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  1. mia mom

    Cunard Newbie Just Completed QM2 Crossing.

    thank you for the replies. I look forward to experiencing this wonderful ship and I am sure I will enjoy my time there.
  2. mia mom

    Cunard Newbie Just Completed QM2 Crossing.

    thanks Annmars for your report. I am also an experienced cruiser but a Cunard newbie. You addressed some of my concerns. Never been at sea that long ( max 6 sea days at the Antarctica cruise with some very rough seas at Cape Horn ). so I have some questions: How rough was the ocean? How do you fill the time? Any trivia or game that we can participate in the day time? Are there shows every evening? Is the main ballroom where the big band plays the only place to dance ( as opposed to some latin or club dance floors in some other cruises)? Does priority disembarkation mean you have to take your own luggage on the way off the ship? I remember those 6 sea days in S. America were looong. By the 3rd sea day I was so longing for a port day. I am a bit comprehensive about the Transatlantic crossing at first, but the attraction of the QM2 is too much to resist and I am more prepared this time for the all at sea cruise. I hope the big band on QM2 would entice me to dance every night. I hope I w'd have the same enjoyable experience as you had.