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  1. thanks mamafej, hs2bs and gangbuster for your quick replies. I really appreciate everyone's help. Guess we're supposed to read the terms and conditions on the hour? aloha all.
  2. HELP! from Foremco or anyone else, please. Where is the new rule on not being able to use a FCC on an existing booking? Background: We cancelled our April 20th Hawaii cruise on March 8th, Received the FCC email on March 16th (waiting for the 25% refund to our credit card). We were going to use this FCC to make final payment on our July 10th Alaska cruise. Any direction is greatly appreciated! thank you.
  3. Hello, Help, please. Taxi fare finder quoted about $51.00, but mentioned LAX and other charges I did not understand. Does this sound right for a six mile ride? This is on October 20, 2019 which is a Sunday. Car rental is Enterprise and they said they pick up only a radius of two miles. We booked thru a big box company and they gave us the Long Beach address. Other better options? We are disembarking a Celebrity cruise and driving up to Irvine. Thanks for any help. Noreen.
  4. Hello, Curious on the offerings in the Aqua Spa cafe. Are there plated salads, fruit plate, wraps? Also, if the Bistro on Five is gone, was it replaced by sushi or another venue? Thanks for any info! Appreciate it.
  5. Thank you all for the quick and informative replies. Much appreciated. Aloha, Noreen.
  6. Hello, We will be on the Eclipse next year and have opted for the classic beverage package as a perk, which we have never had before. So, looking to find out "how it works"? Do you receive a special sticker on the sea pass card? How do they know not to charge you? (I know, sounds silly, but I really have no idea how this perk works!) Are the coffee drinks from Bacio? Any information is appreciated. thanks! Noreen
  7. Was this category eliminated in the renovation of cruise critic? I like to see what cruisers have been up to (such as Trainman), but not able to find this group. Any help from anyone is appreciated! thanks
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