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  1. I look at it as least they are giving a full refund. When I cancelled my airline tickets, I was not offered a refund. I was only offered a virtual wallet in order to pay for future tickets.
  2. I thought the same thing if I booked a room that was cheaper, the balance of the FCC would be applied in FCC. However, when I called on Monday and moved my cruise to September, I was told the difference in room cost, $90.00 in this case would be refunded to me. I don't know if this is because the FCC was never actually processed since I moved the cruise the day they announced the cancellations. I am not sure what the real answer is, since we all seem to be getting different information from different carnival reps. I don't see anything on my new booking saying I have any obc. However, the email confirmation said I had $600 on board credit. All I can do at this point is wait and see if the refund shows up.
  3. your welcome. Now we wait to see how long the refunds take.
  4. I called into Carnival on Monday night and the process was easy. Earlier in the day, I booked a new cruise and put it on a 24 hold. Called Carnival gave them my old booking number and new booking number. They moved the complete cruise cost over including the prepaid gratuities. I should say this was on the 4-25 cancelled cruise. Upgraded my room to a Havana inside on the new cruise and the total price was $90 less what I had already paid. I will be issued a refund for the $ 90.00. The only thing that was not moved over was my prepaid cruise cash and water I have delivered to my cabin. I will be getting a refund for those.
  5. I booked a new cruise on a 48 hour hold. Called Carnival last night. The agent switched me over to the new cruise. I didn't have to pay any deposits. In fact, my new room, Havana Interior was $ 90 cheaper than my old Ocean View Deluxe room. I received a $ 90 credit to be refunded to me. Also got the $ 600 on board credit. In total took about 35 minutes.
  6. I received multiple emails this morning for 1 booking. My friend who is on the same cruise has not received an email yet.
  7. How do I cash out my left over on board credit?
  8. When you submitted the early saver form, you are now locked into the new terms of the lower price. So, if you have only paid $400 total, you will need to pay the full deposit amount. I always wait till have the full deposits paid before I submit early saver forms for that reason.
  9. All this means is everyone is going to get people to get hopped up on Tylenol or Advil before boarding.
  10. They are not advising against any other form of travel or congregation. They didn't quarantine the entire conference that Trump was at last week. Nor, do they check temperatures at airports. Airports and public transportation are more of a threat than the cruise industry. Each person has to make their own decision. As for me and my wife, we are sailing on April 25 Panorama with no plans to cancel.
  11. We are on the Panorama sailing April 25. We are still planning on going. There are 19 in our group and so far no one has cancelled.
  12. Greg, thank you for the greatest review/thread I have ever read. I felt like I was on the ship with you on Saturday waiting on news. I am on the Panorama April 25th. No plans to cancel. I have several places to try out on the ship thanks to you. by the way it is 70 degrees here in Dallas today when you land.
  13. We did the Havana area on Vista last year. It was great. We also had a person in the pool with his own speaker playing music. We complained and he was asked to turn it off. This person wasn't happy about it and made a fuss about it, but he turned it off. Funny thing, is we ended up on an excursion with him and he turned out to be a nice person. I don't think he knew the rules. The rest of the cruise he didn't bring his speaker. As for a class system, I don't think that is what is being created here. If they did away with the "class system", there wouldn't be specialty restaurants, fees for internet, spa cabins, and all cabins would be priced equally. That is what Carnival should do is make general admission cabins. LOL
  14. I like to wear dress shorts and polo shirt on casual nights. For elegant night I wear dress slacks and dress shirt, not tie or jacket. I was recently on a Celebrity Cruise and they make you wear pants every night. I didn't like that. I know this is a hot topic but I don't understand how what someone else is wearing affects my dinner or enjoyment of the cruise.
  15. The house doesn't take a 50% rake. During cash games they take 10-15% but there is no cap on the rake, I don't remember the exact percentage. During the tournaments they take 50% of the buy in money and apply it towards the once a year mega tournament that you win a seat if you finish 1st or 2nd in the daily tournament. Buy in is $150 to the tournament. $750 gets paid out to 1st and 2nd.
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