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  1. I guess a follow up question is...Are there any nice reefs in Antigua that can be snorkeled on? ...or is most of the shallow area a sand bottom?
  2. I am just going off past experience...I have been to quite a few Eastern Caribbean islands via 7 night cruises in the past.(based out of Miami) I personally think that a Nassau stop sucks on a 7 night cruise. I can't remember exact itinerary's but I know that I have been on 7 night cruises that have included multiple good ports over there. Not simply Nassau & cruise line private islands. It feels like a money grab keeping you on their ships and their private islands. Just my opinion and past experience.
  3. Thanks & I am sure we will. I am just " over-researchy" (ha) on these things at the planning stages. I am sure it will be a blast. Now I am reading posts on drink packages...to buy or not to buy...that is the question. haha.
  4. Not true. The itinerary port selections could be better if the cruise lines wanted them to be better from Miami on 7 and 8 night sailings. Cost may be a factor but physics would not be a factor. Also at the time I booked this, there were some recently posted poor reviews on the Freedom. I wish that people would not insinuate that I "made up" the fact that I read poor reviews (again at the time I booked). Genuine thanks to all the constructive replies that I did receive. My family is all looking forward to the trip.
  5. I am looking into chartering a private sailboat for my family of 5 in June. We will be there via RCCL Freedom for the day. Does anyone have any experience doing this for the day? What areas/beaches/reefs might you recommend we visit? We are there for the day...Since Antigua is one on the islands that my wife and I have never been to, we want to make the most of the day with our kids. Any recommendations are appreciated! Debating keeping the boat all day (preferred) vs. half day so we can see the island. Are there any really nice reefs that we can reach during a day sail? (snorkeling...Not Scuba this time) Thank you
  6. Looking into taking the kids to the S.Carrib. The reviews on the Freedom look pretty bad. Dated ship, smelly etc. This trip will be quite expensive next summer for my family of 5. Has anyone recently been on the Freedom that could give me some insight on the current shape of the Freedom. I don't want to throw away 6-8k for a smelly dated ship. Thanks for any help that you may offer. ***If you work for a cruise line and happen to read this, please start offering a decent Eastern Caribbean itinerary from Miami. Short stops on islands an 3 ports for 7 night cruises don't cut it in my opinion!! ***
  7. Hello all, Taking my 3 kids on their first cruise later this month. Wondering about late lunch options (2pm-33opm time frame). How late is the Blue Iguana open during the day? How about the Burger restaurant? (I have heard that is pretty good) Thank you
  8. No unfortunately not (but thank you). Since I didn't have luck with pretty much all of the tours that I wanted to get, I switched our cruise over to the Western side (on a different ship). But thank you regardless. :)
  9. Looking into booking at dolphindiscovery direct for a Cozumel Dolphin Swim. Has anyone had any experience with having a swim cancelled due to weather or any other reason? Have you had a good experience with this method? (vs booking through the ship) It appears that you will basically be out of luck if it gets cancelled. Would you know if the voucher they would give you is transferable? I was just wondering if for some reason the tour was cancelled the plan B would be to sell it to someone else. Just a thought. Thank you :)
  10. You said it and I agree, "there is so much to do and so little time." ...Hard to do much with young kids from 4-10pm in OSJ if you cannot do the Bio-Luminescence Bay Tour. We had a great time on both occasions when we stayed in San Juan at the Marriott.
  11. Wow...I can't believe this thread is still going. :confused: My kids wanted to do water activities, snorkeling etc. I have always liked (and perhaps preferred) the Eastern/Southern routes but I never enjoyed the typical time period in San Juan. I should have more clearly said that....I am sorry for any harm that thread may have caused. :D Yes, I was aware of the itinerary before I booked. I planned on taking the kids kayaking while we were in San Juan because my wife thought it would be a big deal to the kids.(age 12,9,8) That excursion was unfortunately full when I tried to book it. I posted this dumb question only because I was wondering why the San Juan stops have such stupid...sorry, my bad, scratch that....I was wondering why the time block in San Juan appears to somewhat odd comparatively to other stops that I have had experience with. I have since cancelled this cruise in favor of the Western route (Carnival Glory) that better fit my wants for my kids' first cruise. (purely for itinerary reasons) Like the Eastern/Southern ports, I am also very familiar with these stops as well. I will certainly better phrase my questions in the future due to the aggression of a few individuals here. :eek:
  12. Hello all, Just back from the RCCL Jewel out of PR and had a great time. Very low key and food/service etc was excellent. ** Let me say that I have always had a great time on all of our cruises. ** We decided to change our ship purely because of itinerary. Weak Eastern route (only 3 stops including San Juan 4-10 pm stop) vs. 4 solid stops Western Route (lots a good water related ports etc) It is the 1st time taking our kids (age 12,8,9) and we want them to have a fun time. My question is...Since our last 2011 Carnival cruise, it sounds like they have made a few changes. For instance I just read that there are no tablecloths in DR now? The beverage plans on RCCL most certainly offer more options but that isn't that big of deal I suppose. I would certainly value general opinions of anyone that has bounced back and forth from Carnival to RCCL lately. Were you generally happy with service, quality of food etc? I know Carnival typically attracts a livelier crowd so hopefully that will make it more fun for the kids. I am sure we will have a great time as always. I wanted to ask because I convinced other family members in the group to make the change and wish for everyone to have a great time. Thanks in advance :)
  13. I am looking at the week of the 23rd (or 24th)...basically that week (ha). It's immediately following when my kids get out of school.
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