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  1. As the OP, my frustration remains intact despite all the good (and not so good) advise. Yes, we have read all of the official websites and realize that a visit to Rome is probably not a great idea unless something changes. My point is that there is no communication from Celebrity and obviously calling Celebrity directly and getting wrong information is disconcerting at the least. I am hearing crickets from my travel agent. Some of us have plans that involve arrangements other than the cruise i.e. airline reservations, hotel reservations and for us three AirBnB reservations (paid) in Rome,
  2. Maybe this has been addressed in another post but I've not seen it. We are booked on the Edge April 19th to ROME from Ft. Lauderdale. I cannot find any information about cancellation or rerouting of this transatlantic voyage. Communication with our travel agent has been very generic and NO communication from Celebrity. I understand they are inundated but anything is better than nothing in terms of passenger confidence and planning. Anyone on their transatlantic have any communication directly from their travel agent or Celebrity? Thanks in advance!
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