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  1. Is that why the Zenith had the hot huts in the top aft area but Horizon did not?
  2. Yeah. Society just isn't like that anymore. For better or worse.
  3. Maybe they didn’t take precautions properly. How do you know?
  4. Wow simpleminded. I'm at least talking about real issue that effect real people and you're response isn't on issue it's on name calling. Sad
  5. Hey, you can say whatever you want to me. I promise I won't get offended. As for CC admin, who knows.
  6. That's what happens in all pandemics, a certain population (the venerable will die off). There is very little proof asymptomatic peoples can spread it but we will have to agree to disagree at this point. I don't tolerate rudeness so I'm glad you didn't use your forest gump saying, I had/ have no intention of saying anything mean to you.
  7. Point one, those news stories always say, you “might” have long lasting damage. That happens in like 3 people. Oh great job media you finally got one! Let’s focus on the hardest cases because the phrase “hard cases make bad law,” isn’t true here at all! 😉 I keeping all these ridiculous suspicions about covid... “maybe”... maybe covid 19 will make you unable to walk and you’re going to hop around on your knees for the rest of your life... MAYBE. Point two, you’re argument about “continuing to spread it without having a vaccine,” is first of all is pure conjecture. Secondly, the vaccine doesn’t stop you from being able to spread Covid 19, just helps with lessoning the symptoms so you hopefully don’t die.
  8. Did you not read what I said at all? A vaccine just makes the “sickness” Portion less severe so you won’t die hopefully. Doesn’t stop the virus from showing up in some form or you being able to spread it. The vaccine just makes it less severe so hopefully people won’t die from it. If you cannot get the vaccine because of the risk of the after effects than I can’t help you you’re on your own and there is no government policy that will help you.
  9. I wouldn't get the vaccine because I know I'm not in a high risk category and I will recover. It should for the older people and people with underlying health conditions. Getting a vaccine doesn't mean you can't still spread it, which is what all of our measures are centered around now.
  10. It's not loaning money. You are getting a product from them... a cruise isn't an investment! LOL
  11. Hogwash. We already have cruises in Germany with no vaccine, no reason we can't have the same here at some point.
  12. If that’s where the market demand is that’s where it is, nothing I can do about it. Just like cars If they’re gouging then people won’t pay and they’ll have to reduce, which we will see at SOME point one way or another. So I do agree with you there.
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