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  1. Just got word that Azamara plans to cut down on plastic by replacing toiletry bottles with dispensers. Also replace plastic straws with paper. Has Celebrity done the same thing?
  2. On my most recent cruise on Star Breeze, I was anxious about not having WiFi. I use to everywhere. However,, buying it on Windstar is extremely high. It would have been nice especially when we had our itinerary changed. We did find free WiFi in most ports. Most cruise lines and hotels now include free WiFi.
  3. I am amazed at the response about not getting port taxes refunded. That is not right. If the skipped ports were changed to other ports, I can understand no refund. If the cruise did not replace the ports, the port taxes should be refunded, not offered as FCC. I was just on a cruise that skipped 2 ports due to weather. We stayed in a port 2 extra days waiting for a cyclone to pass. We were immediately issued OBC and port taxes which could be used on that cruise or refunded in cash at the end of the cruise. Also, got a nice FCC too. The fCC was issued on the ship. When I got home, I also got an email with a sincere apology and with a link to the FCC and an explanation about how to use the FCC.
  4. Not everyone likes the same things. I had a horrible time when they had About Rose. I spent the whole cruise with watery eyes. It would be better for most people that they choose a fragrance free hypo-allergenic product. Kudos to Windstar for getting you a fragrance free product. Windstar is the best at accommodating their guests. They never say NO.
  5. I agree with you about aqua class. When it first was created, it was a nice choice. When that daily bottle of water disappeared, it started down the slippery slope like the rest of Celebrity. My initial response was how could you call it Aqua (water) class and discontinue the water. Yes, Blu was nice. Eating in Blu was nicer than MDR. The cost? Ok, if not much more than standard cabin. Certainly not worth substantial extra money. When all the fares jumped up, I weighed my options. Higher prices and more cutbacks is not a good combination. Either go cheap or just go on another line.
  6. If a balcony with lounge chairs and footstools is so important to you, find a cruise line that has what you want. Each cutback is small. Add them up and it's not the cruise that you want. That's when you say enough already. Everyone has a breaking point. When I cruise, I expect certain things. When the cruise line or hotel fails to deliver, I don't book them again. Celebrity has beautiful ships. It is a shame that the cutbacks have ruined your experience.
  7. Windsurf cabins could use some new bedding and carpeting.
  8. AA sells different classes of seats. Economy has 3 different designations...basic, main cabin, and premium. Only main cabin and premium get assigned reserved seats. Basic gets seated the day of the flight. If you are basic, ask AA how much it costs to assign a seat. I never book basic. Basic economy can get bumped.
  9. Am amazed that so many people loved that foot stool. It was nice. It was not essential. If your balcony isn’t what you like, book an oceanview. It costs less.
  10. I am with you on that bar or soap. I love to wrap my hand around a big bar of soap. I have noticed that some hotels and cruises are using small soaps. The worst was a bar with twigs in it. It cut my skin. At my age, I don’t need to exfoliate. I just want to clean my skin. Add a bar of soap to my packing list. I also like L’Occitane products. Just did b2b on Windstar. It was my 8th time cruising on Windstar. They have always had L’Occitane. At the end of the cruise, cabin steward gave us some extra toiletries to take home with us. He said think of us when you use them. We did and booked another Windstar cruise. That is a classy way to persuade guests to book again.
  11. When I started sailing on Azamara, I was really impressed by the Elemis products. The containers were larger than the usual small bottles that you got on other cruise lines. It was really luxurious. The products worked well. Sadly, the next cruise, Elemis had been replaced by About Rose. The scent was overwhelming. Eco boutique followed About Rose. I now travel with my own products. I never expect to find the same products on future cruises or at hotels. My favorite cruise toiletry line is Bvlgari on Oceania. Oceania has a variety of 4 different scented Bvlgari products. Something that should please everyone.
  12. There are some ports where the ship docks where you want to be. Unfortunately, many ships dock away from where you want to be. Do your homework before you sail. Shuttles are often a mystery. There are many shuttles that are sponsored by the port. They get you to a really good location where it is easy to walk or connect using tram/metro to get to major points of interest. Some ports have tourist info in the terminal. Some are able to board the ship. Ports that are really far from the port are a challenge. Have a good idea of how to get to where you want to go. Know train or bus schedules. Do not rely on getting info on the ship. Shore excursion reps may not know the port. They want to sell ship excursions. Take time before you sail to get info that may be helpful. Ask questions on travel forums like TripAdvisor.
  13. A good reason to not book aft suites. I usually book deck 7 on Azamara. It is sandwiched between 2 decks of cabins. You may hear some overhead noise from above or in the hallway. My favorite location is deck 7 just in front of the forward elevators. Only guests staying in those cabins walk by. Deck 7 midship gets foot traffic. Avoid deck 7 cabins near the laundry room. On my next cruise, I am on deck 8 midship. It’s what I could get. Expecting some noise on white night if it is held outside. Since we are going to Alaska where nights are cold, I wouldn’t be surprised if white night is inside. Just did b2b in May on a another cruise line that does weekly bbq on deck with entertainment. It is similar to Azamara white nights. Only one bbq was outside. Rest were in the dining room. Either way, the bbq nights were a blast.
  14. Does the cruises stop in any non EU country between embarkation and disembarkation? If it does, you will avoid the VAT. If it only stops in EU countries, you will get taxed if you buy anything on the ship. If at all possible, buy what you can before embarkation to avoid the tax. 23% is hefty.
  15. Room service will deliver to any location on the ship. It is especially nice on warm days sitting out on deck. On one cruise, we ate in the yacht club. My spouse got a sandwich. I called room service for a burger.
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