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    CDC. Fully vaccinated Americans don’t need to wear masks inside or outside and no social distancing. Hope cruise ships follow this too.
  2. I usually book my own air. It allows me freedom to select flights, dates, times, and often use miles. Usually it is cheaper too. However, if you book a cruise now, it might be prudent to book air from Oceania. During the pandemic, best to limit exposure and contain expenses to a minimum. O life package works at this time. You can book air, lock in price, and then reconsider options when final payment is due. I was booked on a Oceania cruise that was canceled recently. Since I booked the air from O, I didn’t have to deal with the airline separately to get a refund or make a change. No
  3. Everyone wants to be safe...passengers, crew, and residents of ports. CDC is only trying to keep people safe during the pandemic. Their cruise guidelines are not designed to be mean. They are being prudent. Cruising presents situations that may be considered risky. Waiting to see how ships proceed when they resume sailing. Hope that it is safe. Nobody wants to get sick. Like many others, being restricted to ship run shore excursions as a mandatory way to get off in ports, I won’t choose to cruise until that restriction is gone. For now, we wait to cruise. Now exploring road trip options
  4. Would like to do cruise starting in Barbados. WE did WS Windsurf RT Barbados 3 years ago. then we had nonstop. No more nonstop flights. connecting flights had terrible times. it would take us 2 days traveling in each direction. Hope that Puerto Rico reopens or they add more flights to Barbados. We then looked other options. Have not found anything acceptable yet.
  5. just looking at possible cruises since O announced resuming end of August. There were lots of open cabins. Then suddenly only waitlist for B4, C, E, F....no oceanviews or insides. Most other categories are available. Is this an attempt to reduce capacity? or is it an attempt to maximize revenue? it doesn't look like an attempt at social distancing. Will wait for feedback from the brave sailors who will go on Marina, Good luck. Hope that it is safe.
  6. If Celebrity can get those fares, they are marketing geniuses. If they can fill cabins charging high prices, good for them. Eventually supply and demand will dictate what fares will sell cabins. Add all the restrictions associated with the pandemic, Celebrity fares seem very ambitious. Higher fares could push the potential guests toward other vacation options. If they opt to sail on a different line, they may never return to Celebrity. Only time will tell.
  7. After being stuck home and being scared of contracting covid, many people want to resume traveling. Great thought. Count me in. Not sure we are there yet. This week we took a ride to a small town about 2 hours from my home. It is a quaint town with many shops and cafes. Checked the town website. It was dated April 2021. Claimed that many places were open including the visitor center with open restrooms. Wrong. There were only a few open stores,. The others were either closed or boarded up. Even the town visitor center was shut. No restrooms. We drove out of town looking for a restroom
  8. Open, but it may come with restrictions like testing, quarantine, and other limitations. Wait for the full details before packing your bags. It could be not the easiest way to vacation.
  9. If they don’t provide a shuttle, the public bus system in Edinburgh is excellent. We took it from the dock to town. It’s inexpensive and convenient. The bus stop is a few steps from where the tender drops you off. If you are really lucky and the ship docks in Leigh, you won’t need to tender. Bus stop is close. Don’t miss seeing the Royal Yacht Britannia which is on display at the mall at the dock.
  10. Vaccinating the world is best for all. Until the world has herd immunity, we are all still at risk.
  11. My favorite is Dover sole. It is served in several dining venues. Best is in Jacques. Then most things are better in Jacques. food is excellent with very good choices. If you sail on O, you will eat well.
  12. Wait until you get the blue book? Why not just tell guests what to expect. Other lines have said that you cannot get off in ports unless you are on a ship excursion. That could make a difference. Some people don’t want to be restricted
  13. Sounds like they are making it up as they go along. Social distancing and reduced capacity on a cruise ship is not a profitable arrangement. Filling to full capacity is their aim. Businesses want to make maximum profits. Reducing capacity doesn’t work to attain this goal. Since their is no authority enforcing reduced capacity or social distancing at sea, if cruises reduce the number of guests it will be amazing. Until ships sail, nothing is real.
  14. That lunch after the Alhambra was fabulous.
  15. I have looked for that connection many times. Unfortunately, getting from SJU to SXM is tough. Airfare to SJU is usually much cheaper than going to SXM. This may be a deal changer for some.
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