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  1. Normal standard cancellation policies work in normal times. Unfortunately times are not normal. When a government issues travel warnings, you should get a refund if you cancel any travel. At the moment, aside from cruises, most other travel operators are refunding money if requested. Everyday I get emails from operators detailing how to get refunds whether or not you booked refundable or nonrefundable. Refunds are the right thing to do. Holding people's money in the form of future credit is not acceptable. Some cruise lines offer a small bonus % as fcc . You should have a choice of getting refund or fcc. Not refunding money paid for a cancelled cruise is theft.
  2. Just got email from Azamara detailing the requirement of doctor certifivation for people 70+. We are 70+. My spouse has medical conditions that would exclude us from cruising on Azamara and all RCL cruise lines. No doctor would rightfully sign that certification. Next, need to contact Azamara credit card to try to cash in acquired points and probably cancel the card. No sense using a credit card that only has rewards if you sail. I understand why cruises have stopped sailing while the country is running scared from corona virus. If RCL continues to require the doctor certificate, we and many seniors will be excluded. We may be over 70, but we are still able to travel. When the virus has passed and cruises start sailing again, we will travel. We will not be back on Azamara.
  3. Feeling frustrated about cruising? Having been on Sirena in March because Oceania didn't cancel or offer credit, I am wondering if cruising will ever be the the same.
  4. April 12th? After my most recent cruise experience, I am not surprised that Oceania would sail in spite of the corona virus. Still quarantined since disembarkation on March 18th. Praying that we weren’t exposed.
  5. Looked at moving my cruise out a year. Prices are higher. To do the same cruise in the same category with air would cost $3000 more than what we already paid. That puts it about 125% compared to our original price. That 25% will not get you anything more than you already had. The letter says that you can get more value to book a higher category cabin and optional excursions, pre or post. Requesting refund now. Not willing to wait 2 years to get it. Life is too short.
  6. Got the email. My cruise is cancelled. Tried contacting my travel agent. No longer available.
  7. no.... it has been weeks since viking contacted us. with the current situation, cruising may change. it's sad, but safe, to be at home.
  8. I have a cruise booked to Norway in June. Norway ports are closed. Norway has shut its borders. The stay at home order has been extended. I am afraid to leave my house. Not putting much hope in cruising anytime soon.
  9. Doesn’t matter if owned privately or publicly. Both types of businesses can go out of business. The topic was buying NCL stock to get OBC. I wouldn’t do it. I don’t wish any businesses bad times. Sadly, we are about to see closures and mass unemployment.
  10. Buy NCL stock...never. Cruise stock is not a good bet. That OBC won’t be worth much if people stop cruising. NCL could go out of business. While I don’t think it is the end of all cruising, there will be casualties. Some cruise lines will go under. It has happened before. Oceania has 4 R ships that were originally Renaissance Cruises. Renaissance went out of business. There have been other cruise line casualties like Home Lines, Majesty Cruises and Royal Viking. Their ships were sold off. Some of those ships are still sailing.
  11. . We are seriously thinking about canceling a future cruise this summer. A vacation should be relaxing. Cruising on Sirena’s last cruise killed the desire to cruise. The stress was overwhelming.
  12. Just off a Sirena. Cruise embarked on March 8th.since we could not get anything if we canceled, we went on the worst cruise of my life. To those who canceled and got nothing, just be happy that you were smart enough to use good sense and not cruise. Foolishly, we sailed and disembarked today. While nobody on the ship said anyone had the virus, you cannot be sure. There were some people coughing. When we disembarked, there was no health questions or temperature scan. We just showed our passports and off we went. As a result, we will self quarantine for 2 weeks. Just hope we don’t get sick or die. If I had to do it again, I would stay home. Forget the money.
  13. Suspending cruising doesn’t mean that they stop sailing. We were not given the option to postpone or cancel for refund. Just got off the Sirena today after the longest 10 days of my life.
  14. NCL is not ready to refund unless they are pushed. Oceania is part of NCL. On Sirena now. Many people are saying that we deserve a refund for all the missed ports. I agree. Added to that, most people on the ship said that they would have canceled if they had been given the option. Our cruise embarked on a March 8th. Canceling for us meant no payback or fcc. It was come or lose what we paid for the cruise. So we came. In retrospect, we should have stayed home. For us, since we are over 70, there may not be another Oceania cruise. With the requirement of a doctor note, Oceania’s cruise population will decrease.
  15. Shame on Crystal..never booking Crystal. You are still not canceling cruises. I am sailing now on Oceania going back to Miami. Stress is very high. Not much of a relaxing cruise.
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