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  1. If things don’t improve, I will give up my cabin. 50% capacity? My reserved cabin is in a heavily booked area of the ship. Cabins on both sides are also booked. Could I safely use my veranda? Would cabins be reassigned to distance guests? There are many issues to be addressed before ships cruise again. For now, it’s a waiting game. Not thinking ships will sail soon.
  2. CDC guidelines still list a huge number of places in zone 4 red...do not travel. That includes all of Europe, South America, and most of North America, Africa, and many Asian countries. Even with US citizens getting vaccinated, it is still unsafe to travel. Having been vaccinated, I thought there might be a change in travel restrictions. It doesn’t look that way. There’s still many people who need vaccines in US and abroad. Cruising will likely be on hold longer. Even if it starts up again, check the CDC travel safety list before deciding to go. Just because a hotel or ship is open, it
  3. Regent announced that they will close self service laundry rooms because of covid. They are offering guests free laundry service on all cruises. This presents laundry questions on Oceania and NCL. Will Oceania close laundry rooms? Will Oceania offer free laundry service? The laundry rooms on O are tiny inside spaces. I would not feel safe in there. Once O sails, it might be issue for some guests
  4. On Bermuda cruises, people bring beach chairs and umbrellas. They fold up for carrying to the beach. In NYC, it is common to bring beach gear. Since many people drive to the embarkation port, they bring cases of bottled water, diapers, etc. just paste a luggage tag on them and they are delivered to your cabin.
  5. Cruising rule is midship and low for less motion. Older ships are less stabile. Viking has modern Ships with good stabilizers. Cabins are all well designed. Pick any location that pleases you. Whatever cabin you book, it will be good. I would not hesitate booking any cabin on a Viking ship. my personal choices are : I like a cabin that is on a deck that is between 2 decks of cabins. Never book a cabin under a nightclub, restaurant, or pool deck. The noise from above can be annoying. Viking ships avoid much of that. Older ships don’t have sound proofing.
  6. I have enjoyed many WS excursions. They do great excursions. I also like to do my own thing. As I get older and a bit slower, I hesitate to do group tours. In many ports, I hire a private guide for just the 2 of us or 4 if traveling with friends. That way we can decide where to go, how much time to spend at a place, and have full attention of a guide. It costs more than WS group tours. However, WS private cars are extremely expensive. If WS insists that we must book their tours, our WS cruising could be done. I would miss them. We are not booking any future cruises using cash until ships
  7. My TA sent me the email pushing my final payment into June. Good move on Oceania's part. Had they left final payment in May, I would cancel. I will not pay more money out while cruises are not sailing. If things don't improve soon and ports open up, I would predict summer cruises will not happen this year.
  8. There are no guarantees in life. With all the fcc being issued and reissued, when does it stop? With all the people getting covid and many have died, what's next? I read too many obits. Saying that you know that eventually you will use the fcc is being hopeful. I hope you are right.
  9. No rush. waiting until ships sail safely
  10. Will not post more money until ships sail! Getting rather annoyed at being in the never ending book and rebook loop. Does anyone share my frustration?
  11. Didn’t get that email. Still holding an August booking that has final payment due mid May. When Oceania canceled cruises until June, we were ready to cancel. Maybe we’ll wait longer. I will not pay final payment until cruises sail again safely. Not really expecting to sail this summer.
  12. No O cruises now until June 2021. Probably more will be canceled soon. As we approach a year since cruising stopped, it’s time to rethink how to vacation. Still have fcc and booking. However, not willing to post final payment while cruising is not sailing. Booking and rebooking is getting old. While I feel badly for people in the travel industry, I am a realist. If my next booking gets canceled, I am done. Fcc is worthless until the pandemic is past. also, noticed that Oceania is refunding money paid. No offer of 125% fcc. Former fcc is reissued. There are so many people caught in t
  13. Did that cruise Jan 2020, 2 consecutive weeks on Star Legend RT San Juan. The 2 weeks were mostly different with only St. Martin visited both weeks. We have sailed on Windstar Caribbean cruises many times. We love it. The ports are all ok. We have visited all ports several times. We especially loved the private beach parties. As we sit at home in an ice storm, we really miss sailing this year.
  14. the 125% fcc sounds good until you look at prices for future cruises. We had a summer 2020 cruise canceled. When we checked the cost of rebooking it, the 125% wouldn’t even cover the cost of the same cruise for 2021. We took the refund. We keep talking about taking that cruise, but the prices are too high. We will look at other cruise lines that do the similar cruise. We are waiting until cruises sail again safely. With all the restrictions now, taking a cruise 2021 doesn’t look feasible. We still have a summer 2021 cruise booked. We used no refundable fcc for the deposit. As we get closer
  15. I don't get them too. I get many Silverseas emails. Recently started getting some Celebrity emails. Also, starting to get regular mail from cruise lines. Until ships sail again safely, the emails are just a reminder of something that isn't open during the pandemic. We look forward to safer times. After being canceled, getting some refunds and fcc, rebooking, again and again, we are not booking again until after the pandemic. We are done.
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