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  1. Thanks for this, DragonOfTheSeas. It is now added to our compilation document of information for Sydney Cruise Visitors.
  2. Yes it has been mentioned quite a few times: See towards the end of this document with information for cruise visitors to Halifax.
  3. For sure visit Montreal before or after your cruise. Meanwhile if you have nothing further to see in Quebec, rent a car and tour around Ile D'orleans. If you have done that drive further north into the Charlevoix area including the lovely town of Baie Saint Paul. Go on the Quebec forum on Trip Advisor for more help. Map Baie Saint Paul has a lot of artists and galleries and some good bistros, microbreweries, etc.
  4. You want to be around the Bay of Fundy, near its mouth, so Saint John and Bar Harbor would be closest. I think for Saint John the excursions go out of St. Andrews. New Brunswick tourism site Bay of Fundy whale watching information Some reviews
  5. Here is some information for Halifax and Sydney .
  6. Another company often mentioned is Enterprise. This document for cruise visitors to Sydney should give you more information.
  7. Saint John is in New Brunswick. St. John's is in Newfoundland. Toms Port Guides (google them) have a guide for Saint John but not St. John's.
  8. The Westin is the closest hotel. You can read about getting to the airport here: The hotel should also help you with this.
  9. This document has ideas for Halifax where you can stay walk around on your own with plenty to see and do.
  10. In Halifax you need cash for the busses or the ferries to Dartmouth. However it is not worth going to an ATM for that. The rate is going up on Oct. 1. I think for a senior it will be $2.25CAD so using a $5US bill would work. A regular adult fare will be $2.75 so you might need $6US. Since it generally costs a fee to withdraw from an ATM and you need less that $20 it is better to just us US cash if you take the bus or ferry.
  11. I so disagree. In Sydney you can visit Fortress Louisbourg which is a partial reconstruction of the fortified town as it was in 1744. If you are there before Sept. 15, especially, there are costumed live animators to bring the history to life. There are two places to eat 1744 style and so much more. See this link for what there is to do in Sydney are area. Three other great museums (but either animated or interactive) are the Highland Village Museum, The Cape Breton Miners Museum, and the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. All of these have things that should keep an eleven year old interested. In Halifax you can visit the Citadel and see the dry moat and fortifications and perhaps hear the cannon fired at noon hour. Also check out the Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 and the Maritime Museum with artifacts from the Titanic. You could have a great day just in Halifax with a taxi to the Citadel and the two other things mentioned a few minutes walk from your ship. See this link for more information about Halifax. Quebec is the oldest city in North America and has lots of history. I am not an expert for there but a bit of googling should find you tours that go into the history.
  12. The best I can do is give you the link to this document. It would likely be less expensive to rent a car.
  13. This is entertainment provided exclusively for ships' tours. The reviews are pretty good.
  14. The more important question is: Are these two flights booked on the same ticket? If so and you miss the connection the airline will have to look after you.
  15. Here is some information for cruise visitors to Halifax.
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