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  1. April will be my 8 th cruise on RC. I have never taken advantage of any of the perks including exclusive check in because I have been with others who were first time cruiser. I want to try some this next cruise. Where do I go for the members greeting breakfast? i am going with another first time cruiser( maybe it’s me, my friends never want to go again). Can we both go through the priority line since the room is booked in my name? What other perks are available worth doing for the Gold Member that I should do?
  2. And crock pot to keep your food warm for the 2 am feeding
  3. I also dress “ better” while dining and for the evening show. I sat at my table last year with my son and daughter-in-law in dress and button down shirt with others in pool coverups and t-shirts. I remember when they were turned away in that garb and told to go to the buffet. Now their bare feet are bumping into my legs.
  4. Ok thank you. It took lots of searches to find it because it wasn’t in the RC app but I finally found it why do they charge by the day when they throw you off the ship on day 4 at 9 am? Can’t get many drinks in between 6 and 8.
  5. How do you get these on board? I have some but always afraid I will get caught. I did bring one into Disneyworld once
  6. Can someone please tell me what website I go to to find out when prices go up and down so I can try to find out what the price is for the drink package
  7. Where can I go to track the prices for the drink package so I can try to snag it when it’s cheaper
  8. Right now our drink package is showing at $49 a day which from your comments is a good price. I am going on a 4 night from Port Canaveral. It says per DAY. Does the last day count since they throw you off the ship at 9 am?
  9. I am sharing a room with my sister. My son and his girlfriend are sharing another room. We are both staying in balcony rooms. I have heard that walls are thin so to prevent embarrassment I requested we not be side by side but in all honesty I want to be able to sit on the balcony in the evenings next to them, as do they. Right now they are 4 rooms down from us. Can anyone tell me if every “sound” would be heard through the walls?
  10. Where do you go to check in drink package prices. Fairly new to cruising
  11. My sister and I are going on a RC cruise in September. She is getting the alcohol drink package while I am getting the soda package. This has already been approved by RC. How do they work the drink packages to know the difference? Do they use photo I’d? I do enjoy a pretty fru-fru drink at sailing and may have 1 or 2 a day but not enough to make the drink package worth it to me while they might run out of liquor with my sister onboard. I plan on charging my drink cost back to the room.
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