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  1. Hi! I do enjoy playing the slot machines on cruises occasionally, but have never really won anything to speak of, and the machines seem rather "tight". I've never seen anyone hit a jackpot or come even close, and am curious if anyone has ever hit...I usually play the Quarter machines, max bet (.75) and it's a fun no stress type of entertainment until I decide I've lost enough money. (no more than $100. total) So...any big winners out there? I'd love to hear your stories!
  2. To clarify...I am NOT a bartender on the cruise ships, but I am a bartender and this is one of the drinks that I've made where I am now!
  3. This is how I make it... Cucumber Martini 3 oz. Belvedere Vodka (note: you can use gin if you prefer, and if you choose gin, i'd suggest Hendricks) Juice from 1/4 fresh Lime 1/4oz.Simple syrup 4 round wheels fresh peeled cucumber Place cucumber wheels in the bottom of a mixing tin. Muddle. (crush) well. Add ice, Add remaining ingredients and shake very well (until ice forms on tin) Strain into chilled martini glass and serve. Garnish with a cucumber wedge and enjoy!
  4. Since you got a confirmation and you are paid in full, it seems like you will be OK. I hope you get an awesome upgrade! Maybe that's why they're waiting to give you the cabin #! Happy cruising, and thanks for the info!
  5. Am able to do only the one catagory :$ will post if i get onboard, wish me luck!
  6. The rep said that the whole ship is sold out! Pricing is the same as when I was put on the list. Let the upgrading begin! I am waitlisted on interior, so maybe some of the other interior bookings will get an, oceanview or better opening up some interior space.
  7. The ship is the Diamond on Sept. 12 out of Vancouver to Whittier. Hope i get on the ship, but don't wish anyone any bad luck as far as their having to cancel! Maybe if somebody already booked wins the lotto and decides to cancel and go on a world cruise...that would open up a cabin for me! kind of a win/win scenario! thanks for all your info, will keep checking!
  8. Guess I'd better get the air and keep my fingers crossed as I compulsively check my emails! Thank You!!!
  9. How does Princess handle waitlisting? I heard that i should call every day, is this true? Has anyone ever been waitlisted for a cruise a week prior to sailing and gotten on??? Thanks! I am #5 on the list :eek:
  10. I loved heated stone lounge beds in the Thermal Spa...and the three different saunas were fantastic! It was never crowded either. Enjoy!!!:)
  11. I've been waitlisted for the Diamond Princess sailing out of Vancouver on Sept. 12, 2009. I am #5. Does anyone have any experience with waitlisting or any suggestions on how to have a better chance of getting onboard? I've already been waitlisted for all catagories in my stateroom choice. Thank you!
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