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  1. We just got off the summit about a week ago. Like others have said deck 11 mast bar only. I will add though, that the bar is supposed to be open till 9. However, the couple of times that we went up there for a cigar, the bar was already closed by 8:30-45. The next to the closest bar is the sky lounge and I don't know about cognac, but they had a limited selection of bourbon which my hubby likes to drink with his cigar. Actually, he had a hard time finding a nice bourbon anywhere on the ship, and he did have the premium package. The bummer is that bar, actually had double oaked woodford re
  2. Here is some pics, the rock pics are of Bathsheba, and the others pirates cove.
  3. I posted a review in Barbados, but we did Bathsheba and pirates cove beach, skinny Carson. I actually will go ahead and add some pictures now It was a great day!
  4. You should be fine, I am hoping that what we experienced was not the norm. We didn't let it affect our day, though it was disappointing that it happened. My advice is to take some Dramamine or something similar before going. After getting on the boat, we had to go pick up an employee that was late or something. Then take him to another boat to pick something up, then dropped him off at another boat. Then we had to pick up some late people, so the beginning was kind of rough. We were just kinda bobbing in the water not going fast for all of that. My mom who thought she would be fine, end
  5. We did Anse Chastanet and Jalousie beach. We took a speed boat tour with Spencer Ambrose tours, while they were a little disorganized and we got off to a late start, the tour was great. They dropped us off at one beach then picked us up by boat to take us to the other beach. The snorkeling there is amazing, and I don’t even like snorkeling.
  6. It was $40 an hour and we split it between 6 people and I think we were with him about 6 hours. His van could have held more too. Pretty reasonable
  7. We set it up through beach limerez for $6 a person each way.
  8. We hired skinny Carson for the day to take us around the island, and we are so glad we did. He was very knowledgeable and personable, he described himself as having "the gift of gab" and he certainly did! We started out at eating at the Roundhouse, which was very delicious and had the best rum punch ever. Not the kind you get for free from lot's of tours, like the real good stuff. We then went over to Bathsheba and took some amazing photos. We were supposed to head over to crane after that, but he recommended going somewhere else since there was a lot of seaweed that day. He said he woul
  9. We visited Beach Limerez, Monday, 1/27/20 and we are glad we did! I had read so many conflicting things, that I wanted to make sure I left a review, whether it was good or bad. Thankfully, it was very good! We had a fantastic day, from the people that worked there, the place was super cute, food and drinks were great, and we were ok with the beach! I wish I had gotten some more pics of the place, I thought I did, but maybe my hubby has them. If I find more, I will post later. We are beach people so we decided to bypass the lounge chairs and put our stuff down on the beach. There was abs
  10. I was just at Beach limerez last week on Monday the 27th. I can't say enough good things about it, we had a fantastic day! I am getting ready to post a review on it in just a few in a new topic.
  11. We will be on board with you, flight leaves at 6 am tomorrow! Looking forward to hearing about your trip!
  12. Thanks, for the review! We will be on her in about 2 weeks, looking forward to it even more now!
  13. Thanks, I will probably stay away from the Carlisle bay being so close to the pier, but I for sure will look up the St Lawrence gap area.
  14. We have an upcoming day booked with skinny Carson, and I thought I would check on here to make sure that I am not missing anything. We were thinking to be with him for 5-6 hours, ship is in port 8 from 11-7. We are a group of 6 adults, who like to drink and eat yummy food on the beach. Anything, with a pretty view, but we will be in Barbados so I'm sure it's all going to pretty. Animal flower cave sounds great, but I think it's on the north side and I don't think I want to spend the day in the car either. So far we know we want to go to Bathsheba and crane beach, which looks to be closer s
  15. Because, of this post a group of us are booking this for January, and we are excited!! None of us have been to Antigua before. Would y’all recommend allowing some time to walk around and see the downtown/port area before heading over to the beach? Or should we just have Gail arrange pickup for us right when they open?
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