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  1. How does this compare with the "same" tours that you book that day at the port? (Price wise?) In other words, is anyone getting this tour via bus or other for say $35 pp? Just wanted to see if the 50pp is standard rate for this common route.
  2. I agree... I did exactly what you're talking about last time I was there with my wife. I planned to just snorkel from shore. Since I didn't know where the turtles were, I ended up paying 20pp for a boat to run us out there (for turtles & wreck). When we were finished, I wanted to just buy a quick beer and then grab a taxi back to the ship. Unfortunately, The Boatyard wouldn't sell me a drink or let me stand there and grab a taxi. (live and learn) This time, I just plan to pay the 25 bucks pp @ Boatyard and have the turtle trip included (with all the amenities). Seems like a win-win overall if you plan to hang at the beach after snorkeling.
  3. I won't turn them away... 🙂
  4. Yeah, we did a stingray tour that also had a lunch stop at Rum Point...Excellent excursion & Rum Point was really nice...
  5. Looking at http://www.roseandjimstaxi.com/ourtours.htm (island tour w/ Cockleshell for ~50 pp) How does this compare with the "same" tours that you book that day at the port?
  6. I did a tour like this the last time I was in St. Kitts but It would be nice to book it and get it out of the way. We stopped and saw the rock cliff/ledge, went to the gardens I believe and unfortunately was rained out on the way to the beach. Doing this with my 3 kids this time... Would you have a specific tour that you would recommend so I can book and pay for it now?
  7. I think (if I read correctly) that on Bernard's site only refers to rum punch ...does he offer beer as well?.......................scratch this question...just re-read that they do offer beer. (I assumed he did)
  8. I just now booked Bernard's (for my family of 5) for our June stop. Allows me to sit back and have a few drinks on the rides. It's well worth not having to deal with setting up a taxi later. (At least I hope it's worth it!)
  9. thanks...my wife also reminded me about minivans...I don't know why I didn't think of that!? (duh) haha
  10. dang...yeah, I remember reading that a few days ago...Sorry! but thank you for reposing the info.
  11. 1st time in Antigua for me. From what I gather, Long Bay has some pretty decent snorkeling however it's on the other side of the island (from the port) and sounds like it can get rough there. It is probably my top pic from what I have read thus far. Are there any other good options(for decent coral heads and sea life...not just sand)? We have our own gear and will be happy to go anywhere you recommend. Thank you!
  12. MITSUGIRLY, I tried to send you a message to ask this but the site won't let me send a message (weird). What model camera are you using for your underwater pics? Just curious. I have had great luck with multiple GoPros over the years but it would be nice to have another option if it's small enough. Great review BTW...We will be on that same itinerary/ship in a few weeks. Thanks!
  13. I am still torn on what specifically we want to do while in port...probably dockyard, and hit a few beaches. It sounds like snorkeling is fairly weak in Antigua compared to other islands. I have read that people are getting taxis for the day for 160-180 per day. My question is, do you believe I will have an issue finding a taxi that will accommodate all five of us for the day? I would prefer not to be pushed to a bus with others in case they don't want to do what we do. My 3 kids are all pretty tall so we'll call them adult size. I suppose case, we can just jump on a random tour once we get off our ship that day? Any recommendations are appreciated. Thx
  14. That's a bummer...what time did you arrive there?
  15. I would love to book Spencer's at the point but they're full on my day unfortunately.:( I looked into it the other day. But thank you...
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