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  1. That’s when you ask to speak to the hotel director.
  2. Good luck. Cruise ships can and do change itineraries. I have been on several cruises that made changes, skipped ports, changed times, stopped at new ports, and just stayed at sea. Changes can happen for various reasons...storms, broken equipment, worker stoppage, safety, sickness, accidents, covid, closures of a port, etc. sometimes you will get notice before sailing. Sometimes it happens on the cruise. It is what it is. You have no control. I have been disappointed when we past by a port that I really wanted to visit. Also, times can change. On one cruise, we arrived in Amsterdam 4 h
  3. Greece is beautiful. There is so much to do and see. Hopefully things will improve so that Greece will be safe for tourists soon. We had planned to be in Greece this summer. Waiting for safer travel. If things improve soon, you may find me on a Greek island.
  4. Never and always are too restrictive. Things change and so do we. Cruising has certainly changed during the pandemic. Speculation on what was past experiences may be ridiculous at this time. I can only reflect on what I liked or disliked on past cruises. The future of cruising will be different. I liked most cruises. Some were better than others. You go with expectations and hope they are met or exceeded. Celebrity usually is good. However, my most recent experience on Reflection turned me off. Too crowded, too many cutbacks, and spotty service. Celebrity added more cabins creating u
  5. Sadly, the big losers are the people who work for the cruise lines or are involved with getting guests to and from the cruise. Longshoremen, checkin staff, local transportation, airport staff, ubers, taxis, local hotels and restaurants, rental cars, etc. are the biggest losers. The cruise line employs lots of people. However, they are not victims of the cruise line. They are victims of the pandemic. They are or were working in businesses closed by the pandemic. There are so many people, not just travel workers, who have lost jobs. The virus has made many people victims even if they haven
  6. CDC says no cruises in United States. They are protecting Americans. Lobbying to sail on a cruise is open from other countries. However, if you check most of those countries are Level red warning. Do not visit. CDC cannot protect those people who leave on their own accord. I will stay home.
  7. cruise lines should not ask potential guests to involve in politics. It is WRONG? oceania should respect the CDC rulings. The CDC doesn’t make their recommendations without good reason. CDC aim is to protect Americans.
  8. Asking Captains Club guests to get involved in political actions is WRONG! if the cruise company has issues with politics, do not ask potential guests too fight your battles. Celebrity should respect the CDC. CDC is protecting Americans.
  9. Got email offer today that included lots of stuff free including “kids sail free.” Is it just on some cruises? Or are kids really banned on all cruises? NCL is known as a cruise for young families. Are they ditching that?
  10. August cruises are showing no cabins...waitlisted only. Will probably cancel officially soon. and so it goes again...book, cancel, and rebook. Starting to feel like I am on a constantly spinning loop that never stops.
  11. Watched it. Sadly, the crew and passengers were misinformed and mistreated. That was the cruise to hell.
  12. Sounds too much last minute. If they canceled most cruises, why book these? If something is too cheap, there is a reason.
  13. My original book by date was March 2021, sail by March 2022. I did book a summer 2021 cruise that is canceled. Since my original book by date is gone, my travel agent asked for extension of dates. Book by end of 2021, sail by end of 2022. Seems ok since nothing is sailing now. The booking and rebooking is getting old fast. thinking that it doesn't make sense that Oceania would turn away a booking. Ask your TA to request an extension. If they refuse, they will be the losers. Oceania doesn't need negative experiences. when a business treats customers unfairly, people stop doing business
  14. Last year when my Into the midnight Sun cruise was canceled, I was torn...take the refund or get the 125% fcc. I really wanted to take that cruise and still do. My first thought was to rebook for June 2021. However, when I looked at prices for that cruise, the price increases were ridiculous. Even with the extra fcc, the rebooked cruise would cost more than the fcc. We asked for the refund. Had the prices remained the same, we would’ve rebooked. Now we would’ve been really upset if we couldn’t get a refund promptly. We didn’t realize at the time that the pandemic would persist this long.
  15. I was curious about where Celebrity and RCL would sail on their upcoming cruises. Their itineraries are not great. Celebrity sailing out of St. Maarten will stop at Caribbean islands. RCL will sail from Bermuda to their own island and back. Also, some cruises will stop in Bahamas. Not the best time of year to sail there. RCL itinerary should be safe, but dull. It seems like it is a way to get the crews adjusted to new protocols. The ships may be safe. The regulations to fly into Bermuda and St. Maarten are strict and can be expensive. Oceania hasn’t announced restart dates. I am sure t
  16. Oceania and Viking do a good cruise. At least that was the case before the pandemic. For me the differences are small. I would gladly book either line. The itinerary may be a deciding factor. Also, once you book a Viking cruise, ocean or river, there are no price changes for you. You will probably have to pay Viking way in advance in full. Viking is extremely efficient and well organized. Viking includes an excursion in each port. Decor is clean and sleek. Ocean ships are new and every cabin is large with a veranda. Wine, soda, and beer are included only at meals. Oceania has some older
  17. Just watched. It just reminded me of my own experience on a cruise in March 2020. We were denied entry at most ports, given misinformation, and remained stuck at sea until we were allowed back into Miami. We never should’ve gone on that cruise.
  18. Crews may not be fully vaccinated. Question was asked on another cruise line forum. If everyone on the ship must be vaccinated, why the need for masks or social distancing? Guests must be vaccinated. Crew may not be vaccinated yet. The crew comes from many countries that haven’t had vaccines. That means everyone on the ship must wear masks and distance.
  19. Nothing wrong with canceling and getting a refund. Getting stuck with fcc is getting old. I have fcc that used to book a summer cruise. Canceled it recently because I couldn’t see going to Europe anytime this year. The stress was awful. Not worth waiting to see if a cruise will be canceled. Now I have fcc again. Got an extension on book by and sail. Y dates. Strangely, not having a cruise booked is ok.
  20. Have not watched yet. Having been on a March 2020 cruise that was denied entry into most ports, we were stuck at sea. With most venues on the ship closed and not much to do, it was the worst cruise ever. It certainly is not an experience that I would choose to do again. It may have been my last cruise.
  21. Can you get a refund? If so, get it. Cruising to or from USA will not happen this summer. Your TA was giving you good advice.
  22. WS excursions can be costly compared to private tours. We are getting slower as we age. We used to be ok keeping up on group tours. Now we would only get frustrated and we would slow down a tour. We started booking private tours for 2 where and when we want. Had some fabulous guides in ports. We get to stop and see what we want. We get to stay or move on as we choose. Want to take more time in a place. Not a problem. Group tours move on a set time table which doesn’t suit some people. WS private car tours are priced very high. I doubt that people book them at their rates. Many people ju
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