...
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