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  1. Just did an Azamara cruise on Quest. Living room had a bar. It did not have any pastry or snacks. We love Cafe Mosaic. We love that it is open until 10 pm. We enjoy being able to have a coffee or tea with pastry after dinner. On Windstar, we miss being able to enjoy that in the yacht club. We got coffee one night at Compass Rose. No tea. After that we ordered room service.
  2. Redtravel


    Mosaic coffee is better than Nespresso.
  3. Overcrowding in all public venues could be a problem. On recent cruise on Star Breeze, the lounge was crowded when there was a presentation. At times the yacht club was also crowded. Add 100 passengers could exceed the room capacity. On the new plan, there doesn't look like the yacht club or lounge will be larger. On evenings if we couldn't find a seat in the lounge, we would join people playing games in the yacht club. It was a nice option. Would be better if there was coffee, tea, and cookies available there after dinner.
  4. There were some really great deals years ago. There were times when booking with perks was actually less than booking cruise only. Sounds crazy. There were deals offered to promote bookings. My TA is good at finding excellent deals. We have booked some future cruises onboard. There were some good prices. After transferring the booking to my TA, he often offered a better price. Always do the math. Do not just assume that booking onboard is your best bet.
  5. It would be nice if all Windsurf cabins were renovated. New mattresses and carpeting would be appreciated.
  6. If the destination is the most important part of the trip, fly in and stay there. When you take a cruise, the cruise is the main destination. The ports are secondary. I can understand the disappointment in missing ports. It has happened to me many times. Storms happen. There are also things that will force a change in an itinerary. Sometimes a port is replaced with a safer port. The cruise lines do not want to change the itinerary. They try their best to safely sail on all cruises. Being offered any compensation is a nice goodwill gesture. Say thank you and move on. You wouldn’t want to sail into a storm. Most cruises that change course do not offer any compensation. Next time you book a cruise, try to avoid hurricane season.
  7. Unlimited free laundry returned pressed on hangers same day is my favorite perk. Celebrity offers it to zenith. As elite plus, I get 2 free bags of laundry per cruise. Nice, but it is still limited and is not pressed.
  8. We like deck one on Windsurf. Less motion and very quiet.
  9. Definitely use the tube. It works. Taking taxis, Uber, and buses can get stopped in traffic. I only take taxis when I have luggage that is hard to handle. Buy an Oyster card and go.
  10. To get a price adjustment you need a really good travel agent.
  11. My friend had his bag with his drugs taken on the train from Rome to Civitavecchia. He fell asleep on the train. As a diabetic, he was frantic. He was on the Silhouette. Ship medical facility got him what he needed.
  12. Make a list of what you want to request upon embarkation. On my last cruise on Reflection, we were missing many amenities that you take for granted. Among the missing were smooth soap, shower caps, pen, paper, tote bag, footstools, water pitcher, ice bucket and laundry tickets. Asked for all of these. Got some from the cabin steward. He refused to get shower caps or smooth soap. Told me that it was only available in suites. Had to visit guest services. It was a hassle. As a result, I now travel with my own toiletries. I have given up assuming that a cruise will have the same amenities as the last cruise. I understand cutbacks are implemented to reduce operating costs. Making more profit is the standard for any business. However, too many cutbacks changes the cruise experience. It sets the tone of the cruise.
  13. Skagway is a really interesting place. Take the Whitepass ride. The scenery is spectacular. The train pulls up close to the ships. We also loved the town. Lots of history to enjoy. Park rangers can help you with maps and info. There is a shuttle that goes through town. The shops are interesting. Great town to find souvenirs. We also enjoyed the sailing into and out of Skagway. The mountains are beautiful.
  14. My first visit to a London was on the Journey in 2009. Cruising up the Thames through the barrier was fascinating. We took an Azamara excursion that took us to many of the interesting venues plus a great lunch in a nice pub.....Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, and many monuments. We also did a boat ride on the Thames. Ship was docked in a Greenwich. Great neighborhood with interesting shops and pubs. The guide was excellent. It was a great intro to a really big city. We loved it so much that we have returned 3 times since that cruise. Each time we stayed in a different part of the city. Favorite is Mayfair. Getting around is easy if you ride the tube. London has something that will interest everyone. If you love museums, visit the Victoria & Albert, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, British Museum, portrait Gallery, and the Wallace Collection. For history buffs, the Churchill War rooms are a must. Loved the Duke of Wellington house. There are many famous churches, gardens, and markets. My favorite London experience was visiting Buckingham a Palace. It is open during the summer for tours. Just thinking about a London makes me want to go back.
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