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  1. Celebrity did a decent cruise in the mass market. I can see some Celebrity cruisers finding other cruise options. When you do the math, if I pay more I want a more luxurious cruise.
  2. On my last Azamara cruise, there was a Celebrity ship docked next to us in Sitka. At the Azamara repeaters party, Philip kept referring to it as our big sister. It was overwhelming how many times they said it. It left me wondering if Azamara and Celebrity were going to merge. Now that Celebrity is including drinks, tips, and internet, it makes me wonder again if they are joining.
  3. Sounds like Celebrity is reinventing their image. All inclusive costs more. That should increase profits if ships sail full. Celebrity prices are increasing. Captains club benefits are decreasing. If and when the ships sail again, Celebrity will attract a different demographic. So much for being elite plus. Getting a vibe that doesn’t sit well.
  4. Booked directly and then transferred to a travel agent. Getting lots of added amenities.
  5. The pandemic has slowed everything. That includes actually getting a fcc certificate. Mine was issued in March and the document came in October. My spouse never got one. Not a problem. Your fcc is on Oceania file. When I decided to book, they applied my fcc without hesitation. Used it for my deposit and didn’t need to post any additional money until the final payment date. Also, I was told if I decided to later cancel it would be reinstated. Not a problem. Oceania has your fcc. Not to worry.
  6. I have sailed on 10 Windstar cruises often b2b. I have enjoyed all of them. I cannot seem to get on the mailing list even after many requests. I have requested info about Windstar many times. I have signed up on your website. I get nothing. Thinking that the problem could be the website I called Windstar directly and spoke to a rep who said that they would add me to the list. Again, nothing. I recently found out through a facebook group and from cruisecritic boards that there are new changes in the Yacht Club. Again, no notification. I got on the web My Yacht Club, signed in, and found c
  7. If calling directly doesn't doesn't get results, it might be that Windstar is casting aside some people. I have always loved my previous WS cruises. Although I have none booked right now, I am starting to think about the future now that a vaccine is on the horizon. I am also getting lots of emails and mailings from other cruise lines. Some that I have cruised on. Some that I have never sail on and have never been interested in. Some lines are offering big reductions, upgrades, added benefits and reduced deposits or even free. It is getting interesting. Meanwhile when I look at WS websi
  8. When I booked, the cruise was listed in a mailing from O as one cruise. It wasn’t until the O agent asked for big deposit that I questioned it. That’s when she said it was GRAND. Aside from double deposits, there was no mention of any features. She also pointed out that I had booked a similar 2 week grand cruise a few years ago and had paid $3000 deposit. That was correct. She questioned why I balked at $3000 now. There was one difference then compared to now. Back then, there wasn’t a pandemic and ships were sailing. I got ok to use fcc as the deposit. If I had to pay out money now, I
  9. They send me nothing. I haven’t received anything in months. I read the boards. That told me about the new loyalty program. Nice. However, it is meaningless if I don’t sail. It seems like Windstar is a secret club that has excluded me. Not exactly a way to retain past guests. Hope they send me the Black Friday sale info. Haven’t seen any past guest, flash, or weekly emails. Windstar: Are you reading this?
  10. Pandemic is now in the 9th month. I miss my former life. When restaurants were closed, people said when they reopen there will crowds. That did not happen. Now with covid increasing, restaurants are closing for inside dining again. Oh well. I’ve gotten used to cooking and even like it. Who knew that the highlight of my day could be making dinner. Trying new recipes and actually finding it fun to cook. Before the pandemic, I was too busy to cook. Now with lots of time, I enjoy cooking. When cruising stopped, lots of people said that they would jump onboard as soon as allowed. I’ll bet that
  11. I have been getting lots of mailings from Silverseas . I haven't sailed on that line. As a former marketing research person, I know that I am being targeted. I have sailed on RCCL, Celebrity, and Azamara. I get almost nothing from them. Somebody in Royal marketing has decided to push me toward Silverseas. Since Silverseas has formal nights, it isn't going to happen. Until the world is safe again, no cruises for me.
  12. Elite + and will never get to Zenith. I have sailed many times on X. Last X cruise was Jan. 2019. It was the only real 2 week Caribbean cruise that year. None in 2020. Shorter cruises attract younger people who spend more money. I enjoyed most of my X cruises. It's been a very long time since I got any emails. Last week I got a postcard that scan code. I don't scan. You can't get me interested if you don't send info. Reading the target group is gen Xers makes sense. With so many vacation options, Celebrity should try to keep repeat cruisers. I may be 70+, but not dead yet. the virus h
  13. I get all my Windstar info from cruise critic, Travel agents, 3rd parties, and friends. I have completed their online request form for special offers. I called directly and requested the same. Still NOTHING. It seems strange. I have taken 10 WS cruises often b2bs. I get no mailings by email or snail mail. My Yacht Club has accurate info. Is this happening to other people too?
  14. You might think that Oceania would let you know the status of your cruise before you pay them more money. Since they are not sailing, I would call them and ask their intentions. I am sure that they would like to sail. After all, sailing means revenue. With the sharp increase in new covid cases, I'd stay home. I know that you would like to cruise again. Please wait until safe. No fun being on a ship worrying about getting sick.
  15. I booked direct with O. They called it GRAND. Maybe you should tell them that they are wrong.
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